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Battle group

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Game description:
Battle group - assume a role of the commander of navy and stop threat of invasion of group of pirates, outfitted with modern weapon and eager to launch war worldwide.

Game features:

  • Fascinating gameplay
  • System of improvements of fleet
  • Huge number of enemies
  • Intensive fights

Views: 1434 | Popularity: 39 Download
Birzzle: Fever

Download game Birzzle: Fever right now!

Game description:
Birzzle: Fever - blow up birds! Birdies, identical on color, can't get on nearby with each other therefore you should blow up them and collect bonuses. Compete with friends and prove, who is the brightest?

Game features:

  • Leaderboard
  • Bonuses and awards
  • Interesting missions
  • Colourful graphics

Views: 434 | Popularity: 20 Download
Fold the adventure

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Game description:
Fold the adventure - a unique adventure created from paper. Put and cut paper elements, laying the way of the prince to secret passages. The prince Nezo has to find the stars stolen by an angry alchemist.

Game features:

  • Magnificent graphics and tests
  • Amusing challenge to intelligence
  • Charming main character
  • 40 levels

Views: 749 | Popularity: 32 Download
Armada: Galactic war

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Game description:
Armada: Galactic war - is a space war! At your disposal there’s a powerful intergalactic Armada, robots and tanks. On side to be: people, cyborgs or newcomers – you’ll decide!

Game features:

  • Intensive fights
  • System of improvements of units
  • Battles against other players (a multiplayer up to 4 players)
  • 3 types of soldiers: Human, Cyborg and Alien
  • 5 maps

Views: 1019 | Popularity: 56 Download
Lub vs. Dub

Lub vs. Dub - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Lub vs. Dub - a survival game where 2 players can take part at once. The character whom you operate - a cube jumping according to the cardiogram with obstacles and hearts, capable to prolong your health.

Game features:

  • Fast gameplay
  • Check of your reaction
  • Strengthening
  • Leaderboard
  • 2 modes: single mode and for two

Views: 461 | Popularity: 29 Download
Assault commando

Enjoy Assault commando without any payments!

Game description:
Assault commando - you are a soldier of elite division, your mission - to liquidate a mad scientist who is eager to destroy the world. Break through crowd of enemies and reach a secret base in the jungle.

Game features:

  • Collecting of weapon
  • Qualitative graphics in a retro style
  • 5 levels
  • 3 levels of difficulty

Views: 1336 | Popularity: 97 Download
Snow brawlin' xtreme

Get Snow brawlin' xtreme and other ipa games totally free.

Game description:
Snow brawlin' xtreme - mega cheerful entertainment of mad squirrels! The gang of rodents wants to take away nuts of a squirrel Reese. Bombard enemy squirrels by a hail from snowballs and protect your corner of the wood!

Game features:

  • Complicate levels
  • Strengthening: ice, fiery spheres and boards for protection
  • Incline the device to help Reese to evade from snowballs
  • Fast gameplay and furious squall of fur

Views: 1267 | Popularity: 94 Download
Cars: Fast as lightning

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Game description:
Cars: Fast as lightning - take part in an improbable racing adventure together with heroes of the animated film. Go on routes with springboards and other obstacles. Only as fast as a lightning will win!

Game features:

  • 20 four wheels with possibility of tuning
  • Game according to the well-known animated film
  • Inimitable animation
  • Creation of your own route: more than 30 various buildings

Views: 4123 | Popularity: 110 Download

Play Spinzizzle game now!

Game description:
Spinzizzle - a puzzle where it is necessary to connect multi-colored spheres in the correct sequence and by color, rotating a platform. Blow up spheres and get as many points as possible!

Game features:

  • Remarkable background music
  • Tightening gameplay
  • Bonus balls
  • Nonstop puzzle

Views: 725 | Popularity: 83 Download
Mr. Ninja

Mr. Ninja - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Mr. Ninja - a fighting ninjia goes to space to destroy monsters from far-out planets. He should jump on rotating disks, swinging katana. Learn how many aliens will you be able to exterminate?

Game features:

  • Simple control system
  • Unusual gameplay
  • 3 modes

Views: 508 | Popularity: 24 Download