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High voltage

Download free iPhone games.

Game description:
Don’t let the main character become eaten by zombies. The player has to operate a girl, exhausting zombies in traps energized to destroy them in the game High voltage.

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Heroes: A Grail quest

Download game Heroes: A Grail quest right now!

Game description:
The main character and his army go on searches of the stolen artifact. They should go through the whole world, battling to enemies for the sake of rescue of the kingdom Heroes: A Grail quest.

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Top bike

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Game description:
Operate a motorcycle, carry out dizzy tricks on twisting unstable routes and receive an awards in Top bike.

Game features:
  • 30 levels
  • Turns on 360 degrees
  • 10 motorcycles

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Last Inua

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Game description:
Last Inua - a story of the father and his son, living on Northern lands. The evil ghost Tonrar kidnaps the boy and the father goes on his searches.

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Indy's adventures: The mummy's tomb

Indy's adventures: The mummy's tomb - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
In the game Indy's adventures: The mummy's tomb Indy goes to a tomb to find treasures. At every turn he will be trapped by artful deadly traps and evil ancient mummies.

Game features:
  • Simple control system
  • Unique levels
  • Angry enemies
  • Wide choice of weapon

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Doodle farm

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Game description:
Create new animals for your farm. Check what will turn out if to cross a herring to a cat and other animals in an amusing game Doodle farm.

Game features:
  • More than 135 animals
  • Set of cheerful quotes, sayings and jokes
  • Additional expert mode
  • Fascinating gameplay

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Wanted zombies

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Game description:
Find and destroy zombie who are put on the wanted list in the game Wanted zombies.

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Game description:
Break through a swarm of space bugs, using powerful explosions to destroy them and to survive in the gameSilverfish .

Views: 902 | Popularity: 26 Download
Dark lands

Play Dark lands game now!

Game description:
Dark lands - battles of a brave soldier in the world of shadows. Moving ahead, he should avoid traps, exterminate trolls, skeletons and other gloomy beings.

Game features:
  • Adjust your hero
  • 40 missions in adventure and infinite mode
  • Great number of enemies

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Stickman basketball

Stickman basketball - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Choose a command and participate in basketball with stickmen. Pass different seasons on spectacular arenas or play street basketball in the game Stickman basketball.

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