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Naughty bear

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Game description:
Naughty bear wasn’t invited at a party of bears. He decided to revenge! Everyone whom he will meet on a way will receive a blow or a shot. Neither robot, nor bear will leave without punishment. He will hunt day and night!

Game features:

  • 4 locations
  • 30 missions
  • 7 various types of bears
  • Unusual types of weapon

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Scuba dupa

Download game Scuba dupa right now!

Game description:
Scuba dupa - unforgettable immersion on a bottom with sea inhabitants. Diving with Helmut, help him get pearls from the bottom of the sea. Throw down a challenge to friends, collect pearls and buy suits for diving.

Game features:

  • 1000 free pearls
  • Simple control system: inclining the device or touch it
  • Terrible squid and other sea enemies
  • Competitions to friends

Views: 450 | Popularity: 19 Download
Buddyman: Office kick

Get game Buddyman: Office kick just in few clicks!

Game description:
Buddyman: Office kick - it’s the day when you decide to revenge your grumbling boss! You are armed to the teeth with everything, beginning from office paper clips to dynamite! Forget about stress! It is a real revenge!

Game features:

  • Excellent game to remove a stress
  • Colourful graphics
  • Amusing sounds
  • Addicting time killer

Views: 551 | Popularity: 28 Download
Toto's treehouse

Download Toto's treehouse or any other game without registration!

Game description:
Toto's treehouse - Hello! I am Toto turtle! I’ve just hatched, I need a friend to care about me! I live alone in a big house on a tree. Play with me, and then feed and put to bed!

Game features:

  • Different games with Toto
  • Prepare dishes for Toto
  • 4 rooms in a lodge, a map
  • No strict rules or restrictions in time

Views: 773 | Popularity: 22 Download
Fall in love: The game of love

Fall in love: The game of love - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Fall in love: The game of love - help a block Foul attract attention of his girlfriend Kaisa! Playing gravitation, carry him out through levels, collecting images, hearts and approach him to the treasured purpose!

Game features:

  • More than 70 levels
  • 3 different worlds and different modes
  • Colourful graphics
  • Collecting hearts for an unblocking of new levels
  • Way is complicated by: blocks, enemies and traps

Views: 362 | Popularity: 10 Download

Enjoy Ratventure without any payments!

Game description:
Ratventure - two desperate rats aspire to a huge number of cheese! Help them with it! Build bridges and other designs which will lead them to the purpose! Desired cheese is hidden in the coolest mousetraps!

Game features:

  • 72 unique levels
  • 6 different worlds
  • Simple interface
  • Set of tests

Views: 789 | Popularity: 28 Download
Lay the egg: Lay golden eggs

Get Lay the egg: Lay golden eggs and other ipa games totally free.

Game description:
Lay the egg: Lay golden eggs - one night a farmer found a being laying gold eggs in the shed. Your task - to help a lovely creature to transfer each egg to a nest, trying not to break them.

Game features:

  • Realistic physics
  • Simple control system
  • Set of obstacles: thorns, magnets and more
  • Collect 3 gold stars at each level

Views: 702 | Popularity: 60 Download
Metal skies

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Game description:
You are an elite pilot of a squadron of Tigers, who is at war against Teutonic Empire! Take under control the sky in this game Metal Skies. Maneuver your device, battle and hit the targets of the opponent!

Game features:

  • Simple control system
  • Big arsenal of weapon
  • Fights in private and battles in campaigns
  • Tremendous graphics

Views: 2621 | Popularity: 131 Download

Play Luminati game now!

Game description:
Luminati - colourfully issued "four in a row" game. Your friend’s computer or a casual online opponent can be your opponent. The higher the level is, the more difficult and more interesting the game is. Forward!

Game features:

  • 10 levels
  • Magic bonuses
  • Magnificent graphics, design and animation
  • 5 musical tracks

Views: 934 | Popularity: 17 Download
Ready! Steady! Play!

Ready! Steady! Play! - free download only on our site!

Game description:
In Ready! Steady! Play! you will get to the Wild West with cowboys on wooden horses. You are waited for by a shooting gallery and jumps with barriers. Aim malicious criminals, but don't touch pixel young women!

Game features:

  • 31 unique way the cowboy’s death
  • Simple control system
  • 3 modes
  • Results in Game Center

Views: 416 | Popularity: 15 Download