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Game description:
AirAttack is a dynamic shooter in the sky of the WWII with amazing 3D graphics. 58 types of enemies, numerous upgrades and special weapons, crazy light and special effects, orchestra music, 3 complexity levels, Physics of destruction, the destruction of bridges and buildings, 8 bosses and many other things are waiting for you. The surrounding world is drawn in detail, despite the fact that we look at it from a many kilometers height. From the very first seconds the enemy planes raid from every quarter, ships sail down the river, tanks move on the ground and they are all against you. Usual small enemy planes explode with one hit, but there are also enemies that are larger and which have to be hit with several bursts of a gun. On destroying a couple of dozens of enemies you will reach a checkpoint, that is the place where the game saves automatically. Here will also appear a shop, in which you will be able to buy new weapons or upgrade the old ones. The main thing is to be quick and enter the shop, otherwise it will fly away.

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Modern Battlefield AR Shooter

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Game description:
You are attacked by two types of enemies: ground troops and strikers, the modern deadly flying machines. You have to detect the attacking enemies and shoot them as quickly as possible! They can appear from behind the tires, boxes, barrels or sandbags. Earn maximum points and survive! You can use 4 types of weapons: pistol SIG P226, carbines M4, AS VAL and rifle SCAR-H. Do not forget to reload them!

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Stay Alight!

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Game description:
Meet Mr. Bulb, the planet saviour, the only one who can clear the Earth from mutant slugs. Destroy all the monsters with the use of light bombs. But everything is not that easy: you will have to use your wits to look for hidden mutants, use logics and tactical skills to count the power of the shot. Our eyes are able to perceive only a little bit of the things going on around us. Besides, somewhere in a microcosm the brave bulb fights with the monsters emerging from garbage thrown by people. Stay Alight is a logic arcade game on iOS with amazingly developed and beautiful world and original physics. The player has to count the trajectory of flight of glowing projectiles to hit all the monsters and pass all the 20 levels in each campaign. Only your guidance will help the Bulb save himself from monsters and make the world cleaner! 50 unique levels, stunningly beautiful graphics, nice music, realistic physics and fascinating microcosm are waiting for you in the game.

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Labyrinth 2

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Game description:
Labyrinth 2 is the game with new elements: Cannons, Bumpers, Multiple balls, Doors, Magnets, Fans, Resizers, Merry-Go-Rounds, Duplicators, Lasers and many other things. You can create your own levels and share them with your friends and the whole world immediately. You can download the levels created by community; up to 4 players can participate in the game via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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Dungeon Hunter 4

Dungeon Hunter 4 - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Demons, the race that was considered extinct for millions of years, have returned to the earth. You awaken from what seemed like a nightmare to find your kingdom, Valenthia, decimated. You come out of the battle without being injured thanks to an incredible power mystically given you from Heaven. And you become the last hope of your people. Complete the epic campaign with incredible visual design. Kill hordes of enemies and defeat the gigantic bosses. Collect the countless trophies.

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de Counter

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Game description:
de Counter is the remake of a classic first-rate multiplayer shooting video game that takes place in modern times. de Counter is a Counter Strike Classic remade for mobile device. Test classic levels of original version. All the classic weapons are located within the levels. From AK47 and semi-automatic rifle to a hunting knife. The maps include: Aztec, Dust, Nuke and others.

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Lumber Jacked

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Game description:
Lumber Jacked is a new platform game, where the main hero, a sawmill worker, will be on the warpath against the Beavers. Really, who else could be so annoying for a wood sawing specialist? The platform game has a nice retro-graphics and dynamic gameplay. More than 60 levels, lots of traps, various locations.

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Bouncy Seed!

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Game description:
A little seed named Paul broke through the soil and now wants to collect sunlight with your help! Your task is to use your fingers and special trampoline not to let Paul fall down to the river and collect as many sunny dots as possible. Be wise; overcome all the obstacles on your way and make Paul collect more sunlight splashes in beautiful landscapes of all seasons.

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Apache vs Tank in New York! (Air Forces vs Ground Forces!)

Play Apache vs Tank in New York! (Air Forces vs Ground Forces!) game now!

Game description:
Control your Apache helicopter and destroy tanks in the streets of New York. In the game process you can upgrade your Apache; the newest laser weapons will be available to you. Choose an aim, shoot and be glad with victory!

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Garden of Fear

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Game description:
You wake up in a labyrinth. You do not know why you are here. You only know that something horrible has happened! The only things you have with you are: a lantern, a little bit of charcoal and a compass. Do you think you have iron nerves? Do you think nothing will scare you? We will check it! Test this first-grade 3D horror game and let yourself plunge into a world of fear! You’d better play alone, sitting in the dark with headphones on your head! The aim of the game is quite simple: there are 8 exit doors, 2 on each outer side. ONLY ONE of them will let you escape the labyrinth! The other 7 will lead you back to the center of the labyrinth.

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