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Dream scape

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Game description:
Dream scape - help a patient, recovered after a coma, restore his memory. Pass through mysterious labyrinths of memory. You will be helped by life fragments, dialogues, entries in the diary.

Game features:

  • Excellent plot
  • Set of locations for research
  • Intuitive control system

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Blue elf escape adventure

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Game description:
Blue elf escape adventure - blue elves got from the future to the present, directly to paws of the angry Jelly King. Return these tiny beings home! Lay their way to a magic time machine.

Game features:

  • Lovely characters
  • Realistic physics
  • More than 40 levels
  • Fascinating gameplay

Views: 982 | Popularity: 63 Download
Fruit roll

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Game description:
Fruit roll - give a ride to a ball on a slope as far as possible. Collect stars and useful fruit, on which color depends whether you will be able to crush unfriendly beings who will meet on the way.

Game features:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Collect 3 fruit at once for acceleration
  • Simple control system

Views: 1832 | Popularity: 291 Download
Globosome: Path of the swarm

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Game description:
Globosome: Path of the swarm - help a spherical creation which beat off from the swarm, find relatives. Plunge into the live world of the mysterious jungle, deep ravines and survive among dangerous flora.

Game features:

  • Acquisition of skills in the course of game
  • Tremendous graphics
  • Fascinating gameplay

Views: 16825 | Popularity: 130 Download
Dead corps

Dead corps - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Dead corps - a large-scale invasion of zombies! All population of the city turned into a vile blood-thirsty crowd of the dead. Some people try to survive and keep habitat for mankind.

Game features:

  • Intuitive control system
  • 11 environments
  • Hordes of zombies
  • More than 20 powerful types of weapon
  • More than 100 hours of a gameplay

Views: 16338 | Popularity: 139 Download
Goblin sword

Enjoy Goblin sword without any payments!

Game description:
Goblin sword - your city is seized by an army of monsters which is headed by a spiteful magician. Cruel fight is necessary. Destroy evil spirits, return the stolen to people. Neutralize bosses and reach the malicious magician.

Game features:

  • 4 guards will help you
  • Suits for the hero
  • Many enemies and 6 bosses
  • 48 levels and 3 confidential

Views: 1699 | Popularity: 56 Download
Sniper city: Zombies

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Game description:
The fatal virus affected practically all alive. You are survived in the city with dead persons. Don't wait passively for rescue! Take a rifle and protect yourself and survived from the zombie in Sniper city: Zombies.

Game features:

  • Realistic sound effects
  • Accuracy of targeting
  • Variety of zombies
  • 4 types of weapon and improvements

Views: 5765 | Popularity: 153 Download
Odd island: Defense

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Game description:
A robotized group of mechanical beings attacks a strange island. Beat off enemy invasion, having called local inhabitants to help in a fascinating arcade Odd island: Defense.

Game features:

  • Original graphics
  • Rich skills of heroes
  • Some roles
  • 60 waves and unlocked infinite waves
  • Variety of enemies

Views: 9985 | Popularity: 40 Download
Plasma sky

Play Plasma sky game now!

Game description:
The enemy ships attack you in Plasma sky. No enemies can frighten you! You are armed with an infinite stream of bullets and lasers. Dexterously move, evade from fire of the opponent and crush an aggressor!

Game features:

  • 80 levels
  • Set of bonuses
  • Huge arsenal of arms
  • Some game modes

Views: 802 | Popularity: 45 Download
Urban kick academy

Urban kick academy - free download only on our site!

Game description:
In Urban kick academy we will send a fearless stuntman to a flight. Simply choose the direction of flight and kick! In the sky it is desirable to come across springing objects and to avoid the braking ones.

Game features:

  • Graphics in the drawn style
  • Realistic sounds
  • Leaderboard

Views: 2080 | Popularity: 161 Download