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Take Me Home - adventures of Neelo, who lost in space. Help him come back home! Pass through 4 different journeys and 96 challenging levels, you will live many adventures: DAY JOURNEY: Neelo can't breathe on Earth! Help him move from one bubble to another, building ramps, using the dampers, exploding dynamites and breaking bridge … test your skill. NIGHT JOURNEY: Night is even more challenging! Play with fishes and fireflies, make Neelo move through the bridges and beware with pelicans. And remember: Neelo don't know how to swim! SPACE JOURNEY: Neelo has come to his spaceship, but there's no gravity in space! Use the accelerometer to control neelo and avoid the ship obstacles. With the help of miniaturizer you can reach inaccessible areas. Be careful with emergency exits! PLANET JOURNEY: in the planet, Neelo feels like in home. Move the ground, platforms, blocks… and move it all fast!
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