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Added: 08-06-2012
Votes: 20
Astronaut Spacewalk – a highly realistic astronaut jetpack simulator. Fly the Manned Manouvering Unit from the Space Shuttle cargo bay to several satellites, align into position to make repairs and dock back into the Shuttle. Fly the jetpack in 20 daring missions where you have to rendezvous with different satellites from the smaller TDRS and Solar Maximum, medium sized like the Magellan and Galileo probes, to the big Skylab, Hubble telescope and Russian MIR station. Flying in space is not like flying a plane. A small wrong movement can send you in a collision path and you will need to use the valuable electricity and fuel resources which are in limited quantity. Challenge yourself to master Inertial Flight in space, if you lose control. The difference between life and death is the oxygen in your suit and the nitrogen in your jetpack. It might be beautiful but who said that floating in space would be easy?
Views: 8511
Popularity: 1041
Download game Chasing Yello right now!
Added: 08-06-2012
Votes: 7
Continuation of a popular game Saving Yello. In the game Chasing Yello we again will assume a role of a yellow small fish on freedom and we will help her to escape: jump and dive to avoid a set of obstacles through the dangerous river.

  • Lots of awesome power ups, including shield, magnet, rocket and super star
  • Collect stars and buy better power ups
  • Awesome cartoon animation!
  • Game Center
  • Show off your score on Twitter и Facebook
Views: 9858
Popularity: 1138
Get game Vempire - Monster King just in few clicks!
Added: 08-06-2012
Votes: 5
Vempire - Monster King - a fascinating puzzle with 10 worlds with multiple levels, classical gameplay with amusing opportunities, animation graphics, fight against terrible monsters, powerful challenges, unlockable artifacts to grow your power. Time is ticking, keep focus and watch out for the boss!
Views: 3180
Popularity: 163
Download Total War Battles or any other game without registration!
Added: 08-06-2012
Votes: 5
In Total War Battles prompt tactical battles are harmoniously combined with intuitively clear economic component. Events take place in medieval Japan, its atmosphere is perfectly shown in the game. Operate your bases, generate resources and recruit armies: samurai, archers, ninjas and cavalry. Each victory awards XP to spend on building and troop upgrades. These improvements could make a decisive difference to your future battles. You will be delighted with the dynamic, thought-over and fascinating game process, and beginners will estimate simplicity of training battles, flexible settings of difficulty level and help mode, with the help of which you will quickly become a real tactics!
Views: 9984
Popularity: 591
Tower Bloxx New York - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Added: 08-05-2012
Votes: 17
Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D is a time killing game. And it is beautiful not only with so fabulous characters or fascinating quests, but with its exclusively graphics. Tower Bloxx — is quite old game. It was popular on old phones, and now developers from Digital Chocolate made it for iDevices. With a huge crane you need to construct and settle a megalopolis. Only 4 modes: Quick Game, Build City, Party Game and Time Attack. Quick Game — fast game mode. The task — to construct as high building as possible. Restrictions — an opportunity to lose not more than three blocks. Build City — city building mode. Choose buildings, build new houses — it is your own city now. By the way, the more straight you stack the house, the more people will live there. There’re 4 types of buildings which have different colors and height. Party Game —multiplayer. The game is in an album mode and divides the screen into 2 parts. Choose a building and try not to fight for a telephone. The one who will quicker construct the necessary quantity of floors will win. Time Attack — time game. You are given 44 seconds —check, how many floors you will manage to construct during this time.
Views: 10866
Popularity: 2497
Enjoy Zombie Gunship without any payments!
Added: 08-05-2012
Votes: 17
You should try yourselves as a military pilot which mission is to destroy the undead, spreading on the land. Stand at the gunner seat of a heavily-armed AC-130. Strategically fire your powerful guns to slay endless waves of zombies and protect the remaining survivors of the zombie apocalypse! Use 3D - display of night vision, toggle between white and black hot modes. Use your radar to quickly detect and eliminate the zombie threat! Collect coins for each killed zombie and use them to update your arms.
Views: 12189
Popularity: 1992
Get Monster Trouble Anniversary Edition and other ipa games totally free.
Added: 08-05-2012
Votes: 3
Monster Trouble Anniversary Edition — a new 3D strategy for iPad with excellent graphics! Your task is to protect mankind from invasions of orks and goblins, creating various protective constructions and barriers. Set of levels and riddles.
Views: 3416
Popularity: 174
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
Added: 08-05-2012
Votes: 1
Party Wave - an action - surfing game. You should operate the whole group of surfers traveling in the ocean. Become the master of surfing board!
Views: 2171
Popularity: 99
Play Knights of the Round Cable game now!
Added: 08-04-2012
Votes: 2
When the world is in peril and you need a hero, who are you going to call? The knight of the Round Cable! In a crazy medieval world, control one of the famous Super Knights and fill your pockets with the gems scattered throughout each level. Use your grappling hook to swing around the anchor points in the scenery. Use your reflexes to change direction, collect treasures and dodge the attacks of your enemies! A fascinating and colorful entertainment, Knights of the Round Cable. Spend the gems you collect on game-transforming upgrades and power-ups, such as magnets, life hearts, rare jewels and more! Enlist new Knights as you complete challenges, each with their own special attributes.
Views: 4224
Popularity: 361
Battlebow: Shoot the Demons - free download only on our site!
Added: 08-04-2012
Votes: 4
Battlebow: Shoot the Demons - отличный RPG шутер. A gate to hell has opened and devilish creatures are rising from the abyss, to clear off all life from our world. Will you be able to defend and to destroy the leader of demons? There’re tree more classes of characters to unblock.
Views: 5893
Popularity: 318
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