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Arcade   Shooter  
Votes: 10
Stop Those Fish tells about the showdown of the revengeful bears and evil fish. Having provided themselves with boats and ammunition, the bears set off to a prohibited fishing to stop the fish rebel. Keep the fish in awe! A boat and weapon modernization will help you in that.

Game features:
  • Crazy and absorbing trajectory-based gameplay!
  • More than a dozen of variants of enemy fish
  • Multiple ways of playing the game
  • More than a dozen of scenes
  • Perfect graphics and animation with catchy sound effects and music.
  • OpenFeint and Game Center support (with leaderboards and achievements)
  • Retina
  • Universal support of the application on all your iOs devices. Buy once, play anywhere you want!
  • Rewards

Views: 29 575
Popularity: 2 413
Download game Dead Raid right now!
Action   Shooter  
Votes: 16
Scientist secretly experiment with people cloning and creating droids. But their program has suddenly sent wrong signals to all the droids. The signals changed the intelligence system of clone Nano-robot. Since then, the clones started to attack people. Large-scale zombie attack has begun! Now, you are a professional zombie hunter, but this time you are faced with an unprecedented crisis. No way to escape! You have to fight back!
Views: 24 564
Popularity: 2 579
Get game Pipe Mania just in few clicks!
Arcade   Logic  
Votes: 7
Pipe Mania is considered to be one of the best puzzle games of all times. You will have an opportunity to break your head over tasks of different complexity on the most various subjects: from pipes and to the railway. The game has a great number of levels, excellent graphics and animation and also a rather good soundtrack that accompanies the gameplay. In general, the game is of a time-tested quality, which can be considered a classic of the genre.
Views: 17 986
Popularity: 2 493
Download Burning Zombies EXTENDED or any other game without registration!
Action   Shooter  
Votes: 4
In this game we should destroy huge crowds of zombie by means of Molotov's cocktail. And if it is necessary, we ask the help like a napalm air strike!
Views: 14 900
Popularity: 1 581
Ghost n Zombies - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Arcade   Shooter  
Votes: 6
Ghost'n Zombies - an action game in which you play for a monk from Vatican which was sent to destroy demons and to restore piece in an ancient chapel. You have to destroy enemies and collect crystals dropping out of them. Crystals represent belief and can be used for receiving bullets and life. Two game modes are supported. Each game mode represents a set of stages with unique levels and enemies for battle.
Views: 16 846
Popularity: 2 011
Enjoy Christmas Neon without any payments!
Arcade   Logic  
Votes: 2
This game is very simple. Your purpose is in developing neon tubes so to connect them in a garland. You can rotate them clicking on them. Neon tubes you need to connect them in a chain to "plus" and "minus" to light it after that it will light up and will disappear. All this needs to be made for limited time. Collect bonuses and try to create long chains! When you will pass level there will be a neon tube of a new form.
Views: 14 543
Popularity: 1 780
Get ELFrun and other ipa games totally free.
Votes: 2
ELFrun - a cheerful Elf. Now you can make gifts with your iDevice! It’s 5 minutes to Christmas, Santa Claus hurries to give gifts to children, but unfortunately, on the way he loses some of them. And here the loyal friend Elf comes to help. You need to run down the street and to lift boxes with gifts which were dropped by Santa, thus avoiding various obstacles and not to forget to throw them in time in houses windows (theat color of the box must be the same as the color of the window). Gameplay of this game is suitable for the whole family, completely corresponds to the given video, has good three-dimensional graphics, delightful game process, sound effects and fascinating music.
Views: 10 929
Popularity: 986
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
Votes: 5
Dr. Edmond Ville's latest experiment has gone horribly wrong. Mindless hordes of Zombie fish now threaten to take over, and he's left with nothing but his trusty pipe-bombs to clean up his mess. Having only bombs the doctor has to save the world, or at least disseminate vile creatures. Help this mad scientist cleanse the waters. The object is to try and throw Dr. E. Ville's pipe-bomb as close to a horde of zombies as possible. The closer the explosion of the pipe-bomb is to the zombie fish, the higher it will fly. The quantity of the undermined zombie fishes determinates your account in a round. In total there are 5 rounds.
Views: 17 360
Popularity: 1 823
Play Asphalt 4: Elite Racing game now!
Votes: 163
Show everybody, what you are capable driving on streets! Challenge the richest street racers. Choose from 10 most powerful cars and motorcycles of the most prestigious global manufacturers, such as Ferrari and Bugatti. Adjust four wheels in personal garage and spend millions for their pumping. The police waits for you at every turn - in traffic police posts, in streets, in helicopters - to confiscate your expensive toy. Therefore you should go by speed limits. Will you be able to become the best city VIP-racer?

  • A lot of powerful cars and motorcycles, for example: Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari F430 Spider, Nissan GT-R, Ducati 1098.
  • Races in 6 most brisk cities: Monte-Carlo, Beverly Hills, Shanghai, New York, Dubai, Paris.
  • Tremendous three-dimensional routes giving feeling of mad speed!
  • Pump your wheels in personal smart garage!
  • 5 modes of extreme races, for example: "Pursuit", "Drift" and "Win all"!
  • Choose style of driving depending on weather conditions. Will you be able to drive your car during heavy rain?

Views: 167 724
Popularity: 17 211
Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus - free download only on our site!
Action   Online   Shooter  
Votes: 277
In Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus you should play for the American marine who was captured by the Colombian mafia. You managed to run away through the jungle, killing terrorists on the way. Animation of the person and the moment of murder include slow-motion shot, create fascinating spirit of semantic immersion. 15 types of weapon of real military forces, which you can directly collect from your enemies and upgrades with several auxiliary programs. Participate in local confrontations online with 10 players. Effects of fire and flashes on your weapon bring the realism of military experience. Choose between 4 modes for several players: Battle, Team Battle, Defuse the Bomb and Capture the Flag. Progress through 72 ranks, getting awards, not blocked weapon and leaderboards.
Views: 763 442
Popularity: 23 552
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