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Hyper trip

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Game description:
In this dynamic game Hyper trip it is necessary , without reducing the set speed, to operate a shining square and to avoid its collisions with neon wall blocks. Precisely estimate the opportunities and go forward!

Game features:

  • Game on reaction speed
  • Qualitative sound
  • Bright graphics
  • Fast gameplay
  • Cunning ways

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Size does matter

Download game Size does matter right now!

Game description:
In Size does matter it’s necessary to pass through gate under a rhythm of musical compositions, without touching them. Regulate the size of your figure depending on the size of the gate. Will you be able to slip and reach to the end?

Game features:

  • Leaderboards in a network
  • Bright effects and neon graphics in retrostyle
  • Musical levels with increasing difficulty
  • Remarkable electronic compositions

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Kick the zombie

Get game Kick the zombie just in few clicks!

Game description:
In Kick the zombie you should kick zombie all the time. Send it to flight as far as possible. Flitting in the sky zombie can collect useful objects. Learn how far you will be able to start the monster?

Game features:

  • Achievements and bonuses
  • Collecting of bags with dollars for acquisition of the additional weapon ]
  • Variety of traps for zombie

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Glue knight

Download Glue knight or any other game without registration!

Game description:
Glue knight - the knight is ready to dangerous travel for the sake of a collection of diamonds. In a way he will be helped by ability to use a sword, jumps through abysses, sliding on walls and ceilings, and aspiration to go forward!

Game features:

  • Пиксельная Pixel graphics
  • Complicate levels
  • Set of obstacles
  • Unique skills of your character

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War of nations

War of nations - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Build an empire breaking the enemies in War of nations! Seize power over the world to become the ruling nation! In the territory of military base equip camp for improvement of the army.

Game features:

  • Alliances with other players
  • Army development
  • Tasks worldwide
  • Capture and development of bases, production of resources

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Z Hunter: Bring death to the dead

Enjoy Z Hunter: Bring death to the dead without any payments!

Game description:
Hold on in the apocalypse atmosphere. In the past, you were a marine. The few survived hope for rescue. Neutralize all zombies! Zombies don't doze in Z Hunter: Bring death to the dead!

Game features:

  • More than 150 missions with 4 different modes
  • Adjusted control system
  • Change of weather conditions
  • Bonuses, such as a radar, to find the hidden zombies
  • Powerful choice of weapon

Views: 1420 | Popularity: 104 Download
8bit doves

Get 8bit doves and other ipa games totally free.

Game description:
It’s 8bit doves, which main character has to overcome a series of difficult barriers. For advance and conservation of energy it is necessary to collect bonuses to reach an exit at each level.

Game features:

  • 3 sets of level with different theme
  • Unique world in 4 colors
  • Graphics in pixel style
  • Two-push-button control system

Views: 347 | Popularity: 11 Download
The silence

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Game description:
The silence - sudden awakening in remote hotel frightens you with absence of answers to the questions: who am I, where am I from, how did I get here? collect data about you on particles, remember events of previous life.

Game features:

  • Mysterious game atmosphere
  • Peculiar graphic style
  • Interesting plot
  • Variety of tasks

Views: 907 | Popularity: 44 Download
Blocks of pyramid breaker

Play Blocks of pyramid breaker game now!

Game description:
Blocks of pyramid breaker transfers you to Egypt - the country of majestic pyramids which need to be destroyed. Your tool - a sphere. Watch closely its trajectory, don’t let it fall into an abyss!

Game features:

  • A lot of various bonuses
  • 63 magnificent levels
  • Beautiful design

Views: 1217 | Popularity: 132 Download
Sugar kid

Sugar kid - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Finally Sugar kid overthrew the spiteful tyrant Mr. Lemon’s. But he decided to ruin the Sugar kid, having trapped him to dissolve. Rescue our hero! Water, soda and lemon are contraindicated to him.

Game features:

  • Various bonuses
  • Large number of levels
  • Fascinating story and gameplay

Views: 427 | Popularity: 25 Download