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Votes: 7
Pilot Brothers 2. Experimenter Sumo kidnapped a cat named Myshiak. Follow in the tracks of Myshiak together with Pilot Brothers. Make an identikit picture of the thief, run away from an inspector at the railway station, ford the river without bridge and chase after Sumo. Entangle many puzzles on you way for the cat rescue. Stop the culinary experiments over the cats!

Game features:
  • Play in different complicated settings
  • Complete lots of witty mini-games
  • Intricate plot and characters
  • Game Center support
Views: 16 114
Popularity: 1 977
Download game Escape from LaVille right now!
Votes: 10
Escape from LaVille. Play as Forest Campbell, a detective, who tries to find out what has happened in the cursed district and what kind of virus has spread over the inhabitants. It turns bodies of the dead people back to life. An old deserted house you will get in as probably the clue.

Game features:
  • mysterious atmosphere
  • brain-twisters
  • the toughest puzzles
Views: 28 634
Popularity: 2 337
Get game Million Dollar Quest: hidden object adventure just in few clicks!
Votes: 5
Million Dollar Quest: hidden object adventure. Play as Sandra, the main heroine. They suggested her to take part in a strange game with a promised prize of one million dollars. Sandra constantly bumps into strange things from her past while playing the game. Find out the reason of it.

Game features:
  • intriguing detective plot
  • absorbing gameplay: quests + puzzles + hidden objects
  • lots of classic mini-games and puzzles from all around the world!
  • colourful locations from different parts of the planet
  • professional voicing of characters
  • atmospheric soundtrack
  • GameCenter support
Views: 12 309
Popularity: 930
Download Dream Chronicles or any other game without registration!
Votes: 36
Dream Chronicles is a story, in which the main heroine wakes up in the world of her dreams after being bewitched by a sorceress Lilith. Help her find her beloved one, free him from captivity and get out from the mysterious fantasy-world.

Game features:
  • enchanted locations
  • difficult puzzles
Views: 27 529
Popularity: 1 953
Arizona Rose and the Pirates’ Riddles - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Votes: 3
Arizona is fond of collecting antiques. One day she found a map with a plan of lost Blackbeard treasures on it. But it is not that easy to locate them, as they are locked by a special code. Help Arizona crack it. Find riches by collecting items and hidden objects on your way in epic quest Arizona Rose and the Pirates’ Riddles.

Game features:
  • more than 200 levels
  • absorbing mini-games
Views: 12 654
Popularity: 1 070
Enjoy Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery: Episode 1 without any payments!
Votes: 5
Jacob and his large hairy friend Bigfoot get to a camp, where strange things happen and children disappear. Search the forest, solve problems and get closer to the solution.

Game features:
  • Logic and mathematical problems
  • Tasks for outsight
  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Funny characters
Views: 21 378
Popularity: 1 164
Get Gemini Rue and other ipa games totally free.
RPG   Adventure  
Votes: 10
Gemini Rue is an adventure quest. The main hero is a former criminal and is now a law-abiding citizen; he has to go to Barracus planet to make a secret investigation and find his brother. But everything is not that easy, the local barracudians will draw you into serious troubles.

Game features:
  • Perfect audio and visual style
  • Stylish dark retro-graphics
  • Multi-aspect playing universe
  • Good scenario
  • Interesting puzzles
Views: 15 771
Popularity: 952
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
Votes: 29
You are to get to a toy factory, the owner of which has mysteriously died and her entire fortune was inherited by her brother Hans, who had disappeared when being a boy. And here begins the search for hidden heir. Begin your adventure in mechanic world of Syberia - Part 1 and test your detective skills!
Views: 50 172
Popularity: 2 736
Play City Of Secrets 2 Episode 1 game now!
Votes: 5
City of Secrets 2: Episode 1 is a sequel of the original game, highly estimated in the world of gamers and reviewers. This is the game that has successfully refreshed the classic adventure genre. Usually, the dangerous and risky adventure hides behind a completely innocent beginning. The beginning that doesn’t mention anything about a gigantic warm, dangerous recipes, ordinary people fighting against a repressive regime, revolting workers and trade unions. Nor does it mention a strange salesman who desists from the career of a dark god to start his own business. The innocent beginning tells nothing that could be linked to words like danger, trouble or threat. Moles the Mole is not so clever and nice hero, but nonetheless, he will have the doubtful opportunity to discover what fate has in store for him. One night Moles has been brutally awakened by scary noises. Because of the stress he began feeling hungry. Unfortunately, the problem with adventure games is that nothing is easy in them. The fridge is empty, the designer didn't draw a larder and the author already has an idea how to complicate the hero's life.
Views: 15 056
Popularity: 1 283
Epic Adventures: La Jangada - free download only on our site!
Votes: 7
Embark on an unforgettable journey in the legendary adventure based on the novel of Jules Verne! Mihna agreed to marry Dr. Manuel Valdes and they decided hold the wedding in Brazil. But shadowy past of her father endangers her happy marriage. Many years ago he was accused of a murder and now he is blackmailed to force him make Mihna marry a different man. Explore 43 absorbing locations in search for answers and hints, solve a great number of funny puzzles, resist dangers of Amazon jungle, help Mihna find evidences and save her father in Epic Adventures: La Jangada game.

Game features:
  • 43 magnificent locations in 8 absorbing chapters
  • 12 amazing mini-games
  • 2 game modes
  • Intriguing plot
  • Game Center support
  • Support for iPhone 4 Retina display
Views: 38 097
Popularity: 2 046
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