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Dragon quest

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Game description:
Dragon quest - is a story of the fight of a young warrior against different monsters. You will appear in the world of magic. Make the dream of the character true - save the world from evil powers. Get to the unknown land collecting trophies and weapons.

Game features:

  • Many enemies
  • Puzzles
  • Simple system of controls

Views: 764 | Popularity: 13 Download
Blade warrior

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Game description:
Blade warrior - dynamic battles where you play for a brave soldier and you cut to yourself a way through hordes of monsters to rescue the sister and to pull out her from paws of demonic beings.

Game features:

  • Association with friends
  • Powerful combinations of skills
  • 3 levels of difficulty, some modes
  • 108 vaults
  • Switching between characters

Views: 5151 | Popularity: 106 Download

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Game description:
Farentia - battles with terrible monsters where not only the powerful weapon but strong armor comes to help, but also ancient magic powers and various fantastic beings.

Game features:

  • 14 types of elements
  • More than 50 spells
  • Unique abilities of characters
  • Autosave

Views: 6959 | Popularity: 19 Download
Dragon quest 2

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Game description:
Dragon quest 2 - a prince Midenkholl has to pass a thorny road in search of a spiteful Lord of dragons who crushed the castle Munbruck. The prince will search all dirty vaults, will find a sorcerer and will save the world from evil spirits!

Game features:

  • Discovery of powerful abilities and treasures
  • Free movement on locations
  • Pixel graphics

Views: 1227 | Popularity: 24 Download
Card dungeon

Card dungeon - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Card dungeon - play for a knight, investigate vaults, attack monsters living inside and open chests with jewelry to find new maps of unusual abilities and objects.

Game features:

  • Armour, weapon, special actions and attacks
  • More than 40 types of monsters
  • 21 incidentally generated level

Views: 1595 | Popularity: 38 Download
Final fantasy: All the bravest

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Game description:
Final fantasy: All the bravest - the continuation of a popular game, which purpose is to overcome all enemies. Winning against each of them you will become stronger and you will be able to invite other heroes in your team. Forward, in attack!

Game features:

  • More than 20 types of heroes with special abilities
  • Heroes wait for filling of a strip for attack commission
  • Bonus option gives a chance to attack, without waiting for filling of a strip
  • Catalogue with heroes, enemies and equipment

Views: 1748 | Popularity: 37 Download
Eternal fate

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Game description:
Eternal fate - the way to glory is thorny and dangerous. Gather a team of heroes for fight against monsters and save the world from the evil. You will find new vaults and evil spirits waves. Don't despair, there will be also new allies!

Game features:

  • Cooperative in real time with other players
  • Great number of played heroes
  • Hundreds of levels
  • System of improvements of your heroes

Views: 2709 | Popularity: 33 Download
Antisquad: Tactics premium

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Game description:
Antisquad: Tactics premium - you are the commander of a crew of mercenaries, among them: sniper, machine gunner and others. Your aim - to neutralize terrorists. Get on enemy bases and neutralize leaders.

Game features:

  • More than 30 tasks
  • Unique abilities of fighters
  • Big arsenal of arms
  • A lot of opponents

Views: 16623 | Popularity: 158 Download
Goblin sword

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Game description:
Goblin sword - your city is seized by an army of monsters which is headed by a spiteful magician. Cruel fight is necessary. Destroy evil spirits, return the stolen to people. Neutralize bosses and reach the malicious magician.

Game features:

  • 4 guards will help you
  • Suits for the hero
  • Many enemies and 6 bosses
  • 48 levels and 3 confidential

Views: 1927 | Popularity: 59 Download
Space story

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Game description:
Space story - the unknown ships attack Galaxy borders. You, as a young pilot, should prevent the death of Solar system in a space apocalypse. Investigate, battle, trade, survive!

Game features:

  • More than 15 spaceships, 3 ships titans
  • Incidentally generated levels, 6 levels of depths
  • Installation of space station in any point of the Galaxy
  • More than 100 types of weapon

Views: 1943 | Popularity: 53 Download