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Game description:
Play as a Hercules and participate in bloody battles of Ancient Greece in an official game based on the movie Hercules. Overcome all enemies, annoy the goddess Hera and make 12 feats.

Game features:
  • Special combinations of attacks
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Excellent graphics, good sound

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Angry bubble

Download game Angry bubble right now!

Game description:
Angry bubble - connect 3 and more bubbles of an identical color to destroy them. Don’t let them reach the bottom of the screen or the game will end.

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Zombie: Escape

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Game description:
In Zombie: Escape you need to rescue the survived people from dead people walking around the city. Put people on helicopters, collect parcels with bombs, meat baits for zombies and other useful objects.

Views: 3214 | Popularity: 302 Download
Wrestle jump

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Game description:
Wrestle Jump - amusing battles of two fighters whose hands are connected and they can fight only by pushing with feet. To win it is necessary to hit the rival by something with the head.

Views: 4725 | Popularity: 606 Download
Bounce on

Bounce on - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Bounce on - a game in Super Mario style where you should carry out a jumping ball through 75 dangerous levels to overcome obstacles and to bypass ill-wishers.

Views: 2323 | Popularity: 173 Download
Hello zombies

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Game description:
Play for an amusing character who should exterminate zombies in the game Hello zombies. At the beginning a mop and a gun will be available, in the process of the game passing you receive also other serious arms.

Views: 4202 | Popularity: 243 Download
Milo & me

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Game description:
Help Milo find his doggie Cody in an adventure puzzle Milo & me. Lead Milo through the mysterious worlds, overcome monsters and rescue his best friend.

Views: 1268 | Popularity: 30 Download
Cake mania 3

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Game description:
Travel in time and prepare pies for the most various sweet teeth: magicians, cave people, mummies and even dinosaurs in the game Cake mania 3.

Views: 2823 | Popularity: 206 Download
No zombies allowed

Play No zombies allowed game now!

Game description:
Protect border between zombie world where there was an apocalypse, and the safe territory for the last survived. Destroy zombies and expand shelters for people in the game No zombies allowed.

Views: 4512 | Popularity: 154 Download
Flying chicken

Flying chicken - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Help a chicken that dreams to fly reach heavens. Learn how high the chicken will fly up in the game Flying chicken?

Views: 2225 | Popularity: 230 Download