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League of Evil

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Game description:
The world needs your help! Evil scientists have created an organization, named League of Evil and only a superhero, i.e. you can stop them! As a super agent you can double jump to jump over large obstacles. It’s high time to show your acrobatic skills during 130 levels! You can also jump from one wall to another to climb higher and higher. Destroy everything on your way and find an evil scientist to thump on his pixel face. It’s time to save all and sundry!

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Star Warfare: Black Dawn

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Game description:
Star Warfare: Black Dawn is a colourful FPS game with elements of RPG. 4 classes are waiting for you altogether, with more than 100 skills and accidentally falling numerous items coming to your disposal. Pass through large maps, stimulating quests and on-line multiplayer system. Use super weapons to totally destroy all the enemies.

Game features:
  • Four classes with unique abilities
  • Eight adventurers of various origin
  • 12 different game styles
  • Hundreds of skills and numerous combinations

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Alternate Endings: Originals

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Game description:
Alternate Endings: Originals is a suspense quest in a detective genre in which you will have to take part in investigation of a complicated crime. Play as a guard, Russell by name. He will have to investigate a murder of a young director. In the game you are offered a number of alternative endings of the plot, which you will have to choose by yourself, as you will be offered different variants of a story continuation. However, you can choose a random plot and then the ending will be unexpected even for you. The game has an excellent movie graphics and sound.

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Dragon Siege

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Game description:
Play as a powerful Dragon and protect the gold reserves of a horde of warriors, who want to kill and rob you. You are a powerful Smague, an old Dragon who is going to retire. For centuries you have been a real threat of all nations and destroyed all the armies rummaging in search of gold and treasures. But this is a shadow of the past. Now you’d rather sleep light-heartedly on a golden bed waking up every couple of years to refresh yourself with a cow or two. But one day your lair was detected and the news reached the rulers of the nearest nations. It is understood that they sent armies to intrude into your humble abode.

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Robokill 2: Leviathan Five

Robokill 2: Leviathan Five - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
The plot of Robokill 2 untwists around the liberation of a space station “Leviathan” from an enemy infantry and aliens. A crew of a spaceship makes an emergency landing at "Leviathan" station, which has clearly visible traces of struggle. Not to risk the crew they sent a radically yellow battle robot to examine and clean out the station. Move through one room after another, destroy everything that moves and collect weapons and money. Movements about the station are realized in the best traditions of old shooters: run against the closed door, look for the key, go back and move to another room; stumble upon one more door there. You can go shopping to the local arm shop which has amazing assortment: lots of kinds of weapons with different improvements, levels of power and safety equipment; this is worth gaining experience and collecting cash. You will have a great number of flying, running and shooting creatures as your rivals.

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Game description:
PAC-MAN is a cult arcade game that was first released in Japan thirty years ago. The game was even filmed and a music album PAC-MAN Fever with the popular tracks for games popular at that time was released. Pac-man is a round creature consisting of big mouth and eyes. Your task is to collect all the dots on the level, avoiding collisions with ghosts. The level ends when you eat all the dots.

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Rally the World. The game

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Game description:
Drive Volkswagen Polo R WRC on 13 tracks in the World Rally Championship. As a copilot you can influence speed and processing of your carefully selected maps Polo R WRC. E.g. the corresponding maps are to be used in every series of checkpoints to let the car complete the track as fast as possible and get access to higher levels and 13 national rallies. Become the first and the best!

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Game description:
What happens when a fairy-tale world of a little girl turns into a cursed Kingdom with her being a Queen of it? Her favourite rabbit decides to help her. He has to go through a long and dangerous way, reach the castle and…Well, the story is known to many of you, but it only seems to you that you know the story…

Game features:
  • More than 20 heroes, each with his unique abilities. A Bunny Knight, Pizza eater and many other astounding heroes
  • Unique gameplay: control different things by simply moving them about the screen, attract enemies by shaking the device, defeat bosses to make the task and make many other interesting things
  • An amazing story: do you think this is a usual fairy-tale? Not at all!
  • Hand-drawn characters, backgrounds and other details: game design is a unique combination of amazing fairy-tales from your childhood combined with something mysterious
  • 3 worlds
  • 9 huge levels
  • 4 mini-games
  • 2 types of control

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A Skeleton Story

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Game description:
In A Skeleton Story you are to become a detective Will Musil and pass through a deadly world alone. He jumps from one building to another and kills enemies working for Old Lady Death. The main part of the game is a classic platform game; the additional part is a captivating story in the form of comics. There are 4 game episodes presented in the game.

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Mighty Wardens

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Game description:
Mighty Wardens is a chic 2D arcade game in which you can play both a single game and multiplayer! Play as a renegade Knight of the Old Guard or a Claw’s Clan Druid, multipurpose Battle Mage or a Deadly Assassin. Play different modes and destroy enemies! Unlock campaigns, choose 15 skills available in each class, assign attribute points. Find more than 60 objects. Use a variety of weapons, armor, boots and amulets that customize the color of your Warden.

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