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Added: 08-29-2014
Votes: 1
Police escape 2 - races in 3D. Take the wheel of cool four wheels. Feel inflow of adrenaline from races at a mad speed on the American highway, maneuver among a stream of city transport!

Game features:

  • Smooth physics of cars
  • Detailed environments
  • Leaderboard Game Center
Views: 7005
Popularity: 364
Download game Pako: Car chase simulator right now!
Added: 08-23-2014
Votes: 2
Pako: Car chase simulator - a pursuit simulator where a player should operate a car which doesn't have brakes, and thus to get away from police cars. Find out how far will you be able to reach?

Game features:

  • leaderboard
  • Wheel turn – the only means of car control
  • Simple mechanics of game
  • Pleasant sound
  • Variety of cars

Views: 3715
Popularity: 567
Get game Chaos ride: Episode 2 just in few clicks!
Added: 08-21-2014
Votes: 0
Chaos ride: Episode 2 - the continuation of dynamic races in the future world. Fly at mad speeds on twisting tunnels with difficult designs, vertical loops and springboards!

Game features:

  • Fast gameplay
  • High-quality graphics
  • 6 tracks
  • 5 modes
Views: 2875
Popularity: 203
Download Touch racing 2 or any other game without registration!
Added: 08-18-2014
Votes: 1
Touch racing 2 - arcade races with original control system. No buttons! Touch the screen to add gas, to specify a trajectory of movement of your vehicle and to catch accelerations.

Game features:

  • Improvements for each detail of your car
  • Competitions in the multiuser mode
  • Unique control system
Views: 2431
Popularity: 93
Motorbike GP - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Added: 08-12-2014
Votes: 4
Feel like a real racer! Choose the motorcycle and sweep on it, overtaking rivals in the racing game Motorbike GP. Carry out tricks, earn coins to unlock baizes and routes.

Game features:
  • 5 real routes
  • 12 bikes
  • Some modes
  • Good 3D graphics
  • 3 view cameras

Views: 10950
Popularity: 2232
Enjoy Formula force without any payments!
Added: 08-04-2014
Votes: 3
Formula force - dynamic races on modern cars on scenic roads. You will be able not only to drive at mad speeds, but also to go on walls, and also to carry out loops.

Game features:
  • 12 routes
  • 4 championships
  • Some types of cars
  • Control and car improvements
  • 3 game modes
Views: 11884
Popularity: 375
Get Rush horizon and other ipa games totally free.
Added: 08-02-2014
Votes: 0
Rush horizon - realistic adrenalin races which will allow to experience improbable speed. Participate in transcontinental race or race around obstacles.

Game features:
  • More than 10 various cars
  • Improvements
  • Various saturated locations: coasts, cities, deserts, valleys and more
Views: 5993
Popularity: 410
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Added: 07-19-2014
Votes: 7
In the game Speed race you need to overtake as many cars as possible, trying not to create emergencies. Earn money and visit garage to improve your vehicle.

Game features:
  • Dragging-out game process
  • Good graphics
  • Changing locations
Views: 14460
Popularity: 1513
Play Chaos ride: Episode 1 game now!
Added: 07-17-2014
Votes: 2
Chaos ride: Episode 1 - improbable races in the future world where you should fly on amazing tunnel routes at a mad speed.

Game features:
  • 5 modes
  • 6 tracks
  • Setup of the car
  • High-quality graphics
Views: 9342
Popularity: 422
Dirt bike impossible - free download only on our site!
Added: 06-29-2014
Votes: 3
Dirt bike impossible - a difficult arcade simulator of cross-country race with moving deadly obstacles. Try! Can you do it?
Views: 9960
Popularity: 356
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