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Orion racer

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Game description:
Orion race - do you want to increase adrenaline level in your blood? Play Orion race. You appear in the space and control a car of the future, complete difficult tricks at crazy speed on unique tracks.

Game features:

  • 10 crazy tracks in 3 different places of space
  • Intensive drift through sharp angles and spirals
  • 4 unique vehicles
  • 4 modes

Views: 450 | Popularity: 46 Download
Disney: XD Grand prix

Download game Disney: XD Grand prix right now!

Game description:
Disney: XD Grand prix - crazy race with Disney cartoons characters. Plunge into the atmosphere of fun, choose any character you like, car, track and start the game! Go ahead to get the victory, to the finish line!

Game features:

  • Variety of characters, vehicles and tracks
  • Upgrade unblock
  • Several modes, more than 40 racing actions
  • Bonuses and coins
  • 5 worlds

Views: 674 | Popularity: 17 Download
Cars: Fast as lightning

Get game Cars: Fast as lightning just in few clicks!

Game description:
Cars: Fast as lightning - take part in an improbable racing adventure together with heroes of the animated film. Go on routes with springboards and other obstacles. Only as fast as a lightning will win!

Game features:

  • 20 four wheels with possibility of tuning
  • Game according to the well-known animated film
  • Inimitable animation
  • Creation of your own route: more than 30 various buildings

Views: 5200 | Popularity: 206 Download
Reckless racing 3

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Game description:
Reckless racing 3 - tune your car in a garage and fly at a huge speed on the most beautiful routes. These are races without rules! Drifts, sliding, damage of cars of rivals for the sake of a victory.

Game features:

  • 60 events
  • 9 seasons
  • Variety of modes and levels
  • Wide choice of cars and trucks

Views: 10176 | Popularity: 158 Download
Smash and crash

Smash and crash - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Game description:
Smash and crash - fly on the road loaded by cars at a high speed. Push together the cars disturbing you and score points. Be attentive, try not to break down!

Game features:

  • Easy control system
  • Improvements for the car
  • Spectacular special effects

Views: 4241 | Popularity: 60 Download
Tunnel blazer

Enjoy Tunnel blazer without any payments!

Game description:
Tunnel blazer - having got stuck in another dimension you should get out and come back home. Fly on the fighter and blow up a way through the tunnel. Prepare for fight for life! Newcomers won't release you easily!

Game features:

  • Good graphics
  • Simple control system
  • 10 sectors of tunnels

Views: 1979 | Popularity: 58 Download
Drag coast racing

Get Drag coast racing and other ipa games totally free.

Game description:
Drag coast racing - operate a powerful sports car, you should fly at a huge speed on the coast. Overcome strong rivals for the first place.

Game features:

  • 24 levels with various opponents
  • Beautiful routes
  • Excellent graphics

Views: 8712 | Popularity: 440 Download
Miami racing: Muscle cars

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Game description:
Miami racing: Muscle cars - dynamic races on streets of Miami. Take the wheel of the powerful car from the 70th and bring it to the finish. Don't leave your rivals the slightest chance of a prize.

Game features:

  • Simple control system
  • Control of a car
  • System of improvements
  • Good graphics

Views: 2149 | Popularity: 112 Download
Asphalt: Overdrive

Play Asphalt: Overdrive game now!

Game description:
Asphalt: Overdrive - effective races across South California. Risk to come off from the police patrol on a tail or participate in a pursuit with bosses. Go round obstacles and casual participants of the movement.

Game features:

  • Tremendous effects
  • 7 different tasks: escape, tricks, destructions and others
  • 30 cars and improvement
  • Competitions through Facebook or Game Center

Views: 9686 | Popularity: 290 Download
Motorcycle driving school

Motorcycle driving school - free download only on our site!

Game description:
Motorcycle driving school - a remarkable simulator of motorcycle driving. Avoid collisions with other vehicles. Show knowledge of rules and driving skills.

Game features:

  • Different motorcycles
  • 40 levels
  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Free driving mode

Views: 5970 | Popularity: 338 Download