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Parashoot Stan

Game description

There won't be soft landing!!! In Parashoot Stan you play for a parachutist who needs to reach the earth safe and sound, avoiding various obstacles and enemy attacks. Jumping from his air aircraft, you fly down in free flight, thus, in process of your flight you have to try to collect coins and other amazing bonuses. In process of falling there will be traps, bombs which can disorient and break health to our parachutist, moreover you will meet warplanes and dirigible balloons. Management is carried out by means of the accelerometer. Where we can go without pets, in a backpack, attached to the Dirigible balloon, there is a pet, let’s walk it in free flight. Our hero sounds his emotions – amusing to listen. We run from BARON BULLY – he will meet us, trying to saw us in half by the screws of his aircraft. If we fall on propellers of a vessel of the anti-hero, our young parachutist will be cut in half and blood will scatter on the screen of our phone.

  • Nice graphics
  • Interactive musical account
  • Touch and Tilt Based Controls
  • More than 80 achievements
  • Fully voiced cartoon characters
  • Unlock new chutes and outfits
  • Enlist various friends to wage war
  • Game Centre Leaderboards
  • Full Retina Support for both iPhone and iPad
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