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Eternal fate

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Game description:
Eternal fate - the way to glory is thorny and dangerous. Gather a team of heroes for fight against monsters and save the world from the evil. You will find new vaults and evil spirits waves. Don't despair, there will be also new allies!

Game features:

  • Cooperative in real time with other players
  • Great number of played heroes
  • Hundreds of levels
  • System of improvements of your heroes

Views: 467 | Popularity: 12 Download
Antisquad: Tactics premium

Download game Antisquad: Tactics premium right now!

Game description:
Antisquad: Tactics premium - you are the commander of a crew of mercenaries, among them: sniper, machine gunner and others. Your aim - to neutralize terrorists. Get on enemy bases and neutralize leaders.

Game features:

  • More than 30 tasks
  • Unique abilities of fighters
  • Big arsenal of arms
  • A lot of opponents

Views: 11699 | Popularity: 82 Download
Goblin sword

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Game description:
Goblin sword - your city is seized by an army of monsters which is headed by a spiteful magician. Cruel fight is necessary. Destroy evil spirits, return the stolen to people. Neutralize bosses and reach the malicious magician.

Game features:

  • 4 guards will help you
  • Suits for the hero
  • Many enemies and 6 bosses
  • 48 levels and 3 confidential

Views: 1057 | Popularity: 36 Download
Space story

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Game description:
Space story - the unknown ships attack Galaxy borders. You, as a young pilot, should prevent the death of Solar system in a space apocalypse. Investigate, battle, trade, survive!

Game features:

  • More than 15 spaceships, 3 ships titans
  • Incidentally generated levels, 6 levels of depths
  • Installation of space station in any point of the Galaxy
  • More than 100 types of weapon

Views: 1261 | Popularity: 39 Download
Phantom rift

Phantom rift - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
In the game Phantom rift you plunge into an elusive world full of mystery. The old magician, overcoming circumstances and resistance of powers of darkness, will steadily look for a way to Light.

Game features:

  • Control of the character
  • Set of types of equipment
  • Unique system of battles
  • More than 300 types of spells

Views: 3092 | Popularity: 62 Download
Light apprentice

Enjoy Light apprentice without any payments!

Game description:
In the world devastated by the war, only 4 knights will be able to renew and rescue a planet from elimination. Light apprentice - a comic game where each your decision influences the plot development.

Game features:

  • Saturated plot
  • Game in comics style
  • Development of characters
  • Battle with monsters, opportunity to make them your allies
  • Objects and equipment, for improvement of characteristics of heroes

Views: 8476 | Popularity: 129 Download
Rebirth of fortune

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Game description:
Collect your team and battle to opponents. Choose the units serially and step on the enemy. Overcome all tests and get honor and glory in the game Rebirth of fortune.

Game features:

  • 50 stages
  • Improvements of units
  • Entertaining system of battle

Views: 4869 | Popularity: 184 Download
Honor bound

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Game description:
Orks, dragons and even dead persons go on the ground, killing the innocent. Play for the courageous heroes, volunteered to return the peace and to protect the lands which are on the verge of destruction in the game HonorBound.

Game features:

  • Variety of locations
  • Creation of your team
  • System of improvements for each unit
  • Great number of monsters
  • Qualitative graphics

Views: 6242 | Popularity: 77 Download
Mystery of fortune: Deep dark dungeon

Play Mystery of fortune: Deep dark dungeon game now!

Game description:
Mystery of fortune - go to a dangerous travel together with the main characters, exploring a dark vault, find monsters that have entered the shallow world and clear territories of evil spirits.

Game features:

  • 25 available fighting units
  • More than 35 types of enemies
  • Set of collection things
  • Fights in real time
  • Beautiful graphics

Views: 2167 | Popularity: 21 Download
Blood bowl

Blood bowl - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Blood bowl - a sports RPG game where the player should play soccer with characters from Warhammer Universe. Gather a team from 6 races: goblins, orks and others and participate in lethal tournament!

Game features:
  • Qualitative graphics
  • Various races with unique abilities
  • Development of your team

Views: 23870 | Popularity: 72 Download