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Added: 08-09-2012
Votes: 1
Astro Wings2 Plus : space odyssey - a magnificent vertical shooter in which you will destroy the enemy literally everywhere, certainly it won't do without battle with the boss. But thank God you will have a possibility to upgrade fire power of your fighter! World-class sound, detailed graphics, and spectacular effects in AstroWings2!! Just touch the screen to move your fighter in the desired direction. Touch the icons on the left and right side of the screen to use items or switch weapons.

  • 13 stages of increasing difficulty level
  • Various enemy units
  • 4 upgrade levels and 8 different weapons
  • World-class sound, detailed graphics, and spectacular effects
  • 4 different difficulty modes
  • Boss battle in the final 13th stage
  • Easy control facilities
  • - Ranking System
  • Increased quantity of coins
Views: 3919
Popularity: 355
Download game Robot N Gun right now!
Added: 08-09-2012
Votes: 5
Robot N Gun - the cruel robots plan a massive attack to have the very last resource held by the human beings. In order to protect the lives and the resource, you need to send the advance robot out and load it with with high tech weapon. Let's defend!!

  • Awesome scenes.
  • Powerful weapon.
  • Total 150 battles.
  • You can upgrade robot and weapons in the factory.
  • Thrilling BOSS battle.
  • Each enemy robot has its characteristics.
Views: 4351
Popularity: 323
Get game Blood Ninja:Last Hero just in few clicks!
Added: 08-09-2012
Votes: 7
300 years ago Ninja appeared and drove out darkness and light was returned to the world. However, human beings, who forgot history of darkness, didn’t want Ninjas any more. And the stories about disappearances of ninja became the result of this. Human beings’ depravity awakened power of darkness again. The world faces a crisis of collapse. However, there is hope at any time. Because just you are here as the final Ninja!
Views: 7740
Popularity: 438
Download Jaws Revenge or any other game without registration!
Added: 08-09-2012
Votes: 14
In Jaws Revenge you play the part of the hungry man-eater shark that terrorized the island. Dish out payback to swimmers, sunbathers, seagulls, windsurfers, boats and more!

  • Universal app
  • Three worlds, 30 levels
  • One-touch action
  • Upgrade your shark - bigger teeth, tougher skin, and more!
  • Mad feeding!
  • Collect coins and license plates
  • Compete with friends
  • Game Center Achievement
Views: 9117
Popularity: 1719
Duel of Fate - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Added: 08-08-2012
Votes: 10
Enter a realm where the fate of your friends and family lie within a deck of cards. Strategically select your cards as you face off against wizards and witches as you rise to avenge the deaths of loved ones! A successful battle requires quick decisive action as you decide which monster cards will overpower the opponents. Fire elements are defeated by water elements, which are in turn defeated by leaf elements. A mastery of this system will aid you in your quest towards victory! In the new version the card of monsters is added, the design of game, additional training programs are improved and bugs are fixed.
Views: 5439
Popularity: 604
Enjoy Grabatron without any payments!
Added: 08-08-2012
Votes: 8
Take control of a UFO with a retractable claw and destroy the puny human, livestock, transport, buildings and other objects. Light objects of UFO sucks into them, and large grasps mechanical claws and then they can be broken, for example, about the earth. Management is carried out with accelerometer – you need a little time to get used. Beautiful HD Graphics, realistic physics and over 30 different missions, and it is possible to modify the ship. Terrorize them, it will be pleasant to you! Special weapon: alien coming-back rockets, fixed bugs.
Views: 4473
Popularity: 406
Get Medieval and other ipa games totally free.
Added: 08-08-2012
Votes: 22
Medieval > is in top ten games more than in 40 countries in the world! Estimate what everybody speaks about! Medieval is an ideal combination of fantastic HD graphics, thought-over gameplay and deeply worked plot. Test yourself with the last strategy - the epos Medieval from Brisk Mobile. Innovative control facilities allow to make a choice from a number of destructive weapon. «Pump» a fortress and gather an army for protection of the earth. Survive under a continued impact of the opponent, protect the flag and save the castle from destruction. Dispose of treasury and develop domination strategy. Bewitching graphics, in a combination with realistic scoring, create effect of complete presence. Listen to agonal shouts of your opponents during conquest of their lands. Surpass the opponent to get a victory. Protect the castle and the honor!

  • 4 game modes
  • 3 various modes of firing. It is possible to establish a mode of firing in Menu.
  • 6 different types of fighting units, including fighting devices, such as catapult, and also mobile cavalry.
  • 8 unique types of arms, including incendiary arrows and systems of volley fire.
  • Each type of arms has the level of improvement.
  • 11 excellent HD locations
  • Set of types of opponents, including flying, and also bosses!
  • Glance at OpenFeint honor rolls!
Views: 24564
Popularity: 3332
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
Added: 08-08-2012
Votes: 8
A mysterious organization has carried out a big explosion in a no-man's land, and you have to drive armored car across the region. You must pass through the empty wasteland and hilly battlefield. At night, you have to deal with the attacks from the dark cave. In adventure mode, you always have to respond to the attacks from the ground and the air. You will have different armored car at different level, and you will have more powerful weapons to wipe out the more dangerous enemy. In time racing mode, you need to transport the debris collected in the adventure mode to the nearest reception center. So you have to save time in order to block the enemy. Once the countdown is to the end, the debris will be exploding. The explosion would damage your armored car. Some gamelevels will bring the feeling of the maze, and you'd better remember the place that you have explored. Getting lost is a tearful experience in time racing mode. Don't let the time become your enemy..
Views: 7233
Popularity: 545
Play Burger Cat game now!
Added: 08-08-2012
Votes: 5
Burger Cat - a puzzle game in which it is necessary to help a Burger cat to gather all burgers. Your mission is to retrieve the burger in each level while overcoming obstacles that are trying to prevent you from enjoying that delicious meal! Each level requires logic and skill to solve. You can place and remove blocks of the level, as well as using things like: trampolines, umbrellas, decoys and other items to help you on your mission!
Views: 6992
Popularity: 1321
Shaun the Sheep - Fleece Lightning - free download only on our site!
Added: 08-08-2012
Votes: 5
Shaun the Sheep - Fleece Lightning - an arcadian race, in which the main lamb of the cartoon –Sean, needs to run competing in speed with three pigs from one farm on another. Graphics – similar to the cartoon, all characters, and also obstacles made from the plasticine, transferring the cartoon atmosphere. Sounds and music also were taken from the cartoon.
Views: 9201
Popularity: 877
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