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Encounter Force

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Game description:
Encounter Force is an advanced first-person shooting game with amazing graphics and lively and absorbing plot. Join the team of specialists and hold out against enemies, mines, aims and random bullets. It won’t be easy to complete the goal; but a massive choice of weapons will help you. Advance by hacking key code systems and locating and deactivating lasers along the way.

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Chess Multiplayer

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Game description:
Play chess against computer or your friends from all over the world! You get points with every victory over an enemy. The stronger is the opponent, the more points you get. The greater is the number of points, the higher rank in leaderboards you get. During the game you can correspond with your opponent. List of friends helps you to add new friends. The game is available in every country; it lets you choose opponents throughout the world!

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Impossible road

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Game description:
Control a fast rolling ball on a track resembling roller-coaster. Players have to count trajectory, make breathtaking jumps and hair-pin bends trying to gain as many points as possible.

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Jet Trains

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Game description:
Race the trains equipped with huge jets! Gain a crazy speed! Teleport from one rail to another, jump from trampolines and make crazy stunts! Improve our train with hundreds of upgrades: upgrade speed, durability and afterburning! The invincible leader of a train racing gang was thrown down by a villainous General Hellhoffen. The son of the beaten hero decides to revenge himself for his father, but first he has to overcome numerous pretenders for the title of Lord of the railways.

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Dig! - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Douglas Chase, not a lucky archeologist, works in a failing museum. He has to dig objects to keep his work and save the museum. Nigel, the mummy will try to prevent Douglas from reaching his goal, but don’t worry, Nigel’s sense of direction is poor (he has been lying in the grave for too much time), but still, if Nigel touches the line of digging all your achievements will disappear. A lot of enemies will join Nigel, but different power-ups (hats of magic and others) will help Douglas dig deeper and deeper to the center of the Earth…

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Stingy Bees

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Game description:
From the deepest forests to the coldest mountains a puzzling fight is held. Nasty Beeaters follow the Bees, making them to get prepared with special abilities to free their captured friends before they got eaten. In the fight process new Bees with special abilities will help you to beat Beeaters. You will have to show them the way. You will have to fight with Super Beeaters (Bosses); the extraordinary abilities you discover will help you in that. Collect as much pollen and flowers as possible while rescuing your friends and unlock the levels where even more Bees are captured. 160 stimulating levels with colourful graphics and changing modes are waiting for you in the game.

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Glory of Generals

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Game description:
More than 60 campaigns on 4 battlefields of WWII are waiting for your challenge. 102 world-known generals will take part in the war together with you. More than 300 real and rich landscapes will influence your strategy. The player has to wisely use landscapes of battlefields and protective equipment , as well as abilities of every unit to score an advantage. Reducing the route of retreat or enemy encirclement will bring great changes to battlefield situation. How to craftily deploy ground troops, naval and air forces to occupy key citadels of the enemy? This is the question that lingers in the player’s mind. Collect medals got in wars; they will lead you from a soldier to marshal. Recruit other officers to strengthen your power. It is important to use abilities of every officer to your advantage. An armored detachment under General Rommel’s command or a naval detachment of Nimitz will have a maximum productivity. The player can instruct any officer and his detachment on a battlefield. On-line multiplayer support. 3 levels of tutorial will guarantee your quick learning of game bases.

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Pilot Brothers

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Game description:
Berdichev has not experienced such an unheard-of insolence for ages: a priceless, rare striped elephant Baldakhin has been stolen from the Zoo in the dark night. His former owner, the terrible villain Karbofos becomes the prime suspect. The well-known detectives Pilot-brothers start an investigation of this outrageous crime chasing the villain through 15 comic locations in order to find the missing elephant. Reasonable Brother Chef and his somewhat eccentric assistant Brother Colleague solve number of puzzles and perfectly cope with their tasks of catching a criminal!

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Turkey Blast: Reloaded Pro

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Game description:
Turkey Blast: Reloaded Pro is a funny shooting arcade game. You will get absorbed by 12 unique locations, 12 different Turkeys, 14 kinds of weapons, 5 different power-ups, 7 categories of prizes and more than 70 unlockable prizes, unlimited levels and bonus rounds, intuitive controls and no ads!

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Doodle Summer Games

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Game description:
Doodle Summer Games will provide a permanent summer entertainment for the whole family. You are to compete in 12 different disciplines, such as sprinting, standing jump, broad jump, cycling, rowing, gymnastics, skeet shooting, javelin throwing, and many others. Just choose your country from 45 countries available and start playing. From 1 to 4 players can take part in Doodle Summer Games. This is a perfect game, which you can play together with your family or friends. The artist who created our award-winning game "Hangman", began working again, has outdone himself and created new animated doodle heroes, which will please you!

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