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Zombie runner Z

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Game description:
Zombie runner Z - play as a zombie who managed to escape from the laboratory during the experiment. Run fast, overcome obstacles and infect your enemies with zombie virus.

Game features:

  • Simple system of controls
  • Vehicles unblock for escape
  • Speed scale filling to get the rage function
  • Good graphics
  • Randomly generated levels

Views: 1265 | Popularity: 131 Download
Paratroopers: Air assault

Download game Paratroopers: Air assault right now!

Game description:
Paratroopers: Air assault - the enemy attacks and he strives to seize your headquarters! It is time to protect yourself and to stop impudent troopers! Destroy everyone who wants to get your territory!

Game features:

  • 3 maps
  • Weapon upgrades
  • Numberless enemies
  • High score
  • Wonderful graphics

Views: 1855 | Popularity: 220 Download
Orion racer

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Game description:
Orion race - do you want to increase adrenaline level in your blood? Play Orion race. You appear in the space and control a car of the future, complete difficult tricks at crazy speed on unique tracks.

Game features:

  • 10 crazy tracks in 3 different places of space
  • Intensive drift through sharp angles and spirals
  • 4 unique vehicles
  • 4 modes

Views: 1918 | Popularity: 262 Download
Snail mail

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Game description:
Snail mail - in this game you help a snail to deliver packaged to the addressees. You need to avoid enemies on your way and destroy obstacles. There is a possibility to get into the abyss at sharp turns. Think fast!

Game features:

  • Good graphics
  • Nice sound effects
  • Excellent gameplay

Views: 1211 | Popularity: 98 Download
Truck racer: Attack of the Yeti

Truck racer: Attack of the Yeti - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Truck racer: Attack of the Yeti - get into a powerful truck and rush along offroad tracks and steep hills. Try not to miss the obstacles and Yeti running towards you!

Game features:

  • Realistic physics
  • 4 locations
  • 4 trucks
  • 72 unique tracks

Views: 2293 | Popularity: 331 Download
Electronic super Joy: Groove city

Enjoy Electronic super Joy: Groove city without any payments!

Game description:
Electronic super Joy: Groove city -is a jumping adventure of the brave Joy. Joy setts off to examine a new dangerous world. Jump onto the platforms, jump over abbyses, avoid laser rays and monsters.

Game features:

  • 15 levels and 2 secret ones
  • Secret areas
  • 8 difficult achievements
  • 6 new tracks
  • Fight with bosses

Views: 799 | Popularity: 42 Download
Crystal soul

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Game description:
Crystal soul - protect your kingdom. The monsters steal energy source from there - crystal spirit. Destroy every monster, enlarging your energy in order to enter the crystal portal.

Game features:

  • 4 different landscapes
  • 20 stages
  • Characters of different classes with unique skills

Views: 919 | Popularity: 27 Download
Monster rush

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Game description:
Monster rush - is a funny slaughter of round prickly monsters. Try not to miss a single monster! In case you miss more than 3 of them the monsters will seize your planet!

Game features:

  • 2 modes
  • Funny monsters
  • Competitions with other players
  • Cute graphics

Views: 2241 | Popularity: 252 Download
Flying defense

Play Flying defense game now!

Game description:
Flying defense - warriors led by the king protect the kingdom from the attack of monsters. Stay in the roadblock and attack every monster. Destroy the vermin and save the peaceful people!

Game features:

  • Angry birds style funny gameplay
  • Many monsters with different skills
  • 10 levels, 100 stages

Views: 6727 | Popularity: 203 Download
Dark incursion

Dark incursion - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Dark incursion - you play as a martial girl whose name is Anna. Anna will go to kill enemies and defeat huge bosses with the help of her powerful weapons in order to find and destroy a secret laboratory.

Game features:

  • Various weapons and its upgrade
  • Well drawn graphics
  • Many enemies

Views: 2735 | Popularity: 177 Download