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Space Bikers

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Game description:
Space Bikers- a very amusing arcade in the world of huge objects. You will operate a bike, gather necessary details for the ship repair and improvement of the bike. In space bikers animation and at the same time humor style is realized, and that won't make you be bored, but developers didn't stop here and added interactive behavior of objects, and also added very beautiful 3D levels, mini games, 7 supported languages, including Russian and excellent music in a country style.

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Silent Hill The Escape

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Game description:
Silent Hill The Escape - 3D shooter from the first person, and you make the way through the recreated terrible world of Silent Hill, the only light source is your small flickering small lamp. You need to pass 10 levels, where your worst nightmares will come true.

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Guinness World Records Gamers Edition Arcade

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Game description:
GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS GAMER’S ARCADE gives you a chance to get an official Guinness World Record and to see your name in the next release of the book Gamer's Edition! GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS GAMER’S ARCADE – a row of several challenges, inspired by unknown favorite characters of video games. In this absolutely interactive app you will find the best 50 heroes of video games of all times, as it is said by fans of Gamer's Edition. Can you join the exclusive world of champions? You have 5 fascinating challenges giving you a chance to become the CHAMPION! Stick as many primacies as can during one minute in the Country of Monkeys and in the house of gorillas- murderers. Avoid striking of people, or your points will reduce! Incline the device and carry out a balloon through a treacherous canyon, avoiding rocky rocks in Hoover’s Hot-Air Escape. Strike – use the fingers and a brain to open a number of blockings in Mental Gears. You should open as much as possible in 60 seconds … Tap to cut out the correct wires and to get rid of bombs before they blow up with Chest Of Destruction (CoD), a game on neutralization of bombs for the time. You can start each game separately or choose Adventure Mode, to start all challenges one by one.

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Vampire Origins RELOADED

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Game description:
Vampire Origins RELOADED - a game with tremendous graphics, combining effective duels with exploring of area and solving simple puzzles. Action of game is in the atmosphere of Europe of the XVII century, that’s why the dark atmosphere with graceful three-dimensional environment is waiting for you. The protagonist uses different types of weapon: from habitual (revolver, shot-gun) to exotic (machine gun, shooting stakes, or a glove striking enemies with a lightning). Be careful... fast and very dexterous enemies leave you little time for thoughts, so you should foresee your further actions immediately! You will be given a unique opportunity to visit hordes of vampires!

  • Charming atmosphere of the gloomy world of vampires
  • Dynamic hand-to-hand fights
  • Research of the world and solution of not difficult puzzles
  • Tremendous effects
  • In details created opponents and a variety of means of their destruction
  • High-quality animation of monsters and the protagonist,
    created with Motion Capture technology

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Doodle Truck

Doodle Truck - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
You are a driver of a rent truck and every day you need to deliver important net loads to their various purposes. Can you do all instructions?

  • amazing physics, with jumping, failures, flight, explosions and other things!
  • true and simple style of doodle art
  • simple control facilities
  • 3 models of trucks, each with its own characteristics
  • 4 types of net loads
  • 8 unique maps
  • 48 various levels

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Enjoy SHOOTER: THE OFFICIAL MOVIE GAME without any payments!

Game description:
This game is based on the film with the same title. A shooter, where you should act as a sniper and carry out various tasks worldwide. Management is carried out by accelerometer, there are different types of weapon and even opportunity to hold the breath before a shot.

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Get Chicks and other ipa games totally free.

Game description:
Chicks - baby birds grow up and have no sense in the movement direction yet… So equip them with tools which they need and lead them to success in mysterious travel!

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Vampire Transformer

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Game description:
Be bitten with Vampire Transformer – the easiest way to turn any person in vampire. Just take or load photo and mix your images to transform yourself or your friend to the final vampire.

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Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

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Game description:
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter – is a console-quality lifelike hunting sim, where the players track down a variety of dinosaurs while exploring huge non-linear locations. Try to find a great number of dinosaurs that are armed a little oddly! As a result they are not simply dinosaurs, they are intellectual creatures that are able to see, hear and sense the adrenaline in hunter’s blood. If you aren't careful, you will become pursued. With 15 various dinosaurs through 5 different environments, including pine woods, bogs and the hilly district you will get your goals. Enjoy the game in which three-dimensional dinosaurs, from the Herbivorous for novice hunters to the Carnivorous for experts, a choice from among six different weapon types– from a sniper rifle to bow, map and radar to locate and track dinosaurs, 2 exciting game modes: (Hunting: where players roam through vast landscapes, tracking and hunting a variety of dinosaurs and Survival: where they try to eat you), Online leader board and an interactive Room of Dinosaurs Trophies. In the new version bugs are fixed, stability is increased.

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Critter Escape

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Game description:
Escape from a secret research facility in this stealth-based adventure game. Play as a test specimen and work your way through the corridors of the facility, avoiding guards and collecting items. Intuitive controls and comical animations make Critter Escape a game that any player can enjoy.

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