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Alive 4-ever is one of the bloodiest games. An unknown deadly virus has infected the small town, turning most of the civilian population into zombies. Your task is to survive, save those who survived and get the medicines for virus cure. Blood will always be around you, and it will be a lot of blood. Shoot all the beasts and knock their brains out; they will fall into red puddles and onto the piles of meat. Stench of rotten corpses is everywhere, and walls and ceiling are completely smeared with zombie guts. Graphics and effects are done very nicely, and the quality sounds and music add a tension to the atmosphere. You can choose from 4 characters, which possess the start weapons and special skills. With your progress through the levels you will get experience points and money. You can unlock new weapons for the money and upgrade new abilities for experience points. The game has 16 kinds of weapons altogether, including the well-liked AK-47 and M16.
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