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Votes: 21
Heroes of havoc: Idle adventures - join the team of brave warriors and go to clear the lands out of furious monsters. Pick up munitions and buy new skills to defeat enemies easily. Complete all dangerous missions and rescue the kingdom.

Game features:

  • Wonderful graphics and effects
  • Over 50 upgradable heroes
  • 200 unique abilities
  • High score
  • Many monsters and powerful bosses
Views: 10 876
Popularity: 901
Download game Dragon island blue right now!
RPG   Strategy  
Votes: 33
Dragon Island Blue - you found an egg, appeared to be a dragon’s egg. Dragons died out very long time ago and you should find out, what caused their emergence in a modern world. Grow up your dragon, hatched from the egg and teach him fighting techniques.

  • Huge number of beings, with possibility of development
  • Set of tests
  • Strategic fights
  • 15 vaults, including infinite
Views: 21 976
Popularity: 1 904
Get game Galaxy Pirate Adventure just in few clicks!
RPG   Action  
Votes: 26
Galaxy Pirate Adventure - tremendous space 3D action with RPG elements, developed on Unity engine. Plunge into fascinating travel in open spaces. Battle with enemies, form fleet, trade and move ahead on the plot line. This huge game strives to eclipse success of other space games, having the best graphics and scales. You are waited for by 37 unique models of ships, among six classes: frigates, transport, fighters, cruisers, battleships, cruise... You will be able to give short weight to each ship with various equipment, having made it even more unique and more powerful. 200 units of various equipment, 200 characters, 50 types of minerals and resources. The game company will stretch at 40 hours, actions of game will develop in 10 solar systems, at 40 stations... Investigate huge open spaces, optimize the ship!
Views: 22 399
Popularity: 1 518
Download Izanagi Online Samurai Ninja or any other game without registration!
Fighting   RPG  
Votes: 26
Izanagi Online Samurai Ninja is a fantasy action. You get to a Japanese village that outlived an anthropogenic disaster. Play as brave Samurai, who have a great arsenal of weapons: revolvers, rifles, and other cold arms. Fallen utility poles, decaying muscle-cars, neglected places: this is the incredible atmosphere you are to visit.

Game features:
  • Several characters to choose from: Mage, a killer, a healer and a warrior
  • Stunning graphics
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Lots of various enemies
Views: 197 622
Popularity: 3 214
Heroes Call - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Fighting   RPG  
Votes: 16
Heroes Call - - RPG with beautiful three-dimensional graphics, a great number of monsters, the story which will carry you through more than 30 vaults of the game worlds. Fight, collect mechanisms, study new skills and unlock secrets of Brineside. Brineside is a city under siege, beset with dangers from outside, within and below. The Adventurers Guild is in dire need of new Heroes. Are you ready to answer the call?
Views: 16 460
Popularity: 1 717
Enjoy Kids vs Goblins without any payments!
RPG   Shooter  
Votes: 19
Kids vs Goblins – an action adventure game with RPG elements. You control the three heroes simultaneously, by dragging lines from them to their destination, or by double tapping to move them as a group. You operate three heroes at the same time, moving them on one, or double pressing to move them as group. Pass out three heroes through 7 exotic locations occupied by blood-thirsty enemies. Each hero has a unique set of magic abilities. Each situation demands certain tactics and spells so the right choice of combinations is very important for a victory. Kids Vs. Goblins contains 80 various magic abilities for studying and combination. In the new version control facilities are improved, mistakes are corrected.
Views: 14 924
Popularity: 1 174
Get Monster Wars and other ipa games totally free.
Arcade   RPG   Shooter  
Votes: 18
Take command of over 50 Monsters, in a perfect blend of Castle Defense, sidescrolling-action and RPG. Build-up a powerful Monster Army and conquer the land of Legendaria! It is time for Monsters to execute their revenge!
Views: 17 472
Popularity: 1 456
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
RPG   Action  
Votes: 17
The Gods 3 - powers of dark were awaken after a big explosion on one of the Earth continents. Monsters flooded villages and killed many innocent people. Seven kingdoms united and joined their troops to stop this chaos and fight the evil.

Game features:

  • Absorbing plot
  • Smooth controls
  • Hordes of enemies
  • Dynamic fights
  • Strong bosses

Views: 18 916
Popularity: 1 746
Play Marvel: Contest of champions game now!
Votes: 41
Marvel: Contest of champions - travel across space with invincible heroes of Marvel comics, fight against villains and bosses. Upgrade the characters and use super combinations of hits. Stop the Universe destruction!

Game features:

  • Wonderful graphics
  • Many popular heroes with unique skills
  • System of upgrades for your character
  • Engrossing game story
  • Handy system of controls
Views: 38 083
Popularity: 4 614
Ninjas vs Samurai Epic Castle Defense - free download only on our site!
Votes: 12
The fate of the Empire is in your hands! Come down on the side of one of the throne heirs and win the war for him! Lead your invincible armies through all the regions of the Empire, command different troops, apply spells of monstrous power while relying on hundreds of object available. Bring peace to the ancient land of the Golden Empire! The new game in style of Tower Defense will send you to the center of epic conflict between heirs of the Golden Throne. Honoo, the master of fire is a ruler of fiery warriors’ clan. Nami is the Lady of water and the leader of water admirers’ clan. Whose side will you take? Win by any means! Call for help of various warriors, use dozens of mysterious spells, and equip your army with hundreds of objects increasing the power of soldiers. A presence of the multiplayer mode is a unique feature of the game. You will have an opportunity to play with friends and take part in tournament fighting against the players from all over the world! So, what are you waiting for? Download the game and prove that you are the best military leader in the world!

Game features:
  • Strategy with elements of RPG
  • Survival mode for one player
  • Battles with other players via Internet
  • Classic scenario of power struggle
  • Facebook integration
  • A great choice of equipment
  • Exclusive graphics for Retina Display and IPhone 5
  • 100 interesting achievements
  • Perfect atmospheric music and sound effects
Views: 18 587
Popularity: 1 504
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