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Panda's Revenge

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Game description:
You will play for a nice, but embittered Panda, who got tired of forest animals wanting her territory. And he reached a boiling point, took a slingshot and started giving lessons to shameless neighbors! Help Panda to arrange war!

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Trapped: Undead Infection

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Game description:
In research laboratory there was an accident, and now zombies are wandering around, devouring flesh. You are a scientist and are in this laboratory with the undead. You run along dark corridors and rooms, you are protecting by pipes, electroshock guns, guns and machine guns. You need to solve puzzles on your way, running through levels and trying to restore memory. Who are you, and what happened?

  • Corresponding sound registration of game
  • Wide choice of weapon
  • Detailed map

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Snowball Runer

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Game description:
You control a snowball which slides from the mountain, your purpose is, avoiding obstacles (lodges, trees, lakes), to increase your size, bringing together animals, running on a slope and snowmen. But increasing the size your speed becomes higher and is control is losing.

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Christmas B'uzz'le

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Game description:
Move the balls around the board to create lines of five balls (or more) of the same color, thus removing the balls. The more balls you match, the more points you earn. After every other move you make, 3 more balls are added. The mission is to keep the board from filling up as long as possible while scoring.

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Christmas Neon

Christmas Neon - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
This game is very simple. Your purpose is in developing neon tubes so to connect them in a garland. You can rotate them clicking on them. Neon tubes you need to connect them in a chain to "plus" and "minus" to light it after that it will light up and will disappear. All this needs to be made for limited time. Collect bonuses and try to create long chains! When you will pass level there will be a neon tube of a new form.

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Elf - WARNING Extremely Addictive!

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Game description:
The elf reaches winter heavens in these Christmas jumps to jump up, slide and fly up. Can you reach a stratosphere? The higher you reach, the more stimulating it becomes. The skilled player will find out that good strategy is obliged to reach really high account.

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Magic Finger: Christmas Bubble

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Game description:
Get Remarkable Christmas with Magic Finger: Christmas Bubble! Just swipe your finger on the screen to make a line to operate attacking spheres. You need to destroy all balls on the board. Use a collection bag to get diamonds. The more balls of one color you destroy, the higher points you get.

  • 3 various types of gameplay
  • Infinite number of levels
  • Each game is various
  • 7 maps with various functions
  • Nice gameplay, music, graphics.
  • Use of accelerometer

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Fruits Island: Begins

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Game description:
Fruits Island is attacked by a horde of bugs. With no food, the bugs leave their territory and invade the fruits island. Fruits gather to stamp out the bugs on the island. 70 days of war has happened among fruits and bugs. The player’s goal is to clear the 70 stages. Using water and soil, the player can produce units, upgrade the units, and use the totem and skill by using the seeds that are rewarded when a player clears the stage. Use all this the most effectively.

  • Making continuously soil and water. Soil and water is the basic material of production. You can win if you constantly take care of it.
  • Make a pump. The pump increases the amount of resources obtained.
  • Use a skill and totems. The skill is very helpful when an ally is in danger. The Totem can either attack or defend.
  • Use the property of Units.
  • Play fast and efficient.
  • Flying units need lots of water. You need to control the water and use it effectively.

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Christmas Rock'n'Roll

Play Christmas Rock'n'Roll game now!

Game description:
Christmas Rock'n'Roll - this tremendous game involves all possibilities of iDevice. In this game you should play for cool Roll who rides on labyrinths and collects music notes. Excellent graphics and unique atmosphere of game

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ELFrun - free download only on our site!

Game description:
ELFrun - a cheerful Elf. Now you can make gifts with your iDevice! It’s 5 minutes to Christmas, Santa Claus hurries to give gifts to children, but unfortunately, on the way he loses some of them. And here the loyal friend Elf comes to help. You need to run down the street and to lift boxes with gifts which were dropped by Santa, thus avoiding various obstacles and not to forget to throw them in time in houses windows (theat color of the box must be the same as the color of the window). Gameplay of this game is suitable for the whole family, completely corresponds to the given video, has good three-dimensional graphics, delightful game process, sound effects and fascinating music.

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