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Monster Burner - quite an easy game in which you will burn down monsters in a flash! Seize power of fire in your hands. Growing approach gathers a course and only you and your fingers can stop it. Keepers of secret fires will train you in various spells to destroy hordes of interfering monsters. In this quickly changing adventure you will throw fiery spells, having appeared in front of dangerous monsters in snow storm filled with ghosts cemeteries and other places. Challenge your friends, or community, get the right to blow them up! Burn all of them! These monsters aren't so harmless as it seems at the first sight. You will have to develop quickly strategy and to use your spells wisely to succeed. Get coins and purchase new spells. Make the whole wall of fire or create super-strong fireballs capable to mass destruction of monsters! Follow the progress on leaderboards, comparing results with friends and community in Monster Burner. You will be notified when you will beat the account of the friend and as their embodiment makes the way among interfering monsters – we invite you to blow up them in fire flame! Celebrate the victory, bragging about it in Facebook or Twitter! Get 3 spheres at each level to unlock the new World.
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