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Dirt Bike Racing

Download free iPhone games.

Game description:
Dirt Bike Racing - races on baizes on rocky hills and jungles.

  • many locations
  • change of weather conditions

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Angry Birds Go!

Download game Angry Birds Go! right now!

Game description:
Angry Birds Go! - Angry birdies have fun in a new way, now they chase with pigs at a mad speed on the twisting route with a big variety of dangerous obstacles.

  • Saturated 3D locations
  • Car upgrade
  • Set of routes and modes
  • Unique abilities of characters

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F1 Challenge

Get game F1 Challenge just in few clicks!

Game description:
Get a portion of adrenaline in F1 Challenge with all the cars and stars of F1 on official tracks and prove that exactly your racing car is worthy of victory!

Game features:
  • Over 90 racing events
  • Simple system of control
  • Lots of challenges
  • Unlock of in-game F1 collection

Views: 37102 | Popularity: 389 Download
Cars Saga: Fighter Road Rash

Download Cars Saga: Fighter Road Rash or any other game without registration!

Game description:
Cars Saga: Fighter Road Rash . Visit garages of other players, rent cars and make money by participating in races.

Game features:
  • Detailed tutorial
  • Colourful interface

Views: 49543 | Popularity: 372 Download
Blur overdrive

Blur overdrive - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Blur overdrive is a continuation of a racing simulator from Activision. Speed, tracks, and many aggressive and not aggressive competitors and blur on getting the special heights, of course!

Game features:
  • Top camera view
  • Different power-ups: shock waves, electric shocks, bombs, shields, accelerators
  • Improved control over the car

Views: 25604 | Popularity: 366 Download
Blocky Roads

Enjoy Blocky Roads without any payments!

Game description:
Test Blocky Roads races in Minecraft style. Get behind the wheel of your block car and drive through tricky and hilly block tracks.

Game features:
  • 12 tracks, 4 worlds
  • 9 vehicles
  • Game Center achievements
  • Adjustable character
  • Car editor (build and paint your own auto)
  • Beautiful graphics

Views: 7270 | Popularity: 731 Download
Garfield Kart

Get Garfield Kart and other ipa games totally free.

Game description:
Compete with Garfield in crazy races Garfield Kart. Rush through stunning 3D locations, use your driving skills and be the first at the finish line!

Game features:
  • 16 different tracks: stunning 3D locations from Garfield world (Garfield’s district, the city, Molly’s supermarket, sunny farm, foggy docks, oasis, dark house and others)
  • 8 characters: Garfield, Odie, Jon, Nermal, Arlene, Liz, Harry and Squeak
  • On-line multiplayer mode and local mode
  • 3 game modes and 3 difficulty levels
  • 8 bonuses for some crazy attacks and defence
  • 2 types of control

Views: 157945 | Popularity: 790 Download
Monster Truck Racing

Download most addictive free iPhone games.

Game description:
Drive a Monster! A vehicle with gigantic wheels which transcend all the barriers! You will find yourself on arena, where you will have not simple races, but demolition derby. Destroy and smash all your rivals in Monster Truck Racing.

Game features:
  • Simple control
  • Realistic physics

Views: 10628 | Popularity: 1984 Download
Pocket Rally

Play Pocket Rally game now!

Game description:
Pocket Rally. Take part in races any time and anywhere and enjoy the realistic driving on your device. Irrespective of what kind of car you choose, it will have unique characteristics and become upgraded with every victory.

Game features:
  • 3 control modes and 3 camera angles on your choice
  • Adjustment of enemy AI
  • 2 basic game modes: Challenge and Single race
  • You can get extra races and tracks thanks to your victories
  • Beautiful and visually convincing racing tracks
  • Carefully tuned car physics

Views: 15163 | Popularity: 2583 Download
Speed Racing Ultimate

Speed Racing Ultimate - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Speed Racing Ultimate is another representative of racing simulators. Increase your income, win races and buy a more powerful car. Fasten your belt and challenge the best racers!

Game features:
  • 8 different prestigious autos
  • 10 tracks around the world
  • A choice of difficulty level: beginner, expert and pilot

Views: 13824 | Popularity: 1123 Download