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Master of tea kung fu

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Game description:
Master of tea kung fu - funny kung fu battles. During each battle your fighter holds a cup of tea in his hand. As soon as he drinks some tea he will get some extra power. Real kung fu master will win the battle and won't spill a single drop of tea!

Game features:

  • Funny gameplay
  • Various hits and their combinations
  • Different types of tea to get energy
  • Handy system of controls

Views: 679 | Popularity: 32 Download
iKungFu master

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Game description:
iKungFu master - the main character of the game is a kungFu master. His beloved was kidnapped by dark creatures. Now he needs to go to the underworld to defeat his enemies and save his beloved.

Game features:

  • Smooth system of controls
  • Upgrade of skills and abilities of the hero
  • Many enemies and boses
  • 6 locations
  • 5 types of weapons

Views: 1422 | Popularity: 116 Download
Evhacon: War stories

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Game description:
Evhacon: War stories - a game which consists of quests and battles. Explore the location, talk to the characters, gather evidence, neccessary things and weapons. Find out where the smog that covered Northern lands is coming from.

Game features:

  • Fascinating game story
  • Good graphics, nice music
  • Smooth system of controls
  • Mini games

Views: 42315 | Popularity: 285 Download
Street zombie fighter

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Game description:
Street zombie fighter - street fights with zombies. The world turned upside down, zombies are comfortably walking along the streets. Demostrate your fighting skills and drive away all the monsters from your district!

Game features:

  • 8 locations
  • 8 characters
  • Simple system of controls
  • Funny gameplay

Views: 1144 | Popularity: 74 Download
Street cat fighter

Street cat fighter - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Street cat fighter - cats from the neighbouring yard got pretty brazen and come to your lawn. Show them who is the boss here! Move to any part of the screen and attack! Make kicks in jump, turns, hits and other fighting methods.

Game features:

  • Competition with friends
  • 8 cats: zombie cat, devil cat, robot cat and others
  • 8 different backgrounds
  • Simple system of controls

Views: 1537 | Popularity: 196 Download
Quest for revenge

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Game description:
Quest for revenge - plunge into a gloomy world which is about to be destroyed. Dark powers seazed the Western Kingdom. Perhaps, you are the very hero who will stand on the way of evil?

  • Excellent graphics
  • Intriguing plot
  • Tensed dynamic fights
  • Many enemies and bosses
  • Variety of weapons and armour
  • Character upgrade system with 36 various skills and abilities

Views: 2840 | Popularity: 110 Download
Kour: Field Agent

Get Kour: Field Agent and other ipa games totally free.

Game description:
Kour: Field Agent - is a dynamic parkour game the main character of which is Kour agent who skillfully applies his parkour abilities and fighting methods. This lets him complete the highest levels!

Game features:

  • Slow motion in the moment of action
  • You can backwind
  • Simple system of controls
  • Dynamic gameplay

Views: 1921 | Popularity: 88 Download
World of warriors

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Game description:
World of Warriors - welcome to the world of warriors! Gather the army of powerful fighters: starting with romans and vikings and including knights and samurai. Take part in bright battles against fearless opponents.

Game features:

  • Interesting gameplay
  • Excellent sound effects
  • Nice graphics
  • Variety of enemies and bosses

Views: 3442 | Popularity: 36 Download
Taekwondo game: Global tournament

Play Taekwondo game: Global tournament game now!

Game description:
Taekwondo game: Global tournament - a game the animation of which is based on appliance of the moves of professional sportsmen in real battles. Try taekwondo art and see who is the strongest!

Game features:

  • Simple system of controls
  • Stunning surroundings
  • Fascinating gameplay
  • Single and multiplayer modes

Views: 4336 | Popularity: 382 Download
Smash champs

Smash champs - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Smash champs - try the role of martial arts coach, raise invincible will of victory in your pupils. Make a strong team, challange your opponents and get the title of a superlative coach.

Game features:

  • Wonderful graphics
  • Challange your friends through the internet
  • Unblock heroes
  • Powerful equipment
  • Spectacular eastern style single combat fights

Views: 1811 | Popularity: 90 Download