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Game description

Enjoy dark gritty dungeons at your own pace in Dungeon Lore. Search for loot and disable dangerous traps along the way. Fight various monsters in this quest based fantasy game.

  • Complete camera freedom! Rotate and zoom in all directions!
  • Unique Looting System featuring almost 350 different objects.
  • 90 Achievements in total!
  • Hand crafted beautiful dangerous dungeons and hunting grounds.
  • Quest based gameplay.
  • Combat system featuring Melee, Ranged and Magic attacks.
  • Each level monsters become stronger
  • Atmospheric soundtrack and sound fx composed exclusively for the game.
  • Hunting grounds to train and gain gold.
  • Hours of gameplay.
  • Dungeon exploration.
  • Search for traps and disable them using your skills!
  • Raise character statistics to your needs and game style.
  • Character creation process which allows to set stats and skills.
  • Magic system with 4 Elementals fighting at your side.
  • Incredible atmospheric and highly detailed dungeons.
  • Progress at your own pace. Stress free.
  • Use Magic potions, rings and ear-rings to enhance your hero

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