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Garden of Fear

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Game description:
You wake up in a labyrinth. You do not know why you are here. You only know that something horrible has happened! The only things you have with you are: a lantern, a little bit of charcoal and a compass. Do you think you have iron nerves? Do you think nothing will scare you? We will check it! Test this first-grade 3D horror game and let yourself plunge into a world of fear! You’d better play alone, sitting in the dark with headphones on your head! The aim of the game is quite simple: there are 8 exit doors, 2 on each outer side. ONLY ONE of them will let you escape the labyrinth! The other 7 will lead you back to the center of the labyrinth.

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Game description:
Fell the taste of freedom and run! Do not let them catch you! Vector is the best parkour simulator, which will plunge you into an absorbing atmosphere of a chase. You are to set off to a totalitarian world where everything is subject to strict laws of the government, but the main character has decided to challenge them and get away from the constant supervision to feel like a real free man. Now he has to constantly live on the run, dodge through the streets and rooftops of a big city while fleeing from government watchdogs. With each attempt you will pass the track ever better and will learn to perform more tricks.

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Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops

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Game description:
The soldiers wearing the beautiful uniform and having a perfect technical support are eager to be back to the fight! Test your character and lead your soldiers to victory in three exciting special operations! Upgrade their rifles and bullet-proof vests to help them survive on the battle field. Use smooth controls to move your team, call a hail of bullets and devastate enemy settlements with grenades, missiles and air strikes. Help Tiny Troopers fight with endless waves of zombies in 3 action limited maps.

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Doom Siege - 3D

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Game description:
Try a 3D protective Tower madness! Pass through various maps with different difficult levels to see whether you have protective skills necessary for protection of your richness! Use any tower and make the invading armies fall to their knees.

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Pirates 3D Cannon Master

Pirates 3D Cannon Master - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Pirates 3D Cannon Master is an absorbing sea action. It is the best pirate’s game! Welcome to the world of fight between ships with cannons. In Pirates 3D you will plunge into epic battles of battle ships and fight against seamen from all over the world. You are offered to try your hand in playing as a brave captain of a picaroon. Choose one warship from 10 large warships detailed with great accuracy. More ships will be added soon! Become a great pirate captain! Remember, that in battles you will have to take everything into account: the trajectory of a ball’s flight, wind direction and clew down and up to save the sails from the salvos of enemy ships.

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Death Drive: Racing Thrill

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Game description:
Death Drive: Racing Thrill. These are dynamic action races. The whole country is under threat, as terrorists have planted bombs in different cities. Our spy net managed to get codes for bombs’ deactivation. You have to get the codes from different cities one by one to save the fellow-citizens. This is not an easy trip, as the terrorists know that you are here and they have provided themselves with weapons to destroy you. Our spies reported that the terrorists had first-rate shooters in their cars. If it will not suffice, the helicopters will attack your car with rockets and ball lightnings. Nothing can be worse than an unarmed warrior and your most powerful weapon is your car! You can choose from 12 high-octane cars. Do not forget to equip them with Guns and Missile launchers in order to hold out against the enemy. Hurry up!! The clock is ticking and you cannot afford losing deactivation codes, as thousands of innocent lives are counting on you.

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Super Wars X

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Game description:
Super Wars X is a massive multiplayer real time strategy game. The World War III is raging! Heavy fighting is underway and your enemies start to surround you. Can you protect yourself? Build a base and put your competitors on their knees! The game has 14 combat units to dominate on land, at sea and in the air and 8 devastating skills.

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Enemy Strike

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Game description:
Enemy Strike is an epic first person shooter, that combines 3D environment with intense FPS gameplay. Brutal alien invasion has destroyed the great part of Earth population. You protect one of the last remaining cities. Grab your weapons and get ready to epic war against a relentless enemy with artificial intelligence, snipers, alien helicopter gunships and medium tanks...

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Game description:
Pompy is a very kind creature that spends his life on a small planet. Usually he searches for food for himself and his family, or picks up flowers or simply travels around the planet. One day something awful happened and he understood that he had to take measures. Help Pompy fight against a strange robot that suffered a wreck of his spaceship and now builds factories to produce series of strange ghostly creatures that endanger Pompy's life. You have to make the robot stop making the creatures and stop enemy attacks and bring back Pompy’s life this way.

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Doodle Jump Easter Special

Doodle Jump Easter Special - free download only on our site!

Game description:
It is a Doodle Jump Easter Special! You can complete all the 25 levels by collecting Easter eggs at the end of each level! It is more complicated that it sounds, thanks to different types of platforms and several cute monsters on your way. Use relocations, disappearances, explosions and fragile platforms and face the cute monsters.

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