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Adventures of the Zombie sniper

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Game description:
Adventures of the Zombie Sniper - having armed with a rifle, stop attack of zombies who are eager of human brains.

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Toy bot diaries 2

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Game description:
Toy bot diaries 2 - adventures of a small robot around the city and sewerages with a set of tunnels and mechanisms.

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Seek out!

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Game description:
The game task Seek out! - to unblock an exit and to get out of mysterious rooms. Use holes, walls and boxes, think over arrangement of combinations.

Views: 9014 | Popularity: 759 Download
Rise of lost Empires

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Game description:
Rise of lost Empires - choose your side: orks or people, head the empire and lead it to victory, operating powers of light or darkness.

  • 2 campaigns, many tasks
  • More than 20 units and 20 structures
  • 6 heroes with unique abilities and magic skills

Views: 141556 | Popularity: 1793 Download
Desert rally

Desert rally - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Desert rally - compete on minefields of the desert and lead your vehicles to destinations points.

  • 4 tracks
  • 20 types of vehicles
  • Unique gameplay

Views: 23659 | Popularity: 1659 Download
Robin Hood: The return of Richard

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Game description:
Robin Hood: The return of Richard - help Robin Hood overcome villains and restore an order while the king Richard is not on a throne.

  • Bonuses
  • Great number of enemies
  • 12 levels

Views: 25613 | Popularity: 784 Download
Special enquiry detail: Engaged to kill

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Game description:
Special enquiry detail: Engaged to kill - be engaged in an investigation and find out who is the maniac killing only brides.

  • 44 locations
  • 22 mini-games, 6 tangled chapters
  • Chain of helps, false trails and suspected

Views: 623270 | Popularity: 1508 Download
Burning tires

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Game description:
Burning tires - colourful races on off road terrain. Outstrip all rivals on the most dangerous routes of the world and show victory video to your friends!

  • 12 routs
  • 7 cars
  • Set of game modes
  • Record of repetitions
  • Control by means of the accelerometer
  • Various weather conditions

Views: 19815 | Popularity: 2932 Download
Darkest fear

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Game description:
Darkest fear - pass 15 mysterious levels hiding puzzles and dangers. One wrong move and the game will be over.

Views: 24070 | Popularity: 328 Download
Blood beach

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Game description:
Blood Beach - you protect a post on the Solomon Islands. Using an impressive arsenal of weapon protect your territories.

  • 20 missions
  • Online table of records
  • Realistic sound effects

Views: 7443 | Popularity: 1130 Download