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Votes: 34
Burger queen - try a role of a seller in a snackbar. At the beginning the game can seem easy, but with each level there will be new points in the menu, and a flow of visitors will increase. Will you manage?

Game features:
  • 73 levels, 7 modes
  • Statistics and achievements
  • Variety of ingredients
  • Unique clients
  • Storage for additional dishes
Views: 22 790
Popularity: 2 247
Download game Transport Tycoon right now!
Votes: 30
Transport Tycoon is a building simulator, that offers you to organize your transport company, show your mastery and engineering skills. Manage the transportation of goods and passengers, as well as financial flows. Improve the network of buses and trams, railways, transforming abandoned cities into modern megalopolises. Construct bridges and change the scenery. Bring to life the great engineering project, plan, build and compete in Transport Tycoon!

Game features:
  • Over 150 vehicle types
  • 49 scenarios designed to suit all skill levels
  • Carefully detailed locations (deserts, forests, mountains, valleys, islands)
  • Big and informative maps
  • A variety of land, sea and air transport
  • Comprehensible control
  • Change of seasons
Views: 34 700
Popularity: 3 077
Get game Jack of All Tribes just in few clicks!
Votes: 22
Jack of All Tribes - fun time management game with puzzle elements. Become the governor of a primitive tribe together with Jack! Construct houses for the tribespeople and prospering villages, protect from natural disasters and attacks of neighbors barbarians. Find objects from the future and return Jack to his time. Help friendly tribespeople to achieve prosperity!

  • 40 fascinating levels
  • 12 types of constructions
  • 18 artifacts from the future and 12 trophies
  • Bewitching story line
  • Original gameplay
  • Game Center Support
  • iPhone 4 Support
  • Multitasking support with iOS 4.0+
Views: 53 173
Popularity: 3 289
Download Virtual city or any other game without registration!
Votes: 52
Have you ever dreamed to construct the city of your dream and to become the mayor? Now you had such opportunity with game Virtual City. What your city will be depends only on you. Comfortable dormitory area or industrial center. Your purpose – is to reach balance in your city. Be engaged in production of goods with their trade in future. Construct factories, houses, vacation spots, beaches and many other things. City prosperity is in your hands!
Views: 52 975
Popularity: 5 032
Fisher’s Family Farm - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Votes: 18
In this fascinating time – management game you should keep Fisher’s Family Farm afloat! Help Marissa Fisher feed her fishy friends as they produce delicious goods that you can sell. Collect fantastic upgrades to protect your ponds from pesky predators and meet your goals to advance to the next farm. Keep the Fisher’s Family Farm alive and become a hero to Marissa’s mom and dad! Visit and manage gorgeous farms in great locations. Feed and care for the fish and choose your favorite way to protect them from the pelicans.
Views: 28 899
Popularity: 2 642
Enjoy Cake mania 3 without any payments!
Votes: 138
Travel in time and prepare pies for the most various sweet teeth: magicians, cave people, mummies and even dinosaurs in the game Cake mania 3.
Views: 38 658
Popularity: 2 406
Get Stand O'Food 3 and other ipa games totally free.
Votes: 18
Operate a chain of restaurants! Equip restaurant on your taste! Open restaurants around the city and offer your visitors fast, tasty and useful dishes: fresh burgers, pies, lasagna, French fries, coffee, ice cream and soda. Watch the developments, stated in colorful comics. You will be able to get more than 33 upgrades to make visitors happy, and the chain of your restaurants became prospering. You should seize new game mechanisms, using 31 types of ingredients, 18 types of sauces and 90 recipes of appetizing dishes for your visitors in 25 cafes around the city. Gradually increase the range of given dishes! Don't forget to provide to the visitors comfortable rest after an unlucky working day. Glance in a little shop of improvements and don't regret money neither for a jukebox, nor for fans, pots with plants, after all everything will pay off when the award of the best institutions of the city will be appropriated to your small restaurants!

  • 75 levels in 5 settings, 12 special levels
  • Burgers, pies, lasagna – in the menu of your 25 restaurants around the city
  • 90 recipes and 18 special sauces
  • Game Center support
Views: 27 573
Popularity: 3 190
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
Votes: 27
Farm Frenzy 2: Pizza Party HD - a business simulator continues a world famous game line Farm Frenzy. There’re 90 perfectly balanced levels representing real puzzles. You will be engaged in production of various products: cheese, dough and cottage cheese, sheep cheese and tinned truffles. Then you study recipes of several national cuisines, learn how to cook classical pizza and its exotic options - in German and even Russian style! But don't forget to watch the farm – bears aim to break constructions and to scare away animals! Catch these clumsy hooligans, and then send to the city market. The money received from this transaction, you will be able to spend for improvements and new culinary technologies. What can be tastier than pizza? Only pizza made by your hands! Build your own pizzerias chain and become the skilled chef in Farm Frenzy 2. We bake pizza!
Views: 37 754
Popularity: 5 124
Play Garage inc game now!
Votes: 23
Do you want to act in a role of the owner of auto repair shop of the 1920es years? The most suitable worker for a certain work. Besides this, you will perform body works, repair the engine and the electrician. Organize work effectively and favorably within strictly limited time!
Views: 25 446
Popularity: 2 578
Paradise Island - free download only on our site!
Votes: 17
Paradise Island is a colourful economic simulator in which you will be an owner of a touristic business on a picturesque tropic island on Caribbean Sea. You are not burdened with everyday problems and can devote yourself to development of the island in accordance with your taste, mood and wish. Invite tourists to the beaches, build hotels and shops, restaurants and shopping areas, attractions and casinos. Hire staff, earn money and make progress!
Views: 29 160
Popularity: 3 578
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