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Eternal legacy

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Game description:
In the game Eternal legacy the main character Astrian will carry out mission on rescue of the world from death and will try to resume communication between mankind and nature.

Game features:
  • Fantasy and fantastic combination
  • Battles by means of swords and firearms
  • Up to 3 characters in fight at the same time
  • Additional quests and puzzles
  • Control of the hero

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Zombie: Parkour runner

Download game Zombie: Parkour runner right now!

Game description:
Zombie: Parkour runner - play for the girl who should break through 24 levels filled with zombies. Run on streets, jump on roofs, using skills of parkour and get away from indulge.

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Cut the zombies

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Game description:
In the game Cut the zombies you will cut zombies who aren't so easy to destroy, each of them can sustain some damages before death.

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Zombie city

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Game description:
Zombie city - a game where you will beat off from continuous approach of dead persons and try to survive.

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High voltage

High voltage - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Don’t let the main character become eaten by zombies. The player has to operate a girl, exhausting zombies in traps energized to destroy them in the game High voltage.

Views: 5761 | Popularity: 150 Download
Doodle farm

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Game description:
Create new animals for your farm. Check what will turn out if to cross a herring to a cat and other animals in an amusing game Doodle farm.

Game features:
  • More than 135 animals
  • Set of cheerful quotes, sayings and jokes
  • Additional expert mode
  • Fascinating gameplay

Views: 3978 | Popularity: 388 Download
Wanted zombies

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Game description:
Find and destroy zombie who are put on the wanted list in the game Wanted zombies.

Views: 1936 | Popularity: 148 Download
American McGee's: Crooked house

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Game description:
Help a mouse to reach the hole, overcoming deadly obstacles in the curve old house in a logical game American McGee's: Crooked house.

Game features:
  • 2 types of control system
  • 3 areas of the house
  • 44 types of terrible objects
  • 72 individual puzzles

Views: 8045 | Popularity: 417 Download
Rotten city

Play Rotten city game now!

Game description:
Rotten city - an infected city was blocked. To reach the island without zombie it is necessary to pay bloody currency, to get which it is possible only having killed zombie. Will you manage to do it?

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Toy bot diaries 3

Toy bot diaries 3 - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Toy bot diaries 3 - continuation of adventures of a toy robot in open spaces. Its task - to collect bonuses, weapon, to restore the memory and to rescue the earth from the enemy robot.

Views: 2648 | Popularity: 215 Download