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Metal skies

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Game description:
You are an elite pilot of a squadron of Tigers, who is at war against Teutonic Empire! Take under control the sky in this game Metal Skies. Maneuver your device, battle and hit the targets of the opponent!

Game features:

  • Simple control system
  • Big arsenal of weapon
  • Fights in private and battles in campaigns
  • Tremendous graphics

Views: 1782 | Popularity: 83 Download
Ready! Steady! Play!

Download game Ready! Steady! Play! right now!

Game description:
In Ready! Steady! Play! you will get to the Wild West with cowboys on wooden horses. You are waited for by a shooting gallery and jumps with barriers. Aim malicious criminals, but don't touch pixel young women!

Game features:

  • 31 unique way the cowboy’s death
  • Simple control system
  • 3 modes
  • Results in Game Center

Views: 314 | Popularity: 11 Download
Space colors

Get game Space colors just in few clicks!

Game description:
In the game Space сolors you will go to the space in the ship. Destroy everything that threatens your safety on the way. Show to all alien opponents your fire power!

Game features:

  • Incidentally generated levels
  • Bright explosions
  • System of improvements of a space vessel

Views: 470 | Popularity: 12 Download
Battle group 2

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Game description:
Battle group 2 - a fascinating naval action, in the course of the game the player should operate armor battle ships and other types of the ships to battle to pirates.

Game features:

  • 30 levels
  • 8 realistic vessels
  • Bosses
  • Fleet development
  • System of improvements for the ships
  • Excellent graphics

Views: 4969 | Popularity: 91 Download
Mind dead

Mind dead - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Mind dead - in the research center there’s the outbreak of an infection, you should go there with a group of scientists, it is necessary to battle to crowds of the infected people that have become recovered dead persons.

Game features:

  • Horror action with the third person view
  • Acquisition of first-aid kits, weapon and ammunition on the earned points
  • Game autosave

Views: 1976 | Popularity: 55 Download
Earth is gone

Enjoy Earth is gone without any payments!

Game description:
Earth is gone - after the occurred accident the Earth disappears. You survived on a space vessel and you should fight for your life, exterminating alien enemies. How much will you be able to hold on?

Game features:

  • Remarkable graphics
  • Battle with bosses
  • 30 various settings for the ship
  • 3 strong abilities

Views: 2773 | Popularity: 182 Download
Alive forever mini: Zombie party

Get Alive forever mini: Zombie party and other ipa games totally free.

Game description:
Save the city from crowds of hungry walking dead persons. Choose a character, powerful weapon and shoot the zombie not to become snack in an intensive shooter game Alive forever mini: Zombie party!

Game features:
  • Animation graphics
  • 12 types of weapon
  • 4 types of characters
  • 30 levels

Views: 2129 | Popularity: 92 Download
Angels in the sky

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Game description:
Sitting at a steering wheel of a futuristic ship with an explosive set arms the player should shoot back persecutors in Grand Canyon in an avia shooter game Angels in the sky.

Game features:
  • Qualitative graphics
  • Huge number of enemies and bosses
  • Improvement for a vessel
  • A lot of weapon and its updating

Views: 12354 | Popularity: 117 Download
Air strike: Omega

Play Air strike: Omega game now!

Game description:
Air strike: Omega - plunge into air fights, operating fighters of times of World War II, and also modern devices. Blow up heavens, destroying a large number of arms of opponents.

Game features:
  • Different modes of flight
  • Variety of planes and fighting styles
  • Good 3D graphics

Views: 1711 | Popularity: 107 Download

Antigen - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Antigen - a shooter game where you operate a nano - machine rotating around a game field. Shoot inside, blowing up the biological enemy to make it not touch you, or you will lose.

Game features:
  • Easy control system
  • 30 levels
  • Neon graphics
  • Bonuses

Views: 1044 | Popularity: 36 Download