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Monster hunter freedom unite

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Game description:
Monster hunter freedom unite - it’s time to begin hunting for monsters, there will be a huge set on the way! Execute a set of interesting tasks, destroy monsters and receive weapon for production.

Game features:
  • Intuitively clear control system
  • More than 2000 sets of equipment and 1500 types of weapon
  • Improvement of weapon and armor
  • More than 500 hours of game process

Views: 232238 | Popularity: 218 Download
Bug heroes: Quest

Download game Bug heroes: Quest right now!

Game description:
Bug heroes: Quest - war of bugs for food begins! Play as a spider murderer, an ant shooter or an armor bug. Explore locations, perform tasks, get food and protect it from enemies.

Game features:
  • Huge world for research
  • More than 60 stages
  • Unique characters

Views: 11428 | Popularity: 407 Download
Spartan blood

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Game description:
Spartan blood - RPG game where the main character should battle against various terrible beings from Ancient Greek mythology.

Views: 293168 | Popularity: 312 Download
Age of barbarians

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Game description:
Age of barbarians - fascinating adventures of a brave hero who volunteered to revenge the Dark lord for destruction of the village of barbarians.

Game features:
  • Amazing 3D worlds
  • Variety of characters
  • Great number of enemies: goblins, skeletons and others
  • Improvement of your hero

Views: 14878 | Popularity: 581 Download
Divine might

Divine might - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Go together with the main character to the magic world and rescue his inhabitants from hordes of demonic beings in the game Divine might.

Game features:
  • Great number of opponents and bosses
  • Dangerous locations
  • Improvement of weapon and armor

Views: 8308 | Popularity: 225 Download
Dungeon gems

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Game description:
It’s time to pacify impudent dragons! Use runes of elements and activate magic abilities of heroes in a role fantasy game Dungeon gems.

Game features:
  • 220 powerful heroes
  • Improvement of heroes
  • Possibility of a joint game with friends
  • Remarkable graphics

Views: 4441 | Popularity: 99 Download
Spirit storm

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Game description:
Play for a courageous warrior who should collect powers of the ancient spirits which have once overcome evil spirits. Explore the woods, underground caves and crypts and defend the world from invasion of monsters in Spirit storm.

Game features:
  • More than 80 unique fighting abilities
  • Set of unique races
  • Vile bosses
  • Variety of locations

Views: 20904 | Popularity: 255 Download
Epic island

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Game description:
Furious monsters and brutal titans occupied the epic island where our brave heroes go to battle to overcome the evil in the game Epic island.

Views: 3371 | Popularity: 68 Download
Mighty dungeons

Play Mighty dungeons game now!

Game description:
Mighty dungeons - a risky travel on labyrinths of gloomy vaults where you will face a set of secrets, surprises and dangerous monsters to which it is necessary to battle.

Game features:
  • Some brave heroes
  • Set of vaults
  • Variety of weapon, armor, mixtures and magic spells

Views: 3493 | Popularity: 97 Download
Knights of pen & paper

Knights of pen & paper - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Knights of pen & paper - a fascinating RPG where the main tool is your mind, a feather and paper. Choose characters and battle to hundreds of monsters and bosses.

Game features:
  • Set of combinations for creation of a character
  • Ten tasks
  • 12 classes of heroes
  • More than 50 enemies

Views: 2548 | Popularity: 44 Download