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A Ninja Dude: Ninja School

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Game description:
A Ninja Dude: Ninja School - ninja art training school. Subjects will be taught by the best professor on art of ancient single combats, who will teach you how to use with a sword, will tell about magic of the word. And if your plans include studying of martial arts and achievement of good results, this school is for you. At the first stage the pupil has to be trained in possession to four types of weapon and pass the whole series of tests.

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Rope'n'Fly - From Dusk Till Dawn

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Game description:
Use your ropes to swing a destructible ragdoll from one skyscraper to the others. You have full control over your ropes, touch on a building to throw your rope there, touch again to release it and fly through the sky. Perform various kind of jumps to get achievements, attach to flying planes.

  • Tight and fast paced gameplay
  • Amazing looking graphics
  • Realistic physic engine for the player, ropes and objects
  • Play in different daytime, from Dusk through Night till Dawn
  • Customize your player, choose from characters and ropes
  • Various objects to rope
  • Endless playing
  • Various game modes including free mode
  • A lot of achievements to unlock
  • Online and Offline leaderboard
  • Directly compare yourself against all other players or your friends
  • Supports Openfeint and GameCenter

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Hotel Dash

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Game description:
Hotel Dash - a fascinating combination of time-management and strategy specially for your iDevice. Get ready for hotel hilarity as you renovate and run hotels all over DinerTown. Within minutes you will direct a flow of guests with pressing and moving your fingers. Will you be able to reach the five-stars status at each level to restore all vip room?

  • 50 quickly changing levels on overcoming during hours of game
  • 5 hotels for repair and restoration © fewdje
  • Choose improvements from 90 upgrades for decoration of your hotels, turning dullness into luxury
  • Take in the most exacting guests, including business women, celebrities, ghosts, etc.

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Zombie Shock

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Game description:
Zombie Shock – an action-adventure game set in New York City in turmoil. A wide variety of zombie characters, numerous weapons, and the endless zombie-chases invite you to the world of great suspense. There are large-scale battles between the dreadful zombies and the main character. Feel the thrill of attacking zombies.

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Ninja Chicken

Ninja Chicken - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Ninja Chicken will demand all your skills and reaction not to lag behind the relentless speed of the Chicken Clan of Ninja. In Ninja Chicken young chicken soldiers wait for new missions from their Owner but before they will be able to go, they have to be placed on appropriate flowers of the Clan. Will you be able to help them? Rule 1: Move Ninja Chickens to their zones based on compliance to flowers. Rule 2: Move and place Enemy Pigs out of color zones. Rule 3: Don't touch Chicken Robots, they are spies! And the more Ninja Chickens whom you place in appropriate color zones consistently, the more points and companies you will get.

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Brave Hedgehogs

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Game description:
Brave Hedgehogs - a cheerful board game. Brave hedgehogs are getting ready for a dangerous journey. They need to cross a bewitched pond, where the ghosts are, the hummocks sink and terrible dangers! Help the hedgehogs to overcome the danger and get to the fruits. That hedgehog who will be able to gather all fruit the first will win. Each player spins the wheel and moves the hedgehog on to the island according to the spin. If island sinks, the hedgehog swims to the shore. Ghosts scare the hedgehogs and force them to miss a turn. Sometimes, on hummocks there are magic points or turbo engine – all this is necessary to reach the purpose faster! Good luck!

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Monster Zombie 2: Undead Hunter

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Game description:
Monster Zombie 2: Undead Hunter a rigid survival game, episode 2 of Monster Zombie Game Series. Become the best undead hunter!

  • 5 areas stages:1.forest, 2.downtown, 3.uptown, 4.graveyard, base
  • 24 normal levels + 1 boss level each stage
  • 25 normal types of units and 26 sub boss and 5 boss
  • 24 normal types of weapon and 10 special weapon and 3 types of accessories
  • Enjoy the endless mode and integrated game center
  • Make the best character, through optimal distribution of status
  • Added New Santa Armor Set

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Ninja Junk Punch

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Game description:
In players take on the role of Trent, the lumberjack whose world is turned upside down when he realizes his wife has left him for a Ninja. Blinded with rage, Trent vows revenge on all ninjas in the world, encountering new enemies, and uncovering a dire plot for world domination in Ninja Corp. Seeking training from the old masters in Japan, Trent becomes more powerful than he ever could have imagined. Trent will use the power of the old world to smash ninjas!

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Apocalypse Zombie Fish

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Game description:
Dr. Edmond Ville's latest experiment has gone horribly wrong. Mindless hordes of Zombie fish now threaten to take over, and he's left with nothing but his trusty pipe-bombs to clean up his mess. Having only bombs the doctor has to save the world, or at least disseminate vile creatures. Help this mad scientist cleanse the waters. The object is to try and throw Dr. E. Ville's pipe-bomb as close to a horde of zombies as possible. The closer the explosion of the pipe-bomb is to the zombie fish, the higher it will fly. The quantity of the undermined zombie fishes determinates your account in a round. In total there are 5 rounds.

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iDroidsMania - free download only on our site!

Game description:
In iDroidsMania you need to find and rescue your wife and small kids droids from spiteful BAD RAMM’a, having passed 11 levels of full of dangers and various obstacles. Test fascinating adventures of HAXX in iDroidsMania. He, traveling on levels, struggles with enemies, jumps and he is shaken on the cable, overcoming various obstacles. On the way to his family of HAXX battles with sharks, monkeys throwing bananas and other various beings. At any moment of game you will be able to scan all level about the best passing. Besides obligatory jumps and collecting keys, you will battle with the most various enemies. With a claw HAXX can exhaust energy from enemies for recharge and also laser, bombs, protection, etc will be available. New enemies appear at each level, and for each of them it is necessary to develop the right tactics.

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