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HORN - a three-dimensional adventure action with the unique experience and console graphics where you can investigate everything and operate the gestures. You will play for a young pupil of a smith, named Horn. He should find your village and lands occupied by fantastic and sometimes comic monsters. These beings – actually people and animals from your village, turned by a course and only you can release them. In your improbable adventure you will incur the noisy head of one fantastic being – a little difficult, quarrelsome, but obliging companion. With this new partner you should use a sword, an arbalest, the tested musical horn and wit to investigate lands, to win enemies, and to solve riddles in your searches, to break the course which enthralled your homeland. In the new version various mistakes are corrected, checkpoints are in each area now for saving the progress, the updated mechanism of fight to be more sympathetic to dodges, the general speed of movement of the chamber is increased, and the possibility to pass the missions, which players find too difficult, through purchase is added. Now all 11 languages, including Russian, the updated localization for all languages, and also iOS 6 support.

  • Available control facilities which any can use – walking, jumping, crawling and so on – all are carried out by intuitive gestures
  • Detailed world of console quality with freedom of moving – go everywhere you want
  • Rich and unique world
  • Interesting fights
  • 3 unique and beautiful lands
  • Infinitely increased modes of a challenge
  • Hidden contents which needs to be found
  • And so on…
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