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Crush the castle

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Game description:
Crush the castle - a game, in which you will need to destroy the fortresses of your enemies shooting at them with bombs from a catapult. Aim true and destroy all enemy fortresses and castles!

Game features:

  • 90 levels
  • Bonuses and medals
  • 9 regions on 2 continents
  • Purchase of new bombs which will have better characteristics in comparison with old ones
  • Absorbing gameplay

Views: 306 | Popularity: 21 Download
Ms. Kong

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Game description:
Ms. Kong - play as an ample curved miss gorilla and travel around dangerous jungles. Jump from one branch onto another, swing on lianas and pick up as many bananas as possible.

Game features:

  • Bright 3D jungle surroundings
  • Bonuses and upgrades
  • Dangerous locations
  • Handy system of controls

Views: 234 | Popularity: 13 Download
Star arena

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Game description:
Star arena - alien aggressors attack your planet again and have already occupied almost all territory of the Earth. You are the last hope of mankind! Prevent the destruction of your world and stop the aggressors!

Game features:

  • High score
  • 2 races
  • 2 modes: single and multiplayer
  • 7 levels
  • Upgrade system of units and weapons

Views: 322 | Popularity: 19 Download

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Game description:
Kairobotica - build a megalopolis for robots and protect it from alien attack. Lead the army of robots and don't let the enemy land on your planet. Save the world from space bandits!

Game features:

  • Good building simulator
  • Get points and coins
  • Improvement and development of the city
  • Nice pixel graphics

Views: 212 | Popularity: 6 Download
Kungfu taxi 2

Kungfu taxi 2 - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Kungfu taxi 2 - in this funny game you will drive a Chinese taxi with two drivers. Take as many passengers as possible and get to the finish without accidents passing by tricky obstacles.

Game features:

  • Funny adventure
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Handy system of controls
  • Rich sound effects
  • 100 missions, many obstacles
  • Strengthenings variety

Views: 534 | Popularity: 15 Download
Space expedition

Enjoy Space expedition without any payments!

Game description:
Space expedition - adventures of a brave spaceman who sets off to examine a gloomy space station. Overcome all traps and fight with dark creatures living inside.

Game features:

  • Mysterious atmosphere
  • Detailed pixel graphics
  • Handy system of controls
  • Many enemies
  • Traps and puzzles

Views: 480 | Popularity: 26 Download
Doodle jump: Super heroes

Get Doodle jump: Super heroes and other ipa games totally free.

Game description:
Doodle jump: Super heroes - this time jumping creature turned into a super hero Batman to conquer limitless hights jumping on the platforms and fighting with enemies.

Game features:

  • Crystals collecting
  • Shop with upgrades
  • The creature can open its coat and save itself while falling
  • Funny drawn graphics
  • Absorbing gameplay

Views: 419 | Popularity: 48 Download
Offroad legends 2

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Game description:
Offroad legends 2 - extreme offroad race, unusual tasks, tricks and obstacles are waiting for you in this game. Cover breathtaking tracks and become an Offroad legend!

Game features:

  • Good graphics
  • Garage with car settings
  • Detailed damage system
  • 12 vehicles
  • More than 48 tracks
  • Weather effects, 4 modes

Views: 1432 | Popularity: 91 Download
The source code

Play The source code game now!

Game description:
The source code - a mutated virus came out during the experiment with aliens on a secret object. Find virus DNA codes on an alien ship and save the planet! Be careful! Zombies live on the ship!

Game features:

  • Simple system of controls
  • Good graphics
  • Dangerous missions
  • Many alien walking zombies
  • Gloomy locations

Views: 1233 | Popularity: 40 Download
Cartoon driving

Cartoon driving - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Cartoon driving - take part in the championship based on realistic racing game. Rush along various cartoon tracks. A new surprise will be waiting for you at each round.

Game features:

  • Daily championships
  • Realistic physics
  • Change of daytime
  • Simple system of controls

Views: 652 | Popularity: 41 Download