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Votes: 444
Your task is to help a small green being of an unknown origin Om Nom to reach the desired sugar candy. Thus Om Nom is always in a certain place on the screen and can't move himself, and you shouldn't throw sweet directly into his mouth. At the simplest levels you only should cut ropes where sugar candy hangs, but in the process of passing there are additional ropes, soap bubbles in which sugar candy can rise up, airbags and obstacles in the form of thorns. It is necessary to collect three stars and the necessary sum opens access to new "boxes" of adventures for Om Nom on each level. Game is extremely fascinating: you enjoy its colorful realization and be sure that «Cut the rope!» is deservedly one of the most original and cheerful. In the new version a toy Apptivity support is added.
Views: 333 356
Popularity: 81 483
Download game Where's my water? right now!
Votes: 340
Get acquainted with a small crocodile of Swampy, who lives under the city in the sewerage, but likes to wash very much. Wash a crocodile! Carry pure water to his bath, directing it in the necessary direction. If the water flows out of screen borders — it is necessary to begin the level from the beginning. Be afraid of wastes and bacteria, contacting with them, usual water instantly becomes poisonous, that’s why it will be necessary to take away wastes from a pipe as far as possible. There’re 140 levels, and 7 game sections in which it is necessary to make the water flow, overcoming obstacles. In the new version celebrate with Swampy and his friend! Happy birthday, Swampy! Look for a special gift in the main menu and help Swampy to blow a candle on his birthday pie! There’re more and more lost levels – now than 10 levels free of charge! And, if you buy Mystery Duck mode, get 40 more levels.
Views: 169 917
Popularity: 37 130
Get game Cut the Rope: Experiments just in few clicks!
Arcade   Logic  
Votes: 50
Cut the Rope: Experiments - continuation of the story of little green monster Om Nom. He appears under the patronage of a certain Professor — a scientist, who decided to study the toothy glutton. Researches take place on three level packs. The first level pack is the same as the original. The second level pack adds guns — devices which on pressing shoot at sugar candy with a rope. On these 25 levels you need chose the moment to shoot as the length of the rope depends on distance to sugar candy. The third part adds flypapers. These are such fastenings for ropes which can be unstuck and stuck back. Flypapers, as well as sugar candy, submit to standard laws of physics.
Views: 88 586
Popularity: 34 741
Download Where's My Perry? or any other game without registration!
Arcade   Logic  
Votes: 227
Where's My Perry? — a fascinating puzzle from the founders of crocodile Swompy with a physical bias. To solve problems, you need to use water in every possible condition —liquid, ice and steam. Intuitive management, bright graphics, a plot in the spirit of the espionage thriller and the most important — lasers! Lay the way to water and steam through thick dirt, stones and ice, passing various levels of the game! Collect three gnomes and become the superspy at each level! In the new version Agent R returned in the action with 20 exclusive free levels! Only with your help Agent R can reach the headquarters! New achievement and 2 bonus levels to put forward your powers of solving a riddle to a limit. Enjoy voices of Major Monogram and Dr. Daf!
Views: 170 335
Popularity: 28 318
Angry Birds Seasons: Water adventures - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Arcade   Logic  
Votes: 194
Angry Birds Seasons rises at the new level! From the Halloween about the Chinese New year, birds celebrate various festive seasons worldwide! With more than 290 levels and regular free updatings, these special episodes offer more stimulating levels of piggy action and searches of gold eggs. Try to throw birds under water and you will see what it will turn out! Do you think that you will be able to win Piggy King in his kingdom of tropical lagoon? Pass through 30 new levels in the fantastic kingdom of Piglantis! You will try water physics! Investigate underwater ruins of Piglantis!
Views: 129 533
Popularity: 28 202
Enjoy Card wars: Adventure time without any payments!
Logic   Board  
Votes: 400
Join Jake and Finn in a gambling Card wars: Adventure time and see how they fly into a rage when lose.
Views: 599 685
Popularity: 19 964
Get Jenga and other ipa games totally free.
Logic   Board  
Votes: 47
There is a tower in front of you, consisting of 54 blocks and 18 floor high. Taking out blocks one by one from the tower, you will need to place them up making the tower higher and higher, but you shouldn’t forget to watch the stability of the tower. There is a realistic three-dimensional graphics in the game.
Views: 54 239
Popularity: 17 279
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
Arcade   Logic  
Votes: 99
Om Nom comes back with new adventures! Cut the Rope 2 - now Om Nom became more mobile, and the game - more dynamic. Sweets - the main goal, Om Nom goes to the park, the wood, the underground world and even on a dump to get them.

  • 5 new characters
  • Tremendous graphics
  • 120 new levels
  • Mass of new locations
  • Adjustment of Om Nom
Views: 107 869
Popularity: 16 357
Play Cut the Rope Holiday Gift game now!
Arcade   Logic  
Votes: 99
To this winter holiday you were brought a new gift in which a being was hidden and it has only one requirement - to eat as much sugar candies as possible!!! Help this delightful monster to satisfy in this fascinating puzzle. Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift unites outstanding physics, awfully cunning levels, and bright colorful visualization. You will have not only to feed a being, but also to collect three gold stars in each stage. Some are simple, some are roundabout difficult; you will have to use your brains to receive them and have to be fast!
Views: 65 006
Popularity: 16 005
Monument valley - free download only on our site!
Arcade   Logic  
Votes: 305
Lead the princess on the structures consisting of architectural elements. Shift elements, opening hidden ways, reach an exit and avoid people - ravens in the puzzle Monument valley.

  • Fascinating gameplay
  • 10 levels
  • Excellent graphics
Views: 229 154
Popularity: 15 039
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