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Votes: 658
Pokemon go - unbelievable game with augmented reality where pokemons got into a real world and walk along the streets. Try to find and catch nasty pocket monsters to send them to the fighting arena after that. Special bracelet will inform you in case the pokemon is not far from you. Train your pets and fight against monsters of other players.

Game features:

  • Engrossing gameplay
  • Funny characters
  • Multiplayer mode with other players
  • Augmented reality elements
  • You can gather your team
Views: 159 335
Popularity: 39 794
Download game Clash royale right now!
Votes: 1 152
Clash royale - this game tells a story of enemous kingdoms fighting for the crown. Lead the army of one of the kingdoms, improve it, upgrade towers and defence in order to become a winner in the fight with your enemy. Defeat enemy kingdom!

Game features:

  • Real time battles
  • Bright graphics
  • Engrossing game story
  • Play with your friends
Views: 186 560
Popularity: 31 778
Get game Infinity Blade just in few clicks!
RPG   Action  
Votes: 419
Your task — to become that hero who will put an end to sufferings of the kingdom. In a powerful chain armor, with a sword and a board in hands you will reach the lonely castle protected by strange beings. On your way you will meet infernal Palladin in front of the castle, a steel robot and also a bodyguard of the king and others, but it will be most difficult to win the most important. You get fireproof points which can be spent for increase in life, capacities, new weapon and armor for each murder. Game possesses stunning graphics!
Views: 641 979
Popularity: 23 524
Download Monster hunter freedom unite or any other game without registration!
Fighting   RPG   Action  
Votes: 361
Monster hunter freedom unite - it’s time to begin hunting for monsters, there will be a huge set on the way! Execute a set of interesting tasks, destroy monsters and receive weapon for production.

Game features:
  • Intuitively clear control system
  • More than 2000 sets of equipment and 1500 types of weapon
  • Improvement of weapon and armor
  • More than 500 hours of game process
Views: 340 835
Popularity: 13 564
Horn - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Fighting   RPG   Action  
Votes: 69
HORN - a three-dimensional adventure action with the unique experience and console graphics where you can investigate everything and operate the gestures. You will play for a young pupil of a smith, named Horn. He should find your village and lands occupied by fantastic and sometimes comic monsters. These beings – actually people and animals from your village, turned by a course and only you can release them. In your improbable adventure you will incur the noisy head of one fantastic being – a little difficult, quarrelsome, but obliging companion. With this new partner you should use a sword, an arbalest, the tested musical horn and wit to investigate lands, to win enemies, and to solve riddles in your searches, to break the course which enthralled your homeland. In the new version various mistakes are corrected, checkpoints are in each area now for saving the progress, the updated mechanism of fight to be more sympathetic to dodges, the general speed of movement of the chamber is increased, and the possibility to pass the missions, which players find too difficult, through purchase is added. Now all 11 languages, including Russian, the updated localization for all languages, and also iOS 6 support.

  • Available control facilities which any can use – walking, jumping, crawling and so on – all are carried out by intuitive gestures
  • Detailed world of console quality with freedom of moving – go everywhere you want
  • Rich and unique world
  • Interesting fights
  • 3 unique and beautiful lands
  • Infinitely increased modes of a challenge
  • Hidden contents which needs to be found
  • And so on…
Views: 467 440
Popularity: 11 781
Enjoy Oceanhorn without any payments!
RPG   Action  
Votes: 233
Oceanhorn - a fascinating RPG with participation of a young man who has to find his mysteriously gone father. He goes to travel on dangerous islands to investigate them, to battle to monsters and to destroy a sea monster.

  • More than 10 hours of game process
  • Set of traps, spiteful enemies and bosses
  • Excellent graphics
Views: 125 469
Popularity: 8 368
Get Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and other ipa games totally free.
Fighting   RPG  
Votes: 87
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the greatest RPGs of all time. You will fly your personal spaceship through 8 huge worlds. Save the Old Republic, determine the fate of the entire Galaxy or choose a dark side. It’s up to you who you will become, a hero or an evildoer. Plunge into an atmosphere of Star Wars!

Game features:
  • Epic role experience of Star Wars
  • Unique heroes, different creatures, transport facilities and planets
  • Learn how to use the Force with more than 40 different powers
  • A possibility to create your own lightsaber
  • Adventure through graphic locations of Star Wars, including Tatooine and the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk
  • Choose your side from nine customizable characters, including Twi'leks, droids and Wookiees
  • Simplified user interface for iPad touch screen
Views: 259 374
Popularity: 8 226
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
Votes: 197
Plants vs. zombies: Heroes - is a new version of a popular game. Meet your favorite characters! Plants will start a hot battle against hateful zombies. You will meet super heroes with super abilities in the game. You can play for plants or for gluttonous zombies.

Game features:

  • Engrossing gameplay
  • Different modes
  • System of upgrade of the heroes
  • You can play on the side of plants as well as on the side of zombies
  • Online battles with other players
Views: 54 842
Popularity: 8 117
Play Marvel: Mighty heroes game now!
RPG   Action   Online  
Votes: 86
Marvel: Mighty Heroes - make an invincible team of 4 heroes and fight against dark powers. Ironman, Halk, Spiderman and others are ready to help you. Save the universe!

Game features:

  • Bright 3D locations
  • Popular comics characters
  • Real time fights for 4 players
  • New suits with unique possibilities
Views: 64 689
Popularity: 7 940
Final fantasy tactics: THE WAR OF THE LIONS - free download only on our site!
Votes: 56
Final Fantasy Tactics is a story completely different from other games of Final Fantasy series. The game has a complicated adult plot where mystics and politics, friendship and betrayal, conspiracies and revelations are intertwined. Moreover, this is a rather complicated turn-based strategy with dozens of character classes and four hundred abilities and spells. The main characters of Final Fantasy Tactics entirely come from the aristocracy: dukes, admirals, regents, the famous military, pompous priests and even a princess. Final Fantasy Tactics is a tactic role-playing game, which consists of two parts: turn-based battles on three-dimensional arenas and development of your gang. Between the battles you can travel on a 2D global map, go shopping and make the side quests, which become rather numerous to the end of the game. Make quests and get rewards in the form of new characters and unique equipment for them.
Views: 264 665
Popularity: 7 861
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