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Moto Madness - 3d Motor Bike Stunt Racing Game

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Game description:
Feel thrills of races in Moto Madness – 3d Motor Bike Stunt Racing Game! Ride your motorcycle at mad speeds through constantly changing movement. Your reflexes will be a thin side between a survival and an accident. Move forward and achieve racing dream!

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Sword of Inferno

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Game description:
Go on a travel through labyrinths of continents, mystical woods and ardent depths of the Underworld. Take a sword, operate you hero and dominate over the enemy! Enter into dungeons, into the underground cities and reject pressure of monsters. There will be fighting and manual dragons. You will be able to cause flame, wind, lightning and ice at your enemies. Cut their by the tail of your dragon like a sword and make them feel the power of your claws!

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Line Runner 2

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Game description:
Line Runner 2 — continuation of adventures of the drawn little man. The game is packed by new products, fascinating incidents, beautiful themes, including Classics, Desert, Space and more, new cunning obstacles, and also new characters for your choice. You again should run through different tracks, using various opportunities, trying to beat your friends’ results within the integrated leaderboard.

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Terrorist Zombies

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Game description:
Terrorist Zombies – an action in survival games style. Unlike in many other games, zombie, who attack you are unlimited. The better you beat off, the more zombies attack you!!! But don't worry – you have a lot of weapon!!!

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TABLE TOP RACING - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
TABLE TOP RACING - absolutely new fast and furious, fighting racing game showing qualitative console graphics and gameplay. TABLE TOP RACING is a fight between mad cars, against each other, in the world on a table with racing routes and oversized obstacles.

  • Multiplayer for 4 players
  • 30 achievements
  • 18 leaderbords
  • 10 upgrading cars
  • 8 improbable racing routes
  • 4 cruel championships
  • More than 30 special events
  • 6 unique gameplay mades
  • 9 cunning power-ups
  • iCloud synchronization
  • > Compatibility with iOS 6.0 and 5.0
  • Multilingual support

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Escape From The Tomb

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Game description:
Play like Lara Croft! Try to run away from an ancient grave with the stolen treasure. Challenge the death, using upgrading power-ups. Operate your character, collect coins to increase power of yours power-ups.

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Boost 2

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Game description:
Boost 2 - flight in a tunnel, with smart management. On your way there will be obstacles in the form of single cubes, and also cubes connected in a chain. There will be pieces with arrows, passing on which, you will accelerate. It is possible to crash only once but if at the time of collision you had acceleration, you lose only it and you continue the game. So there is a reason to try to accelerate all the time, but consider, the higher the speed is, the more difficult to turn aside from the obstacles. Let's note two features of this game which favorably distinguish it from other representatives of this genre. First, you don’t go all the time on the tunnel, periodically it becomes a wide strip, and then it will curtail in a pipe, but you will already be out of it, you will be on it, and it will diversifies gameplay very much. The second feature - accidental levels, you can’t learn the levels. And it becomes more interesting. Ride with a space speed!

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Squirkie: Lost His Shells!

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Game description:
Squirkie: Lost His Shells! - a game about turtle Squirkie, who has lost his shell! Help him to get his shell, collecting stars in this unique puzzle based on physics! When you will choose level you will meet a naked turtle, who is closed and shies. It is necessary to throw a shell to him that he could put it on, but don’t forget to collect all asterisks on your way! Press on the shell and take the finger away from it, thereby regulating the power of the throw and the flight corner. Managed to do that? Perfect! All points are in your pocket and all stars are collected. The next levels will be slightly more difficult, but everything is logical there. Moving further and further, there will be new more difficult levels with other elements - turning blocks and bombs.

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Come on Baby! Slapping Heroes

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Game description:
It is difficult to call this game fighting, but nevertheless it is so! These are real fights among small peanuts who are adjusted very aggressively, coming to a ring. Choose a child whom you like and battle against other children from all over the world.

  • Extra-special fights of children
  • 6 delightful super babies and 30 special suits
  • 3 game modes: Duels with users from all over the world, Infinite fight against a great number of enemies and training mode, helping to study basic skills
  • Bluetooth connection with near friends
  • Fascinating missions and awards
  • System of taken places
  • Facebook and Twitter connection

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Schwarzwald Zombie Hospital

Schwarzwald Zombie Hospital - free download only on our site!

Game description:
You had a breakdown with your car in the middle of Schwarzwald! And you need help, you get to hospital where there are strange things. Improbable beings and aliens live in it. Try to get out as soon as possible and to leave this abnormal area. But for this purpose you should sweat very much! Welcome to 3D zombie world!

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