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Votes: 18
Double Dragon Trilogy - a collection of three fightings in slot machine style of the 80es. Use your favourite methods of martial arts and a large supply of street weapon.

  • 2 game modes: Arcade and Plot, joint mode for 2 players
  • 3 levels of difficulty
Views: 21 242
Popularity: 2 239
Download game Streets of Rage 3 right now!
Votes: 61
Streets of Rage 3 - fight against cyborgs, by means of which the villain X tries to conquer the world.
Views: 26 331
Popularity: 2 526
Get game Defenders & Dragons just in few clicks!
Votes: 3
Defenders & Dragons - battles of knights against dark army.

  • Cheerful gameplay
  • Choice of a hero: knight, ranger, gnome, magician and others
  • Ton of achievements and challenges
Views: 15 793
Popularity: 770
Download The King of Fighters 97 or any other game without registration!
Votes: 349
The King of Fighters 97 - the next part of a legendary fighting, where it is necessary to understand who is the real King of fighting!

  • 35 characters
  • 2 game modes
Views: 75 159
Popularity: 6 572
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Fighting   RPG  
Votes: 22
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf - a mix of a fantasy book written by Joe Dever and dynamic RPG, the main character in which will conduct battles to the death with a great number of dangerous enemies.

  • Unusual plot, a set of strategy of conducting fight
  • Tremendous graphics and realistic fighting system
  • Creation of your own character with special opportunities

Views: 291 769
Popularity: 3 684
Enjoy Thor: The Dark World - The Official Game without any payments!
Votes: 139
Thor: The Dark World - The Official Game is an adventure action based on film. Thor is the only person who can stop the enslavement of the universe by lord of the Dark Elves. Go into battle, joining the efforts with the warriors of Asgard, ruin plans of Malekith and restore peace in the Nine Worlds!

Game features:
  • 90 fast-paced missions
  • 10 powerful hammers and armor of Thor
  • Coloured 3D worlds
  • Upgrade of skills
  • Rating
Views: 518 679
Popularity: 3 276
Get Exodus: Neclace of Heavens and other ipa games totally free.
Fighting   RPG  
Votes: 4
Exodus: Neclace of Heavens . The Riviere of Worlds used to exist in harmony during a long time, but one day it was attacked by a merciless Transformation Army. It infected the world with terrible diseases that made the citizens go crazy. To stop the infection of Transformation one has to tear a Riviere of Worlds and seal the portal forever. You are the great warrior, who has a power to realize the plan.

Game features:
  • Dynamic locations
  • Fierce clashes
  • Monster-bosses
Views: 54 776
Popularity: 956
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Votes: 97
Real Steel World Robot Boxing are the dynamic action fights based on Real Steel movie, but in times more powerful than the previous games, with more intense gameplay and new graphics. Check your reflexes on a furious arena, control robots that have a height about 3 meters and weight over a ton and find out who is going to be a champion of Roboboxing League!

Game features:
  • 24 machines, including Zeus, Atom and Twin Cities
  • 4 different modes: Championship, Time Attack, Daily Exhibition and Free Sparring
  • Fights with friends via local multiplayer
  • Upgrade of robots
Views: 148 778
Popularity: 4 636
Play Street Karate Fighter 2 Online game now!
Votes: 3
Street Karate Fighter 2 Online is an attractive multiplayer fighting game, in which you have a possibility to fight with powerful fighters from all over the world. Earn points and rise in leaderboards.

Game features:
  • Multiplayer and arcade modes
  • 3 special modes of movements of each character, including fire balls
  • 12 different characters
  • Different levels of difficulty
Views: 12 880
Popularity: 708
Batman: Arkham Origins - free download only on our site!
Votes: 106
Batman: Arkham Origins. Batman goes to fight with the death-defying killers. Accompany him on his way about he most dangerous places of Gotham City and fight against crime. Prove that you are worth of the Dark Knight title!

Game features:
  • A great choice of suits
  • Bonuses and rewards
  • Facebook integration
  • Upgrade of Batman abilities
Views: 495 389
Popularity: 7 127
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