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Votes: 23
Remove the terrifying curse in this thrilling and spooky sequel! Audrey collected all the letters with the help of the dead postman, hoping they would lead her to Patrick, her missing husband. Instead, she is taken to a mysterious sleepy town. In Letters from Nowhere 2 Audrey discovers that her husband is a descendant of a cursed family, and is doomed to death. Now it’s up to her to confront the evil that haunts her beloved and prevent a series of grisly murders. Search through over 30 cryptic locations including the sinister mansion and a bloody sacrifice room for important artifacts. Play mini-games, collect all the pages of a missing diary, and save Patrick before it's too late!
Views: 42 260
Popularity: 3 909
Download game Destination: Treasure Island right now!
Votes: 21
Destination: Treasure Island is an absorbing quest: set off in search of incredible treasures! Four years have passed since the end of the adventure, read anew in the novel of Stevenson. Jim Hawkins has become an enterprising young man, attentive to everything around him. Imagine his surprise when one morning a parrot flies into his bedroom window: none other than Captain Flint, Long John's own partner. The bird brings him a message from his master. In the note the old seaman declares that he hid an amazing treasure on The Emerald Isle, the hidden island, where he disappeared. Jim faces the need to be in a hurry. Gentlemen of fortune, old enemies of Long John are on your heels. Varied, exotic environment, colorful and detailed graphics will give you a real feeling of travel. Treasure trail: danger at every turn will keep you in suspense for hours. Dozens of fascinating enigmas: solve them all, otherwise you’ll never find the treasure!
Views: 23 789
Popularity: 2 018
Get game Topia World just in few clicks!
Votes: 24
Topia World – amazing land, sea and world created in the game. Amazing visualization and full aspect of God creation mode will allow you to place people and animals in any places of the world and to watch how they interact with the environment. You – a strong hand of creation. Create the earth, using touch and swipe control facilities. Grow up islands in the sea and create huge mountains and tops of hills. Swipe your finger to create mountains, valleys, rivers, and oceans. Add details: villages, cities, castles, boats, gulfs and civilizations. Watch how trees grow and how thousands of animals and fishes breed. Watch how people interact with animals and create vehicles to move your world and to watch how they live and die on the planet created by you!
Views: 21 491
Popularity: 3 273
Download Bridge Constructor Playground or any other game without registration!
Votes: 18
Bridge Constructor Playground is an excellent construction simulator, which will teach you how to build bridges across rivers, canals and ravines. When a bridge is constructed its durability will have to be tested by a train, a truck or cars. Construct wisely and do your best not to let the construction collapse.

The game features:
  • 32 levels
  • 5 kinds of landscapes: city, canyon, beach, mountains and hills
  • A map with the unlocked worlds/levels
  • Comprehensive introductory part facilitating the learning process
  • A new system of signs for beginners and pros
  • 4 different kinds of building materials: wood, steel, steel ropes and concrete piles
  • The material ultimate load is expressed in per-cents and colour schemes
  • Two different types of load: for cars and trucks
  • The best score for each level
  • Connection to the game center to access the achievements and leaderboards
  • Facebook support (placing the screenshots and scores for the Bridge Construction)
Views: 25 285
Popularity: 4 690
Dream Chronicles - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Votes: 25
Dream Chronicles is a story, in which the main heroine wakes up in the world of her dreams after being bewitched by a sorceress Lilith. Help her find her beloved one, free him from captivity and get out from the mysterious fantasy-world.

Game features:
  • enchanted locations
  • difficult puzzles
Views: 24 851
Popularity: 1 953
Enjoy Monster 500 without any payments!
Votes: 37
Monster 500 is a racing against the scary monsters you are to unleash. Begin the race and break through the revolting creatures. Who is going to be the first?

Game features:
  • Repulsive racing modes: Championship, Quick Race, Multiplayer
  • Use Skull and Bones to upgrade the speed of your Monster
  • 6 terrible worlds
Views: 192 897
Popularity: 3 671
Get Dragon island blue and other ipa games totally free.
RPG   Strategy  
Votes: 33
Dragon Island Blue - you found an egg, appeared to be a dragon’s egg. Dragons died out very long time ago and you should find out, what caused their emergence in a modern world. Grow up your dragon, hatched from the egg and teach him fighting techniques.

  • Huge number of beings, with possibility of development
  • Set of tests
  • Strategic fights
  • 15 vaults, including infinite
Views: 21 612
Popularity: 1 898
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
Arcade   Logic  
Votes: 25
Crazy machines - an entertaining puzzle, which will make you use your imagination. Solve puzzles, using 60 various details.
Views: 24 704
Popularity: 4 331
Play Slender Rising game now!
Votes: 42
Feel a charged atmosphere of horror in the game Slender Rising. Hear frightening sound effects. Feel, as Slenderman comes closer. Investigate a haunted forest wrapped in myst during the day and with a flashlight during the night. Find as many of the mysterious signs as you can before Slenderman takes you.
Views: 24 910
Popularity: 3 481
Wolf Boy - free download only on our site!
Votes: 33
Wolf Boy – Meet Toto, the boy who is able to turn into the werewolf! His girlfriend was kidnapped by a huge monkey. Go on a travel through the Wood of Demons together with Toto to rescue his girlfriend! But be careful on the way you can meet various monsters!
Views: 20 071
Popularity: 2 157
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