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Game description

In Need for Speed Shift you will chase on 18 routes across Chicago, Tokyo and London. Whether you purchase accessories for the car or characteristic improvement, or establish the unique racing lotions opening the bigger open space for game, convenient to you. After each race the game will define your style of driving and give you awards. For example: “accurate” or "aggressive". Shift demands braking on turns, and turns became much less linear and rail. New modes of complexity will define how many elements of the car will be under your control. On easy level the car goes itself, thanks to “driving assistant”, and on high level get ready to test all charm of a mechanical transmission. High level of difficulty assumes a view from the cabin. The real Shift focus is concentrated on a career mode. As well as on consoles, your purpose – to win various races, tournaments and championships. Driving won't be monotonous and is divided into the next types: Circuit Race, Sprint, Driver Duel, Eliminator, Time Trial, and Drift. A multiplayer isn’t bypassed, but only local: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on 4 persons.
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