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MacGyver: Deadly descent

Download free iPhone games.

Game description:
MacGyver: Deadly descent - a secret agent MacGyver will rescue scientists who became hostages of the computer virus which has left from under control in secret laboratories underground.

Game features:
  • Labyrinth of difficult puzzles
  • Cruel enemies
  • Tightening gameplay

Views: 1820 | Popularity: 47 Download
Smack that Gugl

Download game Smack that Gugl right now!

Game description:
Smack that Gugl - slap as many amusing full-eyed blots Gugls as possible until they burst, avoiding pimply goggle-eyed, or the game will end.

Game features:
  • Cheerful soundtrack
  • 5 lives
  • Complicate levels

Views: 1161 | Popularity: 68 Download
Flappy Mc flappers

Get game Flappy Mc flappers just in few clicks!

Game description:
Flappy Mc flappers - the next clone of a popular game Flappy bird, capable to tickle your nerves. Help a baby bird hold on in the air and not to face obstacles.

Views: 1405 | Popularity: 194 Download

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Game description:
Rescue the Universe from full death in the game Exodite. Think over your strategy of attack of enemies, because the weapon is with limited quantity of ammunition.

Views: 1880 | Popularity: 39 Download
Super crazy wars

Super crazy wars - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Choose from 25 types of adjusted weapon and go on war to fight for the freedom against 100 enemy units in an arcade Super crazy wars.

Views: 3636 | Popularity: 328 Download
Pirate cat

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Game description:
Cat Jimmy appears on the mysterious treasure island. Help the cat assemble useful tools and find keys to doors which will lead to treasures in the game Pirate cat.

Game features:
  • Difficult tests
  • Amusing music
  • Set of useful objects

Views: 1384 | Popularity: 125 Download
Sea of giants

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Game description:
Go on an unknown island where you will find the ancient city occupied by unusual beings and full of secrets which should be solved in the game Sea of giants.

Views: 1507 | Popularity: 47 Download
iGun zombie

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Game description:
iGun zombie - all mankind, except you, was infected by zombie virus. Now you should survive, shooting waves of evil spirits approaching at you.

Game features:
  • 19 types of weapon
  • 150 missions
  • Improvement of weapon and setting

Views: 4301 | Popularity: 188 Download
Clash of magic

Play Clash of magic game now!

Game description:
Join adventures of the pupil of a magician who hurries to rescue the kidnapped princess in the game Clash of magic .

Views: 1769 | Popularity: 23 Download
Haunted hollow

Haunted hollow - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Haunted hollow - an original strategy where you will operate vampires, werewolves, reductions and other evil spirits to seize the cities and to build the estate for monsters.

Views: 1329 | Popularity: 48 Download