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Game description

A red natatorium monster conceived to run through all largest cities of the world. And not only to run, but to run, destroying municipal and private property on the way. Kick pigeons, blow up cars, tear off foliage from trees, overturn garbage tanks, break antennas, burst balloons and punch billboards because it’s difficult to stop. But it is quite simple to stop us. There will be tanks, armored troop-carriers, doggies and police groups, collision with which will lead to loss of one of four lives. The crank doesn't differ with vulnerability and on our command can growl terribly, scattering all objects around on decent distances.

  • 24 unique levels in 8 known cities with known reference points and music
  • Begin in Paris and then unlock other cities: New York, San Francisco, London, Moscow, Tokyo, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro
  • Destruction of objects and enemies round you by powerful roar of Zilla
  • Avoid dangerous obstacles, jumping up and doing double jumps
  • Collect power-ups to give cool new abilities to Zilla!
  • Chili pepper → Mega roar → makes Zilla’s roar even stronger
  • Wings → Super Zilla → makes Zilla fly
  • Star → Godzilla→ makes Zilla impregnable and big.
  • more than 10 achievements of Game Center and a new challenge at each level
  • Online account lists!
  • Control facility configured for skillful and clumsy players
  • High-quality soundtrack with the corresponding music in each city
  • Amazing graphic symbols with retina display support

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