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Added: 08-13-2012
Votes: 2
Try to challenge the best Super Bikers! Compete during 10 extreme tracks and try to win the Main prize! Real speed and sensations of driving! If you are one of the best three players, you will get money. If you are the first, you will get an additional bonus! The score of each race is registered. Share your score online and try to stay in world ranging! If you agree, your location will be automatically found to show the flag of your country in the international table of results. You can compete with players from the whole world! You can see ranging in any time, pressing “World High Scores” emblem.
Views: 10 487
Popularity: 946
Download game Catapult King right now!
Added: 08-13-2012
Votes: 27
Become the catapult king. Take down forts, castles and even a fire-breathing dragon in castle crushers. Rescue the princess and defeat the enemy in this beautiful, 3D fantasy adventure. Princesses are constantly getting themselves kidnapped by dragons and this one is no different. Now it's up to you to get her back using your arsenal of cannonballs and power-ups. The Nasty Knights are helping the dragon keep the princess captive. Give them a lesson in 64 fun and challenging levels. Complete levels to earn magic, then use this to enchant your catapult. You can give your catapult a line of sight for accuracy, use the Earth Shock to blast the bad guys away, or call in a devastating Lunar Strike! 16 absolutely new amusing and stimulating levels, improved stability, Facebook and Twitter integration for Japanese, Chinese and Korean users. Explore the expanded Kingdom!
Views: 25 274
Popularity: 3 758
Get game Michael Jackson The Experience just in few clicks!
Added: 08-13-2012
Votes: 42
Experience the excitement and the magic of Michael Jackson's iconic music videos and short films through this rhythm game optimized for iPad. This game includes 4 songs: Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Speed Demon, Blood on the Dance Floor. Michael Jackson The Experience invites players on a spectacular interactive journey through the King of Pop's most legendary hits. The Experience introduces a brand new way of playing rhythm games. Draw a series of shapes with your fingers according to the beat and choreography of the Michael Jackson avatar. Perform legendary choreographies in faithfully recreated signature settings. When it’s time to take a break from the dancing, gorgeous cinematic cut scenes retell these memorable stories in eye-popping detail and with special effects. Have fun whether you're a casual game player or a seasoned veteran. Three difficulty levels make this game enjoyable for everyone. Visit the in-game app store for more songs, alternative equipment, fascinating special effects and more!
Views: 74 517
Popularity: 3 094
Download Razor salvation or any other game without registration!
Added: 08-13-2012
Votes: 8
Defend your homeland. Save the world! As commander of the dropship "Salvation", you are tasked with rescuing Earth's inhabitants and helping with the EDSF defense effort. - Enemies exhibit different strategies. Dynamic objects can be blasted around the level and the enemy will continue to find cover behind them! Shoot the Xenos, protect the civilians! Or leave them alone and watch the infected eat them… Use the classic FPS weapons like grenade launcher, rocket launcher and rail gun. Access to awesome specials like the Redeemer! IPAD 3 Full resolution real-time 3D graphics. Great console graphics. Create your own factions with friends and fight together to be the top performing Faction in the world! Help your world region to the top of the rankings! Be the best shooter or savior! GameCenter leaderboards and full iCloud sync. Girls in bikini and cheerleaders.
Views: 14 569
Popularity: 512
Ricky Carmichael's Motorcross Marchup - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Added: 08-13-2012
Votes: 101
Ricky Carmichael's Motorcross Marchup - a motor-freestyle simulator from 2XL Games company. Choose a character, a motorcycle and make improbable tricks by means of various gestures! You can improve your character and the bike. There is a possibility of multiplayer game in the Internet. Wheel support of AppDrive from SpinMaster is added, mistakes are corrected.
Views: 210 447
Popularity: 18 059
Enjoy Men vs Machines without any payments!
Added: 08-12-2012
Votes: 7
The year 2400, but it's an era, where you must fight for survival in a revolution against the vicious robot army G.E.A.R, under the command of the evil dictator Eisenberg. You must fight alongside your fellow man, take down the machines with various weapons. Add your Game Center and Facebook friends to form your Alliance - your fellow rebels will help protect you and destroy the repressive machines. Choose from and array of insane mechanically-powered weapons and customize your character with unique sets of imaginative and powerful armors.
Views: 14 821
Popularity: 1 278
Get Robot Rampage and other ipa games totally free.
Added: 08-12-2012
Votes: 12
Invasion began and you are a robot-aggressor. You – a nuclear robot from the stars – you bring chaos and ruin to the planet Earth! Your destructive armor robot got a task to destroy the city! Destroy every town house by your feet, fists and powerful arms! Armed forces of Earth will try to stop you, but their primitive armies, tanks and planes are almost unable to prevent you … or nevertheless they can? How far you can go?
Views: 8 945
Popularity: 1 056
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
Added: 08-12-2012
Votes: 10
Chaos spreads over the earth. Savage monsters run wild. A once peaceful village collapses under the turmoil. All hope is lost… But a brave young monster tamer survives. Those he cannot tame, he must destroy. He is a monster's worst enemy, and the world's only hope! Control the tamer through mystical zones and face off with many monsters in battle adventures. During battle, monsters you don’t slaughter can be captured to become the tamer’s personal attack force. Capture as many types of monsters as possible for a complete collection!

  • 50 previously unseen monsters to capture or kill. You decide!
  • Bring captured monsters back to the ranch for taming and training.
  • Collect flesh and bones of slain monsters to feed your captured monsters.
  • Each unique monster has different skills.
  • Select up to 3 monsters to accompany you into battle.
  • Many unique battle zones guarantee you a new adventure each time.
  • Each set of battle zones is protected by its own giant monster boss.
  • Richly detailed scrolling environments.
  • Supports Bluetooth and Game Center connections methods for creating powerful monster breeds and friendship badges.
Views: 7 935
Popularity: 579
Play Angry Man game now!
Added: 08-12-2012
Votes: 2
Angry Man is in gloomy mood and is ready to start the revenge. Help him to carry out the task with the minimum quantity of attempts, to win more points and to challenge your friends. 50 levels of stimulating adventure wait for your arrival in the field of fight. Enter into a firing mode and spend time cheerfully.
Views: 3 686
Popularity: 330
Call of Mini: Sniper - free download only on our site!
Added: 08-12-2012
Votes: 9
Call of Mini: Sniper - is a hunting for the undead!!! Use weapon, rockets, and even trucks with propane! Zombies won't stop, but neither will you! A mysterious corporation has been testing weapons in the mountains, and those new bioweapons had an unexpected side effect: zombies! You are Rod, the sheriff of Muerte Vista and the only thing standing between the last survivors and complete zombie apocalypse. Time to take aim and save the world one headshot at a time!

  • 6 BLOODTHIRSTY zombie types!
  • 21 LETHAL weapons!
  • SWAT backup!
  • EXPLOSIVES bring the BOOM!
  • NONSTOP zombie assaults!!
Views: 12 911
Popularity: 1 633
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