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Dungeon quest

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Game description:
Dungeon quest - choose a hero: a soldier or a magician and go on fight against monsters. Solve secret of a dangerous vault, investigate secret passages and collect treasures.

  • 4 chapters
  • Wide choice of weapon
  • Great number of enemies and bosses
  • Unique abilities and improvement of your character

Views: 110 | Popularity: 7 Download
Evolution: Battle for Utopia

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Game description:
Evolution: Battle for Utopia - 22 century. People from the Earth occupied many of planets. People began to disappear on one of them, called Utopia. You will go on research of the Utopia and battle to its inhabitants.

  • Big variety of enemies
  • Convenient control system
  • Improvement of weapon and armor

Views: 20646 | Popularity: 75 Download
Dragon quest 8: Journey of the cursed king

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Game description:
Dragon quest 8: Journey of the cursed king - play for a courageous guard, help him to stop the spiteful magician who has stolen a scepter and to rescue inhabitants of the fantastic world from spiteful charms of the magician.

Views: 52703 | Popularity: 37 Download

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Game description:
Braveland - spend your hero through the colourful land and battle to goblins, ice guards and other enemies. In the game course archers, knights and other assistants will join you.

  • More than 25 various fighters
  • Development of hero, adjusted army
  • Great number of enemies and fights with bosses
  • Artefacts and spells

Views: 9558 | Popularity: 144 Download
Angry birds: Epic

Angry birds: Epic - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Angry birds: Epic - birds- pirates get on a mysterious island - Piggy island, where angry pigs live. Aggressive birds will overcome opponents not only by means of a sword, but also by magic.

  • Set of abilities, weapon and armor
  • Creation of potions
  • Colourful locations: villages, mountains, beaches, caves and others

Views: 6506 | Popularity: 414 Download
Defender chronicles 2: Heroes of Athelia

Enjoy Defender chronicles 2: Heroes of Athelia without any payments!

Game description:
Defender chronicles 2: Heroes of Athelia - join 4 heroes and protect Athelia lands from invasion of blood-thirsty goblins and orks.

  • 57 types of units
  • 32 abilities
  • Many elements of equipment

Views: 6600 | Popularity: 149 Download
Demonrock: War of ages

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Game description:
Demonrock: War of ages - lead your hero to a den of the opponent, destroying different evil spirits on the way.

  • 40 levels in 4 unique locations
  • More than 30 various enemies: Orks, Skeletons, Spiders, Werewolves and more
  • Each hero has 6 types of weapon with 4 levels of improvements

Views: 34404 | Popularity: 634 Download
Bug heroes 2

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Game description:
Bug heroes 2 - the game will transfer us to the battlefield with fighting bugs. Play for bugs, battle for supplies and destroy enemies.

  • Colourful locations
  • 60 types of enemies
  • 25 heroes with unique abilities and weapon
  • Improvement of bugs
  • Possibility of control of 2 heroes at once

Views: 60024 | Popularity: 220 Download
Coldfire keep

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Game description:
Coldfire keep - 4 heroes investigate gloomy vaults where the evil hid.

  • Monsters and treasures
  • Set of riddles and secrets
  • More than 10 hours

Views: 5670 | Popularity: 85 Download
Brandnew boy

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Game description:
Brandnew boy - operate a recruit, who should take part in dynamic fights and face dangerous opponents.

  • Weapon choice
  • Modernization of your character
  • Variety of attacks

Views: 20766 | Popularity: 215 Download