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Added: 07-13-2013
Votes: 27
Deus Ex: The Fall. Year 2027. Struggle for survival begins. The former British mercenary longs for truth while matures the global conspiracy able to do harm to his life. Search for the truth sends him to lots of locations from Moscow to Panama.

Game features:
  • Hours of gameplay with different game modes
  • Visually stunning graphics, sound and music
  • Intuitive controls
  • Influence movements and battle
  • Immersive plot
  • Powerful blows and battle system
  • Fully explorable stunning environments
  • Several variants of gameplay
Views: 623 179
Popularity: 3 513
Download game Naughty Boy – Sling and shoot right now!
Added: 07-13-2013
Votes: 1
Naughty Boy – Sling and shoot. You are a real naughty boy! Do not let them catch you and lead to school! Grab the slingshot, aim and smash everything at your home to smithereens while running from your wacky family and dodging them! But do not shoot at your pet Buddy raccoon!

Game features:
  • Diverse arsenal of shells
  • 5 types of slingshots
  • Stunning 3D Retina Display graphics
  • Funny animation and characters
Views: 5 292
Popularity: 703
Get game Youda Survivor just in few clicks!
Added: 07-13-2013
Votes: 8
Youda Survivor is about funny adventures of Youda on a mysterious island, where he will have to survive. You are to make friends with a tribe, develop them and fight with pirates, take care of the farm, make different potions…You can find magic treasures and learn how to control natural forces. Prove that you are a true islander and you can easily cope with any conditions on a foreign island!

Game features:
  • 80 amazing levels
  • 5 additional features: rain, wind, lightning, birds and monkeys
  • 11 exotic animals
  • fast-paced action
  • Modernizations, bonuses and awards
  • Game Center achievements
Views: 20 968
Popularity: 2 704
Download Lines of Fire: The Boardgame or any other game without registration!
Added: 07-13-2013
Votes: 3
Lines of Fire: The Boardgame. Strategic battles of the WWII on the Western Front are in full swing! There is much one can afford as the game has a great number of locations. Outwit the enemy, distribute resources wisely, maneuver forces and introduce new units to the battlefield.

Game features:
  • fresh design
  • RTS-style gameplay
  • old-school board game style
Views: 3 924
Popularity: 212
Zombies !!! - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Added: 07-13-2013
Votes: 0
Zombies !!!. Hurry up not to be caught by the hungry monstrous hordes of zombies. Moreover, you seem to be very appetizing!
Views: 2 903
Popularity: 109
Enjoy Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox without any payments!
Added: 07-12-2013
Votes: 5
Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox is a sequel of Payback action, in which you are to face shootouts with bandits, confrontation of tanks, arguments with mafia and other fast-paced events. Day/night cycle and weather conditions will add realism to the game. Blow off steam; show them who is the boss in the streets of the city!

Game features:
  • Lots of types of huge environments
  • 9 game modes
  • support of on-line multiplayer mode for 4 players
  • Amazing graphics
  • Support of achievements
  • Different intuitive weapons
Views: 9 337
Popularity: 551
Get Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy Premium and other ipa games totally free.
Added: 07-12-2013
Votes: 1
Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy Premium. Emma, the main heroine inherited the Stanwick mansion she used to spend her childhood in. On coming there Emma notices different weird things: the light is on in empty rooms, there are inexplicable sounds of a heart beat…She is to check every millimeter of the mansion while searching for solutions to all the secrets and strange things.

Game features:
  • Mysterious atmosphere
  • An old house with a great number of memories and mysteries
  • Diversity of levels
Views: 12 362
Popularity: 905
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
Added: 07-12-2013
Votes: 10
Take part in high-quality cross-platform first person shooter Critical Missions: SPACE, representing on-line FPS experience on your device. Enjoy the smooth and adjustable control.

Game features:
  • Multiplayer mode: Local network and global servers (U.S., Europe, Japan and Asia)
  • Single mode: play against adjustable alien bots
  • Smooth control
  • 6 types of the game: classic, TDM, a zombie mode, the zombie match, survival, death match , juggernaut and Capture the Flag (CTF)
  • Customizable settings: life, speed, difficulty zombies, etc.
  • Dozens of pre-installed and downloadable unique maps
Views: 30 572
Popularity: 1 957
Play Fatty Maze’s Adventures game now!
Added: 07-12-2013
Votes: 0
Fatty Maze’s Adventures. On finding a treasure map a Fatty sets off for treasure hunt without losing a second, but lost his way in a maze. You are to help the character overcome the most entertaining labyrinths you can easily get lost into. Move through a great number of mazes and find keys to open the lock at the exit. Be patient, concentrate, overcome all the obstacles and get to the treasures together with the Fatty.

Game features:
  • Qualitative graphics and animation!
  • 3 missions: Jungles, Ice and Desert!
  • More than 50 levels!
  • Different game conditions: fog, sandstorm, day/night
  • Lots of instruments: a hammer, a machete, a boat, markers, ball of yarn, poisonous mushrooms and other
  • Interactive obstacles: rocks, bushes, rivers, portals, bridges, boxes and wild animals
  • 2 types of control
Views: 2 997
Popularity: 324
Sudoku + - free download only on our site!
Added: 07-11-2013
Votes: 0
Sudoku + is an interesting puzzle game, in which you can challenge your friends or strangers. Solve the task, make not more than three mistakes and win the prize!

Game features:
  • Excellent graphics
  • Game Center achievements
  • Diversity of squares
  • Numerical score system
Views: 4 760
Popularity: 617
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