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Game description

Fur and Feathers - an unusual interpretation of match 3 styles of games. In game, feathery sit down on the tense wires in some lines. There’re three wires, and birdies sit down and sit down. And if not to clear a wire of flyers, someone of them will get for dinner to cats, who fly on a balloon above the wires. Each birdie has its color and a look. As soon as one of wires is filled with birds, they start appearing on the next. And on the last, the third, the hungry cat almost constantly is on duty. To delete birdies from wires, you should collect at least three one-color or one type birdies. To move birdies from the bottom wire to the top, we will pull back it in the right place and start a birdie up. As soon as the group of birds of one color or type will be collected, we will connect them having shifted to edge of the screen, getting points and releasing a place.

  • Two game modes: Easy - for children from 4 years old and Hard - for children from 10 years old and older
  • Jump, Move and Match the birds: The more birds you match, the more points you get
  • About cats: A Сat can eat one of the birds from the first wire paired by type or color
  • Fever mode: Achieve fever mode to have points multiplication
  • Tic-tac Egg: An Egg is explosive, you need to match it as soon as possible with any two paired birds
  • Sparkles: If you see it, touch quickly to have high-voltage discharge and clear the wire
  • Team play: This game supports multitouch. So you may play both hands or even together with friends.
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