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Worms 2: Armageddon

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Game description:
Grab your grenades and prepare for battle, as the worms are back, bigger and better than ever and are called Worms2: Armageddon! >! A popular game based on strategy returned with the new weapon, brand new customization options and of course, more explosions! With many games modes available, there is something for everyone. Battle against 3 other friends in high-octane multi-player action or take on the solo campaign in a bid to become the ultimate mercenary worm!

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Reckless Racing 2

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Game description:
В Reckless Racing 2 18 highly detailed cars, ranging from small dirt buggies to fast supercars, and 24 routes, dirty and broadband highways. Tune your car in the garage to match your driving style with a vast selection of parts and upgrades. Try to make your car the best for you. Fasten your belts and prepare for an unforgettable trip! In the new version bugs are fixed.

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Shoot The Zombirds

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Game description:
Shoot The Zombirds - Protect pumpkins from ominous hordes of Zombie birds! Use your loyal crossbow and big magic power-ups to reach the top of the leaderboards! This game expects your accuracy and swiftness. Modernize the skills and dress up as classical characters from horror films! New suit is added and powerups are added in purchase.

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Crash Birds Islands

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Game description:
Crash Birds Islands - is a 3D bird flight simulation on your mobile or tablet device. Fasten your jetpacks, get your helmets and be ready for new adventures! Fly three cute bird characters through 45 fantastic levels and master all the different challenges. Meet your birds Fred, Suzy and Jack. Choose your gear: jetpack or trusty helmet. Cheerful soundtrack that could rival your most beloved animation movies. Find and collect the secret golden eggs! Pass all the checkpoints in time! Collect all gold coins! Crash all the piles of wooden crates! Crash all the blue toilets!

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Worms - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Here are well-known Worms! Single mode, multiplayer for 4х players, a set of control options of teams and maps, casual generation of landscapes, a graphic engine of the version for Playstation 3 – all this and many other things in Worms. You will have a possibility to attack flying on a parachute, possibility of creation of your own team of enemies!

  • Option of graphic settings changing for increasing the game productivity
  • More sensitive management of the camera, and also possibility of closer zooming
  • Possibility to overturn the image on the screen for comfortable game on iPod Touch
  • Management of a rope is improved, including realization of special tricks
  • Cleverer rivals
  • Management of back-flip and of a usual jump is improved, including addition of a new gestures method
  • Set of improvements for optimization of touch-sensitivity and general productivity of game on all devices
  • 5 new speech assemblies! (Special-Ops, Fighter Pilot и Sub Commander).
  • New mode of Forts and omission of level Gold Donkey! (available as purchase in the APP)
  • Compatibility with Game Center
  • Intagration Facebook

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My Army

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Game description:
The world is in a state of war and your army needs you more than ever! The enemy progresses quickly, occupying the countries and extending terror through our precious lands. It is time for real heroes to act and release the countries, torn by the war, from deadly capture of malicious enemy forces. Recruit a group of your friends from Facebook, rescue prisoners of war and keep soldiers. The destiny of the World is in your hands!!! Form your elite team from FACEBOOK and create frame in the field of fight. Rescue prisoners of war and you can join them to armies. Share the stories from the front on your wall and pay a tribute to heroes. In the new version gas attack and submarine are added.

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Blood & Glory

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Game description:
Blood & Glory - a colorful game with excellent graphics. You are a gladiator who battles in the field of fight for his own life. You need to develop the strategy for the destruction of each rival. Your arms have a great value in fight, which need to improve constantly. It is possible to do after each fight both for the earned money in the game, and for the real money. Try special attacks and combo for the final victory saturated with blood! Be a real champion and earn Invictus medals, winning tournaments faultlessly. Never lose and don't give up!

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Captain’s Fury

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Game description:
Command your vessels, plan and destroy the enemy in the sea. 12 types of sub-weapon and sub-equipment will be available for you. 10 stages with more than 40 scenes, and fights with bosses. Become the king of the sea!!!

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Angry Birds goes back to School

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Game description:
Angry Birds Seasons: Back to school! - a new episode with a brand new birdie! There’re more than 290 new added levels. And there’re 20 fascinating levels, on a school subject, plus a number of bonus levels with apples, pencils, backpacks and playgrounds. Also music was changed to more school theme. And the main thing-a new heroine, a lovely pink birdie who is very similar to a bubble.

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Talking Carl!

Talking Carl! - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Talking Carl - something named Carl, repeats everything that you tell all a cheerful voice, you can tickle or pinch him to make him laugh in a cheerful voice! And if you forget about Carl, he will grumble strongly. Talk to him, and he will repeat your words with an interesting, hysterical voice.
Tickle him, and he will laugh aloud.
Press his eyes, and he will shout and shout.
And if you forget about him, he will grumble.
Very polite, he even says goodbye!

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