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Game description:
In the game Riddenhurst you will go on rescue of your homeland of your uncle - Riddenhurst. Reveal mystical secrets, exempt lands from fetters of tyranny and return Riddenhurst to former glory.

Game features:
  • Set of unique buildings
  • Ton of the hidden helps
  • More than 100 locations

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Fish soccer: Shootout

Download game Fish soccer: Shootout right now!

Game description:
Begin soccer competitions in the underwater world. Battle to a turtle or a crab which armors aren’t simple to hack with a usual ball, and lead your hero to the victory in a fascinating game Fish soccer.

Game features:
  • Strengthening for your hero
  • Amusing enemies
  • Fascinating gameplay

Views: 2740 | Popularity: 241 Download
Cooking quest

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Game description:
Cooking quest - an excellent fascinating quest where you should guide cleaning in kitchen and collect all necessary components to win annual competitions of cooks.

Views: 3320 | Popularity: 272 Download
Bug heroes: Quest

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Game description:
Bug heroes: Quest - war of bugs for food begins! Play as a spider murderer, an ant shooter or an armor bug. Explore locations, perform tasks, get food and protect it from enemies.

Game features:
  • Huge world for research
  • More than 60 stages
  • Unique characters

Views: 11495 | Popularity: 411 Download

Platypus - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Platypus a shooter game in a colourful plasticine world which needs to be protected from invasion of alien ships.

Game features:
  • Unusual graphics
  • 20 fascinating levels
  • 4 huge worlds
  • 5 types of weapon

Views: 3150 | Popularity: 305 Download
Zombie life

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Game description:
Try a role of a zombie, get a job, earn money, make friends similar to you in a simulator of life of a zombie Zombie life.

Views: 4935 | Popularity: 399 Download
Panda mania

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Game description:
Panda archer volunteered to punish all villains on a planet once and for ever, using excellent skills of firing in the game Panda mania.

Views: 2518 | Popularity: 237 Download
Ada's fashion show

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Game description:
In the game Ada's fashion show you will help a young girl Ada organize fashion show.

Views: 2765 | Popularity: 218 Download
Titanic: Hidden expedition

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Game description:
Titanic: Hidden expedition - go to a secret expedition to the place of crash of Titanic and collect the sunk exhibits.

Game features:
  • Hundred objects for search
  • 17 unique locations
  • Study facts and figures about a majestic vessel

Views: 5585 | Popularity: 329 Download
Pizza fighter

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Game description:
Pizza fighter - the next clone of Fruit ninja. Cut pizza on the biggest number of pieces for allowed time. Don't pass a slice!

Views: 3655 | Popularity: 505 Download