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When a huge number of users of PC enjoy the last release of the game Sims, the owners of iDevices also have an opportunity to control virtual people. Create to 16 adjusted sims! Each Sim has a house. The game begins with a small house and several objects for life. At the end of the fifth game day it is possible to make house expansion. Make Sim career and earn Simoleons to improve their life. As Sim earns money, he can equip the house, filling it with new objects. In general this game includes mass of the most interesting trifles which make it fascinating. Grow up gardens and even bake a pie, take care of pets! Create city turmoil with pet-shops, automobile representations and supermarkets. Expand the city as you get more and more Sims. Live with your Sim in real time - when it’s day or night for you, it is for Sim also! Be free! Possibilities are boundless!
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