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Cooking quest

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Game description:
Cooking quest - an excellent fascinating quest where you should guide cleaning in kitchen and collect all necessary components to win annual competitions of cooks.

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Dragon & warrior

Download game Dragon & warrior right now!

Game description:
Dragon & warrior - adventures of a brave soldier who takes his sword and goes to battle to evil spirits and dragons.

Game features:
  • Bright 3D world
  • 33 fascinating levels
  • 10 types of skills of the soldier

Views: 899 | Popularity: 49 Download
Crafting story

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Game description:
In the game Crafting story you should create your own planet. Unite elements of part of the Universe for creation of the new ones. Feel like a creator and make a planet suitable for life.

Views: 500 | Popularity: 21 Download
Bug heroes: Quest

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Game description:
Bug heroes: Quest - war of bugs for food begins! Play as a spider murderer, an ant shooter or an armor bug. Explore locations, perform tasks, get food and protect it from enemies.

Game features:
  • Huge world for research
  • More than 60 stages
  • Unique characters

Views: 2062 | Popularity: 103 Download
Mole's world

Mole's world - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Mole's world - help Maurice to build a small village for moles. Plant flowers, look after sites of lands, build houses and develop the economy.

Views: 322 | Popularity: 11 Download
Speed race

Enjoy Speed race without any payments!

Game description:
In the game Speed race you need to overtake as many cars as possible, trying not to create emergencies. Earn money and visit garage to improve your vehicle.

Game features:
  • Dragging-out game process
  • Good graphics
  • Changing locations

Views: 4660 | Popularity: 226 Download
Pro zombie soccer: Apocalypse еdition

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Game description:
Do you like soccer and zombies? Play together with a football player Jax and blow up zombies that are wandering about your football field in a fascinating game Pro zombie soccer: Apocalypse еdition.

Views: 1050 | Popularity: 23 Download
Mighty adventure

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Game description:
Three amusing beings with amazing abilities go to travel to rescue the owner from a terrible huge monster in the game Mighty adventure.

Views: 2468 | Popularity: 31 Download

Play Platypus game now!

Game description:
Platypus a shooter game in a colourful plasticine world which needs to be protected from invasion of alien ships.

Game features:
  • Unusual graphics
  • 20 fascinating levels
  • 4 huge worlds
  • 5 types of weapon

Views: 862 | Popularity: 76 Download
Space eagle

Space eagle - free download only on our site!

Game description:
In the game Space eagle you are waited for by flights on aircraft on fantastic planets. Use devices of night vision and system of lamps for night operations to survive.

Views: 1347 | Popularity: 25 Download