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Slender man: Origins 2

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Game description:
Slender man: Origins 2 - go after Slender man who kidnapped your daughter. Find out where she is and save her! You will have to cover an uneasy way through dangerous dungeons and ancient ruins.

Game features:

  • Many puzzles, secrets and keys
  • Atmosphere of mystic and danger
  • High quality graphics
  • Unique sound effects in each location

Views: 1140 | Popularity: 34 Download
Escape the lost kingdom

Download game Escape the lost kingdom right now!

Game description:
Escape the lost kingdom - during a visit to the museum a young family finds a magic artifact in Egypt. As a result all family members are lost in tombs. Help them get out of the thrown Egyptian kingdom.

Game features:

  • More than 80 objects for search
  • Game for 4 characters
  • Set of interesting scenes
  • Fascinating tasks

Views: 36743 | Popularity: 69 Download
Special enquiry detail: The hand that feeds

Get game Special enquiry detail: The hand that feeds just in few clicks!

Game description:
Special enquiry detail: The hand that feeds - play a role of a detective who should investigate difficult crimes. Learn who is involved in the committed murders and expose the criminal!

Game features:

  • Good graphics
  • Mysterious plot
  • Many interesting tasks
  • 30 various locations

Views: 4418 | Popularity: 50 Download
Broken sword: The smoking mirror. Remastered

Download Broken sword: The smoking mirror. Remastered or any other game without registration!

Game description:
Broken sword: The smoking mirror. Remastered - a story of John and his girlfriend who often get to problem situations. They need to stop the leader of criminal group who conceived to destroy the world.

Game features:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Simple control system
  • Fascinating plot

Views: 18728 | Popularity: 41 Download
The lost diamonds

The lost diamonds - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
In the game The lost diamonds you will get to the world of puzzles, with realistic colourful locations. Adventures and intrigues will keep you in constant suspense. You haven’t met a similar game before!

Game features:

  • 7 huge levels
  • Progress autosave
  • System of helps
  • More than 80 locations

Views: 5323 | Popularity: 39 Download
The silence

Enjoy The silence without any payments!

Game description:
The silence - sudden awakening in remote hotel frightens you with absence of answers to the questions: who am I, where am I from, how did I get here? collect data about you on particles, remember events of previous life.

Game features:

  • Mysterious game atmosphere
  • Peculiar graphic style
  • Interesting plot
  • Variety of tasks

Views: 2481 | Popularity: 88 Download
Forgotten places: Lost circus

Get Forgotten places: Lost circus and other ipa games totally free.

Game description:
Forgotten places: Lost circus - find out the reason of dreadful girl’s dreams about circus. Follow her in ruins of the thrown circus at night. Mysterious signs will reveal secrets of the forgotten past.

Game features:

  • 2 levels of difficulty
  • Mini games and helps
  • Fascinating plot
  • Bright characters

Views: 2674 | Popularity: 168 Download
Cryptic escape

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Game description:
Cryptic escape - a fascinating and dangerous adventure where the player should investigate a medieval castle and get out of depths of dark vaults. Find useful objects and solve puzzles.

Game features:

  • Interesting plot
  • More than 70 objects to find and use.
  • Difficult puzzles
  • System of helps
  • Autosave

Views: 4555 | Popularity: 62 Download
Alicia Darkstone: The mysterious abduction. Deluxe

Play Alicia Darkstone: The mysterious abduction. Deluxe game now!

Game description:
Alicia Darkstone: The mysterious abduction. Deluxe - help Alicia to reveal the secret of disappearance of her friend. What happened actually? Where was he was gone? Why his room is devastated?

Game features:

  • Beautiful graphics and music
  • Hundreds of objects for search
  • 12 various locations, such as laboratory of the alchemist, the wood or catacombs
  • Intriguing plot

Views: 7524 | Popularity: 409 Download
Dracula 4: The shadow of the dragon

Dracula 4: The shadow of the dragon - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Dracula 4: The shadow of the dragon - a fascinating quest, which main character – a restorer Elena faces Dracula's portrait. Following the picture traces, Elena will be engaged in search of the count Dracula.

Game features:

  • Communication with other characters
  • Huge world for research
  • Set of secrets and puzzles

Views: 127440 | Popularity: 94 Download