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Drunken Santa Klaus

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Game description:
If Santa Claus keeps up this drinking pace, there will be no presents this year. How would we explain to our little ones that Santa was too smashed to deliver? Preventing a major Christmas crisis is solely in your hands! Guide Santa on his Christmas route using your iDevice. Try keeping a straight line and keep him away from sleeping in the snow. He has no time for this! Jump over Christmas sacks and get performance points for graceful moves. Collecting wine bottles gets Santa even more drunk, candy sticks lower his alcohol level. Choose your own level of difficulty by making him drink as much as you want before he starts falling.

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Talking Santa for iPhone

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Game description:
Santa Claus arrived to the screen of your mobile iDevice, and he is ready to communicate with you. Tell something in the microphone, and Santa will repeat your festive message. You can get to the list of good or harmful people, treating Santa with milk with cookies, or slapping him and throwing snowballs in him. You can write down video or make a card and send on YouTube, Facebook or email.

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Moto Racing Fever

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Game description:
Moto Racing Fever for those who prefers freedom and the wind in a face, who doesn't accept restrictions and limits! The cities are in a haze, the cloudy sky is over mountains, a gold nimbus of the sun is over the wood — as though you are going on a real route somewhere to California. It is possible to choose career mode, gradually passing a task after a task. And it is possible to spit on convention and to pass to fast mode, choosing any race to your taste. But to unlock all routes, it is necessary to pass a career stage after all at first.

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Game description:
Do you like to break pumpkins? Popkinz – a fast arcade where you will break flying-up pumpkins to make pies. Don't miss cowardly ghosts and don't forget to spray whipped cream on pies! Special power pumpkins will help you to make more pies. A new part will be in 10 minutes!

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e-Pig Rope

e-Pig Rope - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
e-Pig Rope - a fascinating journey of pig Eddie. Help Eddie to explore the Jungle! But Beware of monsters and spikes! You will have to use your rope to go throw the jungle. Use your epic skills to beat the Angry Eagle on the final level!!

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Angry Zombie Launch

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Game description:
Evil pumpkins stole your stock of gold brains! It’s time to revenge! It’s time to become angry! With a huge slingshot! Throw zombies and vampires into mad and terrible structures in which pumpkins are hiding. Will you be able to unlock all levels, deleting pumpkins? Return all the stolen brains!

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The Sims 3

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Game description:
The Sims 3 - is a simulator of life. Created sims need food, purity, dream and other necessary things in life so the player needs to observe the correct balance, and not to forget to go, for example, to a toilet before going for the work or to the shop. The money earned by hard work should be spent for food or for arrangement of the dwelling. At first, in the apartment there will be nothing, except a bathroom, a bed and the refrigerator, but we will constantly buy new objects and even to create new rooms. It is possible to equip even a garden on a backyard. The catalog of objects allows not only to receive details according to each name, but also to choose color to create rather unique house. The Sims 3 on iPhone is diluted with a set of mini-games, for example: fishing, restoration of the broken things or cooking.

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LEGO Batman: Gotham City

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Game description:
LEGO Batman: Gotham City Games - take on a variety of challenges thrown at you by the Heroes and Villains of Gotham. Throughout Gotham City you will find 16 classic stylized minigames with plane piloting, to solve some puzzles and more. Each challenge is linked together by a brand new story, shown through beautiful hand rendered cut scenes, backed by a full orchestral soundtrack. After completing the story mode you’ll realize that a Hero’s work is never done. Free play throws a new set of adventures your way. In this mode the games are longer and more challenging than in story mode giving you a more extended game experience. You will unlock new games, and challenge yourself by setting top scores on the leader boards. Pass the game and unlock bonus content - trailers and wall-paper.

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Pig Bon

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Game description:
It’s time for pigs! Bon, Warrior of Pig’s kingdom, would create and build a new legend of a hero by defeat and terminate all aggressions from birds’ world. One click to shoot the birds. Bluetooth competitive mode is available! Two pigs in one screen, ready to challenge your friends? 4 main Quests include more than 20 Tasks with ever-changing scenes are available for challenge. Clear each of them to unlock new elements and collect plumes for exchanging weapons and other items. Up to 7 species of bird and 3 Bird Zepplins is attacking!! Shoot them down! Three kinds of weapons include Stone axe. Boomerang and Bomb are available through 5 levels.

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Herman the Hermit

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Game description:
Herman the Hermit - an amusing jumping game. Take the role of Herman, a crazy old hermit that lives high up in the Himalayan Mountains. With years and years of meditation and training, Herman has developed Ninja-like skills and the mindset of a mad man. Jump from platform to platform in this endless, extremely addictive jumper game!

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