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Robo Sockets: Link Me Up

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Game description:
RoboSockets – mix of tetris, pipes and match 3 game mechanics resulting in the truly unique gameplay. It’s as simple as genius and brings a breath of fresh air to the tried bejeweled-type games. The game introduces a whole RoboCivilization, its hierarchy, history and legends with each level’s setting fitting in the storyline. Planet of robots is in the ruins, left without electricity because of short circuit, they desperately need small human intervention to connect nests of helpless robots. You should connect robots with each other by hands/nests and to create a chain from 5 or more robots. Each chain gives you energy which has to restore functionality of a planet and restore a civilization.

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3D MMO Celtic Heroes

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Game description:
Set in an exciting medieval Celtic world of combat, magic and mythology. Learn new skills and abilities, gain experience and powerful new items and become a true Celtic hero! Gain powerful new weapons, armor and items as you visit castles, venture into dungeons, explore the world, battle fearsome enemies and complete quests. Chat, group, trade items and play with other players. Make new friends, form groups, join clans and explore the persistent online 3D world. Design your own male or female player avatars; pick your face, hair, skin style and colors. Play as a warrior, mage, rogue, ranger or druid, customize with a variety of visible weapons, skills, clothing and armor.

  • Duels
  • Arena PvP
  • Bank
  • New areas of high level
  • Improved graphics with new spells and effects of particles
  • Tavern zone for relaxation
  • New skills and abilities
  • New enemies to destroy
  • iPad New display support
  • New fashion and sections of jewelry

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Game description:
Now, the hero’s struggle is boring. Enjoy three heroes at the same time! Have three strong heroes at the same time! VampDefense strategy in accordance with the situation, making use of three heroes, respectively specialized in attack, defense, and healing powers. Pleasure of unusual skills and sweep attack! Have thrilling feeling thrilling feeling from strategic skills such as blood sucking, teleportation, and bullet absorption. The unit production system in the troop type. Add the element of the number fighting customized in accordance with the type of enemies by adopting the method producing the unit by troop after standing by for a certain time. Unforeseeable enemies who become smarter come in flocks. Your should fight against much smarter and more wicked enemies such as boomerangs, meteors, and explosive hammers. Now the tribe of darkness is ready to revenge. Counterattack against people began!!!

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Astro Bang

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Game description:
Astro Bang - is a three-dimensional game in which you control the spaceship and fly round various planets, you destroy not only asteroids, but also various enemies using weapon, bomb and rocket. Collect upgrades, bonuses and tokens. Amazing 3D graphics, 18 levels, 6 different planets, various enemies and bosses, campaign and arcade modes, Game Center support, leaderboards and achievements, retina support.

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Cartoon Defense 2

Cartoon Defense 2 - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Cartoon Defense 2 - the kingdom is in danger!!! Evil dragon troops are coming to take your kingdom!! Defeat numerous enemy forces with your finger. You will just need invisible finger and accurate judgement for your troops. Upgrade weapons, skills and your troops to hold your castle with the money you earn. Protect your kingdom from evil dragon troops. Kingdom's safety is up to you.

  • 100 stages with various enemies and bosses.
  • There are 3 types of mage that have unique skills.
  • Make archer, troop and repairman with enemies you caught.
  • Funny finger fling mode in game.
  • Powerful weapon, tower and mage upgrade.
  • 5 kinds of beautiful background and over 40 types of unique characters.
  • 3 different levels of difficulty.

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Car Toons!

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Game description:
After more than decades of working, the CAR TOONS team was written off for scrap metal. However, today the extraordinary inquiry from the government returns them in action! Gangster cars terrorized everybody. This situation demanded some serious measures which can provide only CAR TOONS! CAR TOONS equipped with amazing super power never leave the garage without new decent equipment. Use it wisely to ram all villains on the screen. Solve more than 100 cleverly developed missions. Deceive a gang and present a little justice! Super power includes: lightning speed, turbo-rocket engine, super jump.

  • More than 100 missions with never early noticed gameplay. Pass more than 100 unique levels and challenges with new gameplay.
  • Control three completely different vehicles, each with its own special abilities and identity.
  • Enjoy interesting style of animation art and some of most amusing "jokes" of the 80es
  • Use justice with a finger-tip. Use exact control facilities of the touch screen
  • Challenge the whole world, break through the main position on leaderboards and unlock a set of achievements

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ORC: Vengeance

Get ORC: Vengeance and other ipa games totally free.

Game description:
Play as Rok, the Orc Warchief on a quest for vengeance in this incredible RPG adventure With groundbreaking visuals, intense combat, dynamic controls, epic boss battles and a deep, narrative-driven campaign. The Dark Lord has risen and has enslaved your Orc brethren, it's up to you to defeat him, and his legion of followers, and restore the balance to Argon. Prepare to be blown away by some of the most impressive graphics on the App Store. Environments, combat and visual effects come to life on screen. With a devastating array of weapons to destroy your enemies. Two-handed battle axes, swords and mighty war-hammers. Open chests, sell items and kill enemies to uncover loot to spend on new weapons and armor. Find the lost books of the ancients and uncover the story of the Dark One.

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Hired Gun 3D

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Game description:
A massage has arrived that terrorists are staging an attack on the city center … Time is short, and the authorities have called on the world's deadliest sniper: name: unknown, sex: female, status: babe. Hoping to kill and even deadlier aim, this fox is ready to take care of business. She must locate and take out the hiding terrorists before it's too late. Define the enemy, stop breath, target and shoot!

  • full three-dimensional sound and visual environments
  • modernize your rifle and play as the most killing sniper in the world
  • excellent intelligence of the computer opponent will make you nervous
  • 7 classical modernized sniper rifles
  • 8 expansive environments
  • 8 types of missions
  • unlimited ultrastimulating stages
  • 10 unique enemies
  • retina and iPad support

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Desktop Army

Play Desktop Army game now!

Game description:
Are you ready to lead two warring armies into battle? Do you have the right strategy to defeat the enemy? Gather your army and get ready to battle for control of the battlefield. Send your rifleman and snipers against waves and waves of enemy infantry and tanks. Survive to upgrade your units and defeat the opponent.

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Toy Adventure

Toy Adventure - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Toys try to run away from toy store and they need your help! Find Magic of Toys Adventure! When you start playing this amazing game from Lab 927, it will look like advance at cinema and management of characters! Jump through toys, slip under obstacles and use dual jumps through wide intervals! It will be hard!

  • Stunning original soundtrack
  • Simple and amusing control facilities
  • Play for 8 amazing and unique characters!
  • Collect coins to unlock exciting power-ups and opportunities!
  • “Real” graphics of toy store!
  • Unlock objects and achievements to increase your account!
  • Play with your friends of Game Center!

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