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Votes: 9
Corto Maltese: Secrets of Venice - the events of the game take place in Venice with the participation of one of the comics characters Corto Maltese. Fascinating quests, and danger to be poisoned or killed are waiting for you. Be ready to meet the unknown!

Game features:

  • Original plot with the participation of existing comics characters
  • Wonderful landscapes of Venice
  • Compass and newspaper full of hints will help you in your journey
  • 2 difficulty levels
Views: 33 639
Popularity: 1 472
Download game Polarity right now!
Votes: 11
Polarity - you are a hacker and you are going to crack the bank security system. Enter inside the system, solve difficult tasks to steal parts of valuable information of the bank clients.

Game features:

  • Good graphics and soundtrack
  • Intriguing plot
  • Difficult tasks and obstacles
  • First person view
Views: 14 767
Popularity: 2 861
Get game Alabama Smith in escape from Pompeii just in few clicks!
Votes: 10
Alabama Smith in escape from Pompeii - archaeology student Alabama visited Pompeii to find an artifact which trasfers in time. The artifact can reveal the secrets in the name of meeting of the past and the future!

Game features:

  • 17 chapters
  • 20 mini games
  • Random and experienced game modes
  • Many hidden puzzles

Views: 14 461
Popularity: 1 475
Download Alicia Darkstone: The mysterious abduction. Deluxe or any other game without registration!
Votes: 7
Alicia Darkstone: The mysterious abduction. Deluxe - help Alicia to reveal the secret of disappearance of her friend. What happened actually? Where was he was gone? Why his room is devastated?

Game features:

  • Beautiful graphics and music
  • Hundreds of objects for search
  • 12 various locations, such as laboratory of the alchemist, the wood or catacombs
  • Intriguing plot

Views: 17 058
Popularity: 2 070
Riddenhurst - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Votes: 5
In the game Riddenhurst you will go on rescue of your homeland of your uncle - Riddenhurst. Reveal mystical secrets, exempt lands from fetters of tyranny and return Riddenhurst to former glory.

Game features:
  • Set of unique buildings
  • Ton of the hidden helps
  • More than 100 locations
Views: 13 588
Popularity: 1 456
Enjoy Secret files Tunguska without any payments!
Votes: 6
Secret files Tunguska - an adventure of a girl Nina who will investigate mysterious disappearance of her father -scientist.

Game features:
  • More than 12 hours in intense searches of a solution
  • Set of riddles and puzzles
  • More than 100 corners of the world which it is necessary to visit
  • High-quality graphics
Views: 1 347 309
Popularity: 1 037
Get Cooking quest and other ipa games totally free.
Votes: 6
Cooking quest - an excellent fascinating quest where you should guide cleaning in kitchen and collect all necessary components to win annual competitions of cooks.
Views: 12 808
Popularity: 1 584
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Votes: 10
Titanic: Hidden expedition - go to a secret expedition to the place of crash of Titanic and collect the sunk exhibits.

Game features:
  • Hundred objects for search
  • 17 unique locations
  • Study facts and figures about a majestic vessel
Views: 14 780
Popularity: 2 029
Play Enigmatis: The ghosts of Maple Creek game now!
Votes: 9
Having woken in an unknown place, you should connect scraps of memory and find out how you appeared in the gloomy city of Maple Creek with ancient evil in the game Enigmatis: The ghosts of Maple Creek.
Views: 69 128
Popularity: 1 931
Atlantis 3: The new world - free download only on our site!
Votes: 3
Atlantis 3: The new world - being engaged in searches of ancient Egyptian construction the main character finds the cars which have appeared from the other world. She decides to activate them to continue searches.

  • Fascinating adventures
  • Good graphics
  • Tightening gameplay
Views: 629 788
Popularity: 1 212
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