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Zombie Banksters !!!
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 Zombie Banksters !!!
Zombie Banksters !!!
Zombie Banksters !!!

Game description

Zombie Banksters don't want your brains they want your bank account! Fight your way through an army of Zombie Banksters. A casual fun game with indie music, zombies and generous use of 3D graphics and video. Your goal is to not only to survive but to hang onto your money and your sanity while fighting the Zombie Banksters! Beware the greedy Vampire Squid, Hedge Fund Hyenas and other nasties the Zombie Banksters will use in their relentless quest for power and your money. You start off as a thrifty barista at the local coffee bar (Ginormous Coffee) carefully saving your money for a rainy day. A strange virus from an unknown source has mutated the too big to fail Bankers, disreputable Mortgage Brokers and Wall Street fraudsters into creatures of the night! Beware the Zombie Banksters! Game with full support of high resolution, Game Center и OpenFeint. Zombie Banksters
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