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Mission Europa Collector’s
Mission Europa Collector’s

Game description

You are on your way to your latest search and rescue assignment, the mining outpost on the ice moon Europa. The command center lost contact with the mining facility a few weeks ago. Your crew was sent to investigate and provide necessary technical help. Probably nothing but a bad communication module or power grid said the report. But soon you find out that things are not what they seem to be. Soon you will have to fight for survival and sanity. Soon you will face death. But will you find the answers? Mission Europa is a amazing mix of first person shooter and a role playing game. Fight against more than 60 enemies on the screen at once. Adjust your control facilities, arranging them to your own style. Create own products and equipment. Choose your own way of development with experience points. Create the unique hero with 16 separate slots of equipment for armor and weapon. Study a set of new fighting skills from poison, to explosive. Win against disgusting beings!

  • Over 50 hours of gameplay
  • 5 episodes with over 170 missions to complete. All episodes are included in the Collector's Edition.
  • Over 50 levels to explore
  • Over 180 enemies and monsters
  • Over 50 enemy boss
  • Over 30 original armor sets
  • MultiPlayer Battle Arena (LOCAL,INTERNET,WI-FI,3G). Challenge other players
  • In-game mail and item sharing system
  • Over 300 animated and voiced cut-scenes to deliver the storyline
  • Vast number of different weapons including pistols, rifles, swords, axes, shields, phasers, cannons,crossbows, explosive bolts, etc
  • Vast number of skills and spells
  • Online enemy database http://www.missioneuropagame.com/beast.php
  • Online armor database http://www.missioneuropagame.com/armorData.php
  • Online armory databas http://missioneuropagame.com/itemsData.php
  • Custom online achievement system. Includes character photos, gear and achievement information. View it here: http://missioneuropagame.com/.
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