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Garfield Kart

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Game description:
Compete with Garfield in crazy races Garfield Kart. Rush through stunning 3D locations, use your driving skills and be the first at the finish line!

Game features:
  • 16 different tracks: stunning 3D locations from Garfield world (Garfield’s district, the city, Molly’s supermarket, sunny farm, foggy docks, oasis, dark house and others)
  • 8 characters: Garfield, Odie, Jon, Nermal, Arlene, Liz, Harry and Squeak
  • On-line multiplayer mode and local mode
  • 3 game modes and 3 difficulty levels
  • 8 bonuses for some crazy attacks and defence
  • 2 types of control

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Monster Truck Racing

Download game Monster Truck Racing right now!

Game description:
Drive a Monster! A vehicle with gigantic wheels which transcend all the barriers! You will find yourself on arena, where you will have not simple races, but demolition derby. Destroy and smash all your rivals in Monster Truck Racing.

Game features:
  • Simple control
  • Realistic physics

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Pocket Rally

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Game description:
Pocket Rally. Take part in races any time and anywhere and enjoy the realistic driving on your device. Irrespective of what kind of car you choose, it will have unique characteristics and become upgraded with every victory.

Game features:
  • 3 control modes and 3 camera angles on your choice
  • Adjustment of enemy AI
  • 2 basic game modes: Challenge and Single race
  • You can get extra races and tracks thanks to your victories
  • Beautiful and visually convincing racing tracks
  • Carefully tuned car physics

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Speed Racing Ultimate

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Game description:
Speed Racing Ultimate is another representative of racing simulators. Increase your income, win races and buy a more powerful car. Fasten your belt and challenge the best racers!

Game features:
  • 8 different prestigious autos
  • 10 tracks around the world
  • A choice of difficulty level: beginner, expert and pilot

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Sports Car Challenge 2

Sports Car Challenge 2 - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Sports Car Challenge 2 . Enjoy the roar of the motor and realistic driving physics. Upgrade your car and rush through picturesque locations towards victory.

Game features:
  • A diversity of cars
  • Coloured graphics
  • Realistic driving physics
  • 3 game modes
  • 5 racing tracks

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Sprint Driver

Enjoy Sprint Driver without any payments!

Game description:
Concentrate on the road, feel the speed and show your endurance in a thrilling racing game Sprint Driver. Try to hold on the road as long as possible, collect coins and avoid the obstacles that chaotically change lanes on the road. Ride your bike and show who is the boss on the road!

Game features:
  • 3 locations: highway, deserts and snowy mountains
  • 3 different locations
  • 9 bikes
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Coins to buy new bikes

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Death Tour

Get Death Tour and other ipa games totally free.

Game description:
Death Tour is a cool racing action with great cars and shooting. Choose your car, upgrade it, rush along the mind-blowing tracks and ram everybody staying in the way and deal shortly with a gang of criminals!

Game features:
  • Graphics and effects at decent level
  • Advanced physics
  • More than a dozen of guns: controlled Spider - drones, homing Stingers, supersonic ram, and a whole bunch of crazy perks
  • Various modes
  • Superb locations

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Motocross Meltdown

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Game description:
Grind your opponents into dust in high-octane motorcycle racings Motocross Meltdown, where you will meet freestyle, motocross, insane stunts, crashes and more.

Game features:
  • Over 800 options for the racer upgrade
  • Incredible HD graphics
  • Over 30 stunts
  • Create your own racer

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Monster 500

Play Monster 500 game now!

Game description:
Monster 500 is a racing against the scary monsters you are to unleash. Begin the race and break through the revolting creatures. Who is going to be the first?

Game features:
  • Repulsive racing modes: Championship, Quick Race, Multiplayer
  • Use Skull and Bones to upgrade the speed of your Monster
  • 6 terrible worlds

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Indigo Lake

Indigo Lake - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Indigo Lake - a terrifying 3D action from the first person where it is required to investigate gloomy thrown space, to translate pictograms, to look for proofs and to hunt on ghosts, you can protect from them using gun. For faster movement it is possible to use the vehicle 4X4. Plunge into risky hunting on ghosts.

  • Excellent graphics
  • Interesting and frightening plot
  • Various riddles
  • Opportunity to operate transport
  • Recording of your travel

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