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Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

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Game description:
In Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus you should play for the American marine who was captured by the Colombian mafia. You managed to run away through the jungle, killing terrorists on the way. Animation of the person and the moment of murder include slow-motion shot, create fascinating spirit of semantic immersion. 15 types of weapon of real military forces, which you can directly collect from your enemies and upgrades with several auxiliary programs. Participate in local confrontations online with 10 players. Effects of fire and flashes on your weapon bring the realism of military experience. Choose between 4 modes for several players: Battle, Team Battle, Defuse the Bomb and Capture the Flag. Progress through 72 ranks, getting awards, not blocked weapon and leaderboards.

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DrawRace 2

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Game description:
DrawRace 2 - huge single player campaign with over 180 challenges, a gymkhana skill game and tons of content to unlock. Gorgeous, highly detailed 3D tracks featuring ramps, slopes and tilts to test your driving skills. Use the Turbo Button wisely to gain the edge over your opponents. Use unique system of races on 3D highly detailed tracks.

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Reckless Getaway

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Game description:
Reckless Getaway -about escape from the police on the roads of the USA! Destroy police cars in full operation! In Reckless Getaway your reaction and tactics mean more than your skills of driving. Try to slip a train at great speed and to watch how the police breaks into pieces. You are waited by impressing visual effects!

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PipeRoll 2 Ages

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Game description:
The plumber work isn't so easy, as it seems from the first sight. After all one discrepancy can lead to the crash of the whole sewer system. PipeRoll 2 Ages will allow you to feel as the master of water and pipes to practice design of ways of water delivery and more. You are to rotate simple taps and to connect parts of pipes, to create the closed system of circulation of liquid. 300 levels, 20 levels in each of six locations, which pass through various historical frameworks. Provide Cro-Magnons with water, conjurers with magic liquid, transfer gold from mines to the railways. From level to level there’re tangled sewer branches.

  • Pressure Mode (where it is necessary to lay pipes quicker than liquid arriving into them);
  • Timer Mode (it is necessary to carry out a liquid stream for allowed time);
  • Crazy Mode (while turning one element others turn also).
  • In each mode 20 difficult levels.

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iZombie: Death March

iZombie: Death March - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
iZombie: Death March - one more zombie killing game! The character appears in the world grasped by zombie eating everything on their way. Your choice is not big – to give up or to fight to the end. Difficult level is designated as level for suicides. The number of zombies on one square centimeter of the screen depends on difficulty of the level, and also their fighting characteristics – they become quicker. However difficult level is not the most terrible thing with what you should face. In iZombie: Death March has secret level – dreadful – unlocks only after passing difficult level. iZombie: Death March consists of six episodes. The enemy horde includes both simple zombies, and quick revived dogs similar to dead Doberman terriers from "Resident evil". You will sometimes appear in total darkness, and during these moments you will need a pocket small lamp.

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Jump to Medieval -Time Geeks

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Game description:
Malicious beings Zorgs hide in the medieval village and look for the precious sphere. Keep Medievals and save the magic object with the help of Time Geeks in this interesting adventure! Use arrows to shoot in Zorgs. Bring Medievals to their houses or turn them into soldiers. Use builders for restoration the main buildings. Enjoy various scenes of action, strategy and adventures!

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Rocket Bird

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Game description:
Feel yourself as a vigorous birdie with a rocket on its back! Mad speeds, teleportation, a set of unexpected obstacles for a long time will chain you to screens of the mobile devices. But be careful, avoid cows, farms, plants and trees. Or in other case … three, two, one … and BANG!

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Bear vs Penguins

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Game description:
Malicious rush of penguins desperately accelerates them on a way to the ice house of a bear. For protection of the house, the bear should unite a large number of animals in fight against invasion of penguins. You can operate the union of a bear in five ways to protect repeated attacks of the interfering army consisting of 30 kinds of penguins. Amusing characters, impressive images, flexible strategy, mysterious and inspiring music will bring you the most improbable experience. Each penguin has his own unique and amusing way to go and attack. Attacks of protective towers will bring you big surprise. There are 20 levels. You can combine any way of fight. Each battle will give you various surprises.

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Vampire War

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Game description:
Uncountable centuries my tribes stood at the world top, were governors of life of mortal. Someone challenge us- Lupines or as people call them- werewolves, we fought against them throughout centuries and got a victory! The prince, my history is finished. Now, how will you lead us to the end of this chaos, and return former power and glory?

  • Free Multiuser ONLINE game
  • Enjoy fine graphics, and excellent animation of fights. Free updatings with new Abilities, Missions and many other things!
  • Strengthen your Clan and look for powerful Heroes with various abilities.
  • Fight against legendary heroes, and take them to your team!
  • Command fights allow you to join fights of hundreds players!
  • Carry out a large quantity of tasks!
  • Rob to get rare objects and abilities
  • Updatings in real time!
  • Excellent chat system

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Zombie Street

Zombie Street - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Zombie Street - Desperate fight against zombies. You are the only person in the city and you have only one gun! Purchase weapon and mercenaries, upgrade them and you can block endless hordes of zombies. Construct a citadel and rescue your colleagues in the city, occupied by zombies! Natural animation and a magnificent shooting action, beautiful graphics with characteristic city backgrounds, magnificent effect of firing, strong effect of blowing of zombie.

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