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Catch a sheep! A small house factory on sewing of useful elements of clothes is under our control. It is unprofitable to shear wool manually from each lamb and if they have different color … Generally, it is time to make a deal: automation didn't make the way to our village and therefore the sorting conveyor demands constant attention of the operator — you. There’re color baskets for wool in the in the lower part of the screen. We have to catch the sheep falling from the upper bound into them. Sheep fall onto various arrays of conveyer belts - with a different challenging array showcased in each level! You need to guide where each sheep goes by changing the direction belts turn at just the right time! Don’t forget to tap and move baskets around to get them in the right spots to catch the right sheep!!

  • Full Game Center integration for access to world leaderboards
  • 30 unlockable achievements to keep you motivated
  • Intuitive multi-touch controls provides dynamic gameplay
  • A powerful physics engine in combination with original ingame music helps you to get much more fun from playing
  • Vibrantly colorful cartoon graphics with elements of surrealism

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