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Dragon quest 8: Journey of the cursed king

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Game description:
Dragon quest 8: Journey of the cursed king - play for a courageous guard, help him to stop the spiteful magician who has stolen a scepter and to rescue inhabitants of the fantastic world from spiteful charms of the magician.

Views: 104308 | Popularity: 74 Download

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Game description:
Braveland - spend your hero through the colourful land and battle to goblins, ice guards and other enemies. In the game course archers, knights and other assistants will join you.

  • More than 25 various fighters
  • Development of hero, adjusted army
  • Great number of enemies and fights with bosses
  • Artefacts and spells

Views: 12484 | Popularity: 230 Download
Angry birds: Epic

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Game description:
Angry birds: Epic - birds- pirates get on a mysterious island - Piggy island, where angry pigs live. Aggressive birds will overcome opponents not only by means of a sword, but also by magic.

  • Set of abilities, weapon and armor
  • Creation of potions
  • Colourful locations: villages, mountains, beaches, caves and others

Views: 31737 | Popularity: 1442 Download
Defender chronicles 2: Heroes of Athelia

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Game description:
Defender chronicles 2: Heroes of Athelia - join 4 heroes and protect Athelia lands from invasion of blood-thirsty goblins and orks.

  • 57 types of units
  • 32 abilities
  • Many elements of equipment

Views: 8824 | Popularity: 184 Download
Demonrock: War of ages

Demonrock: War of ages - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Demonrock: War of ages - lead your hero to a den of the opponent, destroying different evil spirits on the way.

  • 40 levels in 4 unique locations
  • More than 30 various enemies: Orks, Skeletons, Spiders, Werewolves and more
  • Each hero has 6 types of weapon with 4 levels of improvements

Views: 62214 | Popularity: 973 Download
Bug heroes 2

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Game description:
Bug heroes 2 - the game will transfer us to the battlefield with fighting bugs. Play for bugs, battle for supplies and destroy enemies.

  • Colourful locations
  • 60 types of enemies
  • 25 heroes with unique abilities and weapon
  • Improvement of bugs
  • Possibility of control of 2 heroes at once

Views: 78853 | Popularity: 365 Download
Coldfire keep

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Game description:
Coldfire keep - 4 heroes investigate gloomy vaults where the evil hid.

  • Monsters and treasures
  • Set of riddles and secrets
  • More than 10 hours

Views: 6933 | Popularity: 101 Download
Brandnew boy

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Game description:
Brandnew boy - operate a recruit, who should take part in dynamic fights and face dangerous opponents.

  • Weapon choice
  • Modernization of your character
  • Variety of attacks

Views: 24408 | Popularity: 265 Download
Across age 2

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Game description:
Across age 2 - an epic travel in time, where it is necessary to change the past, the present and the future and to solve secrets to save the world.

  • Amusing heroes in anime style
  • Opportunity to operate at once 2 characters
  • 15 hours of gameplay

Views: 27521 | Popularity: 76 Download
Sleeping beauty X: The legend of tales

Sleeping beauty X: The legend of tales - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Sleeping beauty X : The legend of tales - an adventures of a sleeping beauty in the labyrinth teeming with aggressive monsters.

  • Cruel fairy tale
  • Control of your character
  • Many skills of your character

Views: 13009 | Popularity: 166 Download