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Game description:
Pantheon - in the heart of India there is Pantheon temple. It bewitches wanderers by its greatness and inaccessibility. Collect and use power of precious trophies to solve secrets hidden behind walls of the temple.

Game features:

  • Fascinating logical gameplay
  • Increasing difficulty
  • 3 game modes
  • Many bonuses

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Unfed undead!

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Game description:
Unfed undead! - a game where you are on the side of hungry zombies located on each party of the screen. To live the zombie has to jump out of a window and grasp the victim, until it runs away.

Game features:

  • 2 modes, different locations
  • Competition to other 4 players at the same time
  • Bonuses and an extra time
  • Bosses at each level

Views: 599 | Popularity: 19 Download
They need to be fed 3

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Game description:
They need to be fed 3 - lead a little man through moving platforms and traps to a stomach to a huge plant. Carefully, there are also other persons interested to eat the hero, don't get to them!

Game features:

  • Set of dangers
  • 7 different worlds
  • Original graphics
  • More than 50 levels

Views: 457 | Popularity: 17 Download
Undead on halloween

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Game description:
Undead on halloween - don't give indulge to get into the world of the live. Use spells and holy water, watering them. Be vigilant! In the course of destruction evil pumpkins can bite off your fingers!

Game features:

  • Simple control system
  • Dragging-out game process
  • Variety of evil beings
  • System of improvements of your magic

Views: 402 | Popularity: 17 Download
Candy chase

Candy chase - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Candy chase - help Bum-Bums, beings living in trees and hypnotized by candies come back home. Slip through a crowd of angry bugs who are blocking the way and eager to eat Bum-Bums.

Game features:

  • 100 levels
  • Amusing beings
  • Good graphics
  • Set of traps

Views: 714 | Popularity: 49 Download
Antisquad: Tactics premium

Enjoy Antisquad: Tactics premium without any payments!

Game description:
Antisquad: Tactics premium - you are the commander of a crew of mercenaries, among them: sniper, machine gunner and others. Your aim - to neutralize terrorists. Get on enemy bases and neutralize leaders.

Game features:

  • More than 30 tasks
  • Unique abilities of fighters
  • Big arsenal of arms
  • A lot of opponents

Views: 6371 | Popularity: 74 Download
Broken sword: The smoking mirror. Remastered

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Game description:
Broken sword: The smoking mirror. Remastered - a story of John and his girlfriend who often get to problem situations. They need to stop the leader of criminal group who conceived to destroy the world.

Game features:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Simple control system
  • Fascinating plot

Views: 3940 | Popularity: 16 Download
Goat simulator

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Game description:
Goat simulator - play for a stubborn goat, destroy everything on the way, jump over barriers, lift people on horns, force down cars. Quite extremely! Stop at nothing and score points!

Game features:

  • Cheerful gameplay
  • Ridiculous physics and animation
  • Points for destructions
  • Excellent graphics

Views: 2021 | Popularity: 176 Download
Sleeping prince

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Game description:
Sleeping prince - the evil magic turned all inhabitants of the kingdom into a land of Nod. Only the prince who also got under charms can rescue all. Lead the sleepy prince through kingdom traps.

Game features:

  • Amusing game process
  • 40 levels
  • Set of bonuses
  • Magnificent graphics
  • Fantastic atmosphere

Views: 1951 | Popularity: 25 Download
Deep under the sky

Deep under the sky - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Deep under the sky - go to travel together with a shining jellyfish on mysterious spaces of Venus. Operate is movements, accelerate, turn aside from dangers and rescue is friends.

Game features:

  • 80 fascinating levels
  • 4 worlds
  • Remarkable graphics

Views: 582 | Popularity: 18 Download