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Action   Shooter  
Votes: 1 015
Call of Duty: Strike Team is a 3D first-person and third-person action game. Organize your detachment and go to battle. In 2020 USA faces the unexpected attack of an unknown enemy. Strategically customize your detachment, choose weapons and other things that influence your victory in Call of Duty: Strike Team.

Game features:
  • Easy switch between first-person and third-person action at any time
  • Various locations around the world
  • Different modes
  • Waves of enemies
  • Leaderboards
Views: 2 215 376
Popularity: 23 242
Download game Devil may cry 4 right now!
Votes: 454
Devil may cry 4 - the main character set off to a supernatural gothic world to destroy evil. You will experience non-stop attacks and cruel battles. Stop the invasion and defeat evil spirits!

Game features:

  • Many epic levels
  • Various battle styles
  • Combination of fire weapons and fight with swords
  • 8 battles with bosses

Views: 185 797
Popularity: 21 670
Get game Vampire Origins RELOADED just in few clicks!
Action   Shooter  
Votes: 147
Vampire Origins RELOADED - a game with tremendous graphics, combining effective duels with exploring of area and solving simple puzzles. Action of game is in the atmosphere of Europe of the XVII century, that’s why the dark atmosphere with graceful three-dimensional environment is waiting for you. The protagonist uses different types of weapon: from habitual (revolver, shot-gun) to exotic (machine gun, shooting stakes, or a glove striking enemies with a lightning). Be careful... fast and very dexterous enemies leave you little time for thoughts, so you should foresee your further actions immediately! You will be given a unique opportunity to visit hordes of vampires!

  • Charming atmosphere of the gloomy world of vampires
  • Dynamic hand-to-hand fights
  • Research of the world and solution of not difficult puzzles
  • Tremendous effects
  • In details created opponents and a variety of means of their destruction
  • High-quality animation of monsters and the protagonist,
    created with Motion Capture technology
Views: 467 746
Popularity: 18 864
Download Temple Run: Brave or any other game without registration!
Arcade   Shooter  
Votes: 150
Temple Run: Brave - an official game from Disney/Pixar with new archery feature! Join Merida from Disney/Pixar Brave. Run, slide, jump, turn and shoot your way across the wilds of Scotland on an endless running adventure! Tap targets to shoot a bullseye and earn extra coins. New amazing visuals. It looks better than ever! Outrun Mordu, the demon bear, to earn running glory!

  • Work is improved
Views: 105 345
Popularity: 18 380
N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3 - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Votes: 273
The mankind was got involved into a bloody civil war between the central government of Orbital satellites and self-appointed Alliance of people and newcomers - a new organization with the mysterious program and origin. You are a space paratrooper serving in N.O.V.A alliance and you need to save the world from something very awful! Enter the multiuser fights with 12 players with 6 modes of game: Flag capture, Kill all of them, Point capture etc. It’s the first time when allies can sit in one vehicle with you. Battle for the survival of people in the best space shooter!
Views: 1 418 419
Popularity: 18 189
Enjoy TRANSFORMERS 3 without any payments!
Action   Shooter  
Votes: 227
After one more grandiose battle in space autobots and decepticons casually move to the past, to be exact in 1982. Decepticon named Starscream aspiring to the absolute power, destroys moved with him from the future Megatron. Then he gets into confidential storage under Hoover's dam and abducts power cubic. While Megatron disappears after Follen's shameful defeat, decepticon Shockwave, Cybertron’s governor, is going to pay visit to our planet with not so good intentions. Action of game is developed not only on the Earth: Chernobyl, Washington, Chicago, and on the Moon - which dark side keeps not less dark secrets. Optimus Prime needs your help to save the world!
Views: 334 980
Popularity: 17 362
Get Modern combat 5: Blackout and other ipa games totally free.
Votes: 241
Modern combat 5: Blackout - terrorists seized the city streets plunging them into the anarchy world. Create your own fighting detachment and struggle against radical organizations which threaten the world with massive destruction weapon!

Game features:

  • Dynamic gameplay
  • High quality graphics
  • 4 classes of characters
  • Upgrades for fighters
  • Variety of weapons
  • Multiplayer game mode with your friends
  • Cruel battles
Views: 323 030
Popularity: 16 080
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
Votes: 585
Grand theft auto: Liberty city stories - go back to criminal Liberty city which plunged into complete chaos. Help a gangster whose name is Tony destroy members of mafia. Steal cars, complete tasks, take part in fights of criminal gangs.

Game features:

  • High quality detailed graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Engrossing missions
  • Game mode in which you can play with 6 players at the same time

Views: 163 324
Popularity: 15 084
Play Bullet force game now!
Votes: 703
Bullet force - participate in dynamic collective fights with real players. Apply modern weapons with many various settings. Challenge opponents and demonstrate shooting accuracy. Each battle may include up to 16 players.

Game features:

  • Over 20 kinds of adjustable weapons
  • Many maps
  • 3 game modes
  • Fight against other players
Views: 115 287
Popularity: 14 185
Angry Birds Star Wars - free download only on our site!
Arcade   Shooter  
Votes: 93
It only the beginning of an epic saga. Join an epic adventure with the Angry Birds in the legendary Star Wars™ universe! Use the Force, wield your lightsaber, and blast away Pigtroopers on an intergalactic journey from the deserts of Tatooine to the depths of the Pig Star -- where you’ll face off against the terrifying Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Pigs! Can you become a Jedi Master and restore freedom to the galaxy? Time to grab your lightsaber and join the adventure! Explore more than 80 levels in iconic locations like Tatooine and the Pig Star. Can you dodge Imperial pigs, laser turrets, Tusken Raider pigs, and the dark side of the Force to get all three stars? A training ground for Jedi, this purchase in the app opens 40 levels of Dagobah challenge with Jedi Master Yoda! Manage with a way of Jedi to open a legendary Jedi sword! May the birds be with you!
Views: 76 513
Popularity: 13 238
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