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Devils & demons

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Game description:
Devils & demons - fantasy world ruled by the dragons and demons from other dimension. Evil spirits defeated the mankind in a cruel battle. Gather the warriors who remained alive and make the Light Order in order to fight against the empire of dark!

Game features:

  • Step by step battles
  • Numberless adventures
  • Various skills, abilities and spells
  • Many hours of engrossing gameplay

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Dragon warrior

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Game description:
Dragon warrior - epic battle is about to start! Your hero will appear in the hell, he will experience cruel battles for life with monsters and powerful bosses. Unique skills of the character will help to clear the world from evil creatures!

Game features:

  • 4 different characters
  • Every day events
  • Join the allies
  • Upgrade your weapons and power
  • Wonderful graphics

Views: 1448 | Popularity: 1 Download

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Game description:
Moonrise - play as an adventurer and travel around a magic world. Take a team of funny pet monsters. You are going to defeat your enemies together with them.

Game features:

  • Bright 3D graphics
  • Real time battles
  • High quality sound
  • Adjustment and upgrade of the character and creatures
  • You can play with your friends

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Raids of glory

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Game description:
Raids of glory - in this game you are going to build a fortress and devastate everything around with a gang of pirates. You order them to destroy opponents and strengthen their pirate empire. Show who is the boss here!

Game features:

  • Full control of the island
  • Stunning 3D-graphics
  • Upgrade of the chosen pirates leader
  • Play with your friends

Views: 894 | Popularity: 6 Download
Plancon: Space conflict

Plancon: Space conflict - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Plancon: Space conflict - aliens are trying to seize your planet again and enslave mankind. Get into a spaceship and start the battle against alien cockroaches.

Game features:

  • Real time or step by step battles
  • Merciless enemies
  • Upgrade of the character and the crew
  • Unexpected turns of the plot
  • Explore faraway worlds

Views: 10302 | Popularity: 27 Download
Lords & knights

Enjoy Lords & knights without any payments!

Game description:
Lords & knights - make unwinnable fortresses from your castles! Hire brave knights and improve your army. Make alliances and seize enemy territories. It's up to you to decide whether you create a peaceful kingdom or a violent empire!

Game features:

  • Absorbing medieval strategy
  • Weapon technology upgrade and exploration of new technologies
  • Creation of alliances for common conquests
  • Interesting missions

Views: 3247 | Popularity: 28 Download
Marvel: Puzzle quest

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Game description:
Marvel: Puzzle quest - adventures of a team of brave heroes from Marvel comics universe. Captain America, Spider-man, Halk, Thor and others set off on a battle against powerful super villains.

Game features:

  • Excellent graphics
  • Characters development
  • Dynamic 3 in line battles
  • Creation of alliance with your friends
  • Fascinating playing process

Views: 3759 | Popularity: 20 Download
Squids: Wild West

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Game description:
Squids: Wild West - octopus heroes returned! Now they decided to conquer underwater Wild West. Fight against crabs and shrimps, save lost friend and destroy Black slime!

Game features:

  • Combination of a strategy and role play game
  • Dangerous enemies
  • More than 12 characters with various skills
  • Interesting missions and fights with bosses
  • Handy system of controls

Views: 1087 | Popularity: 14 Download
Record of Agarest war zero

Play Record of Agarest war zero game now!

Game description:
Record of Agarest war zero - is an adventure of a brave warrior Sigatr whose mission is to find all magic elements to create powerful artifacts able to defeat dark powers and save the world.

Game features:

  • Character settings and upgrade system
  • Numerous battles with monsters
  • Unexpected plot turns
  • About 100 gameplay hours
  • More than 400 enemies
  • More than 500 spells and fighting skills

Views: 27406 | Popularity: 52 Download
Chaotic ages

Chaotic ages - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Chaotic ages - set off on a dangerous journey along a fairy world inhabited by wonderful creatures. Save the citizens from the attack of monsters and become a real hero!

Game features:

  • Many missions and tasks
  • Real fighting system
  • You can develop your skills
  • Simple system of controls

Views: 8215 | Popularity: 126 Download