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Megapolis Construct Megalopolis of your dream! Develop infrastructures: airport, railroad, hydroelectric power station, factories, seaport, tax and city hall, nuclear stations, and build a huge number of parks, gardens, statues, fountains and other important structures for the city thanks to which your city becomes one of the best in Megalopolis Universe! Create with friends unusual cities, attract more new inhabitants, exchange gifts, help each other and find out who will be the best architect!

  • Impressive realistic graphics
  • Fascinating gameplay
  • Interesting tasks, awards and achievements will help to accustom quickly to game
  • More than 300 various buildings and sights
  • More than 250 materials for construction of unique buildings
  • More than 100 types of goods at factories
  • Set of various scenery for decoration of the city
  • Possibility of expansion of the city on the land, and on the sea
  • Set of improvements for buildings
  • No internet connection
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