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Nightmare: Malaria

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Game description:
Nightmare: Malaria - help to restore the health of the girl, who was bitten by a mosquito. Go with her to a travel through a blood system to escape from a big mosquito.

  • 18 levels in 2 worlds
  • Unusual graphics
  • Collect teddy bears to move to the next level

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Galaxy Run

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Game description:
Galaxy Run - the adventures of the astronaut Razz, who has lost on an unknown planet. And now he tries to run away home from the space depths.

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Spearfishing 2 Pro

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Game description:
Do you like diving and fishing? So it’s for you, Spearfishing 2 Pro suggests to hunt by means of a harpoon on representatives of fauna, but also you shouldn’t forget that there are the ones, who wants to hunt on you.

  • 4 places for spearfishing
  • Collecting coins for an equipment upgrade

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Doodle Tank Battle

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Game description:
Doodle Tank Battle - an amusing fight of tanks in the drawn style. Take a tank under your control and go to exterminate the enemy.

  • Infinite mode and Campaign mode
  • Set of fascinating levels and bonuses
  • Bright graphics
  • Tank modernization

Views: 3856 | Popularity: 86 Download
Steam Punks

Steam Punks - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Steam Punks - an arcade for fans of games in pixel style. You are a scientist, and enemies stole your best inventions, and now you go to a pursuit of robbers. The game will transfer you to the world of adventures with a great number of artful enemies and obstacles.

  • Variety of levels and bosses
  • Weapon improvement
  • Attractive graphics and amusing sound

Views: 4004 | Popularity: 129 Download
Power of Logic

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Game description:
Power of Logic - a logical game with a variety of versions of decision. It is necessary to use logic and to hack a secret code of station to start the generator and to light the city.

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The Wolf Among Us

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Game description:
Action of The Wolf Among Us are in gloomy New York, where the main character from comics though has a human appearance, but constantly constrains a blood-thirsty wolf in itself and tries to adapt for society of people.

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Aces of the Luftwaffe

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Game description:
Aces of the Luftwaffe - enemy armies attack your fighter. Crush all experts of your enemy, don't miss any, don’t let artful Luftwaffe seize the continent and show, who is a real Expert.

  • Cruel battles with bosses
  • Great number of enemies
  • Choice of pilots, planes and improvements

Views: 3958 | Popularity: 164 Download
Space Hulk

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Game description:
Space Hulk - battles of space robots against alien evil spirits.

  • Beautiful vaults and labyrinths in 3D environments
  • Multiplayer between Windows PC, Mac and iPad
  • Set of missions

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PigJump - free download only on our site!

Game description:
PigJump - Pig needs to climb up to the very top. Help her, cleaning her way from clouds and dangerous bombs.

Views: 4795 | Popularity: 981 Download