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Die Zombie Die

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Game description:
You think that Zombie – slow creeping beings. Think again. These Zombies – runners, sprinters, fast and vigorous monsters. You should protect yourself and pass through 36 levels, including 9 levels with bosses. You should think quickly, have magnificent reflexes and that is the most important- never give up. Purchase and sell weapon, ammunition and grenades. Earn money, get the highest account, and get all 3 stars on the level.

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House of Mice

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Game description:
House of Mice is a new type of a puzzle based on confrontation between a cat and a mouse in the house. You will roll a mouse, which changes into a bomb to avoid obstacles in the house or to use them to bypass a cat and to receive benefit points when you get cheese. The method of the game is simple, you should touch the screen strongly, but the game offers gameplay excitement by different ways, after all you should break or avoid boxes, move goals and electricity, operate invisible forces, such as magnets and wind from fans, and solve puzzles, using a route created by the player, using tools and pipes, and all this will be very fascinating.

  • 4 Different backgrounds and 80 irresistible stages. Don't forget to collect all cheese and to give a good lesson to cats!
  • Bright puzzle and interesting gameplay!
  • Easy management!
  • Magnificent graphics with retina support
  • Multitasking

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Iron Commando Pro

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Game description:
Year 2046. An anthropomorphic extraterrestrial species has overrun planet earth, and is unleashing its destructive forces on major cities across the globe. Apocalypse threatens as rumor spreads that the invaders have scheduled a 7,000 megaton nuclear detonation. You are all that stands between your planet and a nuclear winter. Now is the moment of determination, iron commando…

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Zombie Neighborhood

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Game description:
Zombie Neighborhood - action combining protection and shooting elements. Never believe your zombie neighbors, the only thing they want is to eat your brain. Are you really ready to fight? Use various weapon and kill zombie!

  • 50 levels, 2 modes. Fight with zombie and become the last survived.
  • 14 types of zombie and various methods of firing can bring you unprecedented pleasure.
  • various types of weapon, 28 unique modernizations of weapon.
  • Waves of zombie on the screen and fine animation

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Monstaaa! - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Monstaaa is hungry, always hungry... He's lived his whole life in a cave and the only things he loves are his bugs. Or rather... he loves eating them! Tilt your device to help Monstaaa and feed him some delicious bugs. Sounds easy? Well, it does until you realize his caves are full of wicked wickednesses and some truly dangerous dangers!

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Shoot Many Zombies!

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Game description:
Shoot Many Zombies! - a game for those who want trash and aren’t afraid of violence. Dangerous virus escaped from the lab and turned all people in the city into blood-thirsty monsters. And they want only one thing: to eat your brains. The whole city is divided into zones which we should clean. Bosses sometimes appear, and it’s not very easy to defeat them. Before the fight you may purchase arms, it is possible even to do some shooting from a grenade launcher.

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Brickshooter Egypt Premium

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Game description:
Unravel mysteries of ancient hieroglyphs, which will help you to restore the glorified pyramids. 70 fascinating levels, tremendous graphics and delightful music – it’s what you will find in the game Brickshooter Egypt Premium. Original and very fascinating game will help you to unravel a riddle of Pharaohs and will carry away for a long time. You should restore 5 ancient pyramids and a statue of mysterious Sphinx. Improvement of game skill in 70 fascinating levels. Tremendous graphics and music in stylistics of ancient Egypt. Continuous complication of levels with every passing of the game, and that will allow you to pass 180 levels!

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CAUSE OF DEATH: Can You Catch The Killer?

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Game description:
Can you stop the murderer? Investigate. Interrogate witnesses. Expose the criminal! It’s the unique interactive detective-application. Chapter 1 is included in this version! And also every week you can download free of charge one episode! Game is based on text dialogues in various locations.

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DEATH COP - Mechanical Unit

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Game description:
The planet is at war, a new brigade of mechanical soldiers was created, to fight against attacks of experimental and changed beings, which are commanded by enemy forces. They are the last device of the devastated civilization, which is trying to avoid its own disappearance. A brigade of huge furnaces for burning the production wastes, equipped with strong weapon, designed and developed to destroy the hordes of the enemy. Choose one of three various Mechs according to a type of the mission and help to win this war. Begin various missions, releasing the main means of communications in the capital, they will lead you through the snow mountains, the left prison in the desert and other locations, even through space. As your level rises, you will be able to equip more arms, and your group will provide you with stronger weapon.

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The Island: Castaway

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Game description:
The Island: Castaway - a fascinating modeling game. You are one of the lucky, who managed to avoid immersion to the bottom in an ocean liner. Having found yourself on the island, you should learn to fish and hunt on wild hogs, to catch snakes and to find rare plants. But it is not all. Investigate the mysterious Island to find helps, to solve more than 200 various quests and to decipher ancient letters. The solution of these secrets can be the only chance to come back home! Plunge into this fascinating adventure!

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