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Votes: 37
Monster 500 is a racing against the scary monsters you are to unleash. Begin the race and break through the revolting creatures. Who is going to be the first?

Game features:
  • Repulsive racing modes: Championship, Quick Race, Multiplayer
  • Use Skull and Bones to upgrade the speed of your Monster
  • 6 terrible worlds
Views: 193 279
Popularity: 3 671
Download game Indigo Lake right now!
Racing   Action   Online   Shooter  
Votes: 81
Indigo Lake - a terrifying 3D action from the first person where it is required to investigate gloomy thrown space, to translate pictograms, to look for proofs and to hunt on ghosts, you can protect from them using gun. For faster movement it is possible to use the vehicle 4X4. Plunge into risky hunting on ghosts.

  • Excellent graphics
  • Interesting and frightening plot
  • Various riddles
  • Opportunity to operate transport
  • Recording of your travel
Views: 141 303
Popularity: 9 915
Get game Monkey Ninja just in few clicks!
Votes: 12
Monkey Ninja is a colored funny arcade game with a Monkey Ninja as a main hero.

Game features:
  • 3 different locations
  • Game Center achievements
  • about 80 trials
Views: 18 339
Popularity: 1 773
Download Einstein Enigma or any other game without registration!
Arcade   Logic  
Votes: 7
Einstein Enigma is an incredibly creative hit puzzle. Turn the colored cogwheels to restore a certain colour combination. Albert Einstein will teach you and give advises.

Game features:
  • Increasing difficulty levels
  • Lots of different elements like wheels and gears increase the complexity and fun
  • You get a star mark depending on the time and number of moves you required to solve the puzzle
Views: 19 125
Popularity: 2 399
Pocket Dinosaurs 2: Insanely Addictive! - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Arcade   Shooter  
Votes: 10
Pocket Dinosaurs 2: Insanely Addictive!. A space ship cannot fly up without Pocket Dinosaurs; they need to be transported to the ship. And you will do it with a slingshot. Aim so that the dinosaurs got right into the hatch of a spaceship. Will you fly up in 60 seconds?

Game features:
  • Insanely addictive gameplay
  • Positive plot

Views: 12 944
Popularity: 1 306
Enjoy Amateur Surgeon 3 without any payments!
Votes: 28
Amateur Surgeon 3. Despite the amateurishness and clumsiness of the doctor, he continues to help sick people. He is not fussy and will use anything available as medical instruments.

Game features:
  • Over 20 poor things
  • The most diversified traumas
Views: 44 392
Popularity: 3 221
Get Cartoon Universe! and other ipa games totally free.
Votes: 23
Have you ever wanted to meet Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo, Daffy Duck and their other friends? Have you? Then you have a unique chance to get to Cartoon Universe! and visit places of Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo! Help your cartoon heroes explore the Universe and solve all the puzzles. Colourful full 3D adventure is waiting for you!

Game features:
  • mini-games
  • customizable characters
  • several areas to be explored
  • prizes for advancing in episodes
  • Universe is constantly expanding and offering more events and opportunities
  • on-line controls
Views: 95 305
Popularity: 5 826
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
Votes: 19
UniWar is a tidbit for fans of turn-based strategy. Take part in wars of earthlings, mutants and cyborgs. Choose the suitable tactics and go to fight! Capture new bases and cultivate virgin lands!

Game features:
  • Excellent graphics
  • Air clashes, land and sea battles
  • Several types of missions
  • Beautiful animation
  • Sound
  • 3 unique races with unique features, specific tactics and secrets of the game
Views: 21 844
Popularity: 2 087
Play Stop Those Fish game now!
Arcade   Shooter  
Votes: 10
Stop Those Fish tells about the showdown of the revengeful bears and evil fish. Having provided themselves with boats and ammunition, the bears set off to a prohibited fishing to stop the fish rebel. Keep the fish in awe! A boat and weapon modernization will help you in that.

Game features:
  • Crazy and absorbing trajectory-based gameplay!
  • More than a dozen of variants of enemy fish
  • Multiple ways of playing the game
  • More than a dozen of scenes
  • Perfect graphics and animation with catchy sound effects and music.
  • OpenFeint and Game Center support (with leaderboards and achievements)
  • Retina
  • Universal support of the application on all your iOs devices. Buy once, play anywhere you want!
  • Rewards

Views: 28 819
Popularity: 2 413
Dead Raid - free download only on our site!
Action   Shooter  
Votes: 15
Scientist secretly experiment with people cloning and creating droids. But their program has suddenly sent wrong signals to all the droids. The signals changed the intelligence system of clone Nano-robot. Since then, the clones started to attack people. Large-scale zombie attack has begun! Now, you are a professional zombie hunter, but this time you are faced with an unprecedented crisis. No way to escape! You have to fight back!
Views: 23 827
Popularity: 2 571
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