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Added: 03-15-2013
Votes: 16
Paradise Island is a colourful economic simulator in which you will be an owner of a touristic business on a picturesque tropic island on Caribbean Sea. You are not burdened with everyday problems and can devote yourself to development of the island in accordance with your taste, mood and wish. Invite tourists to the beaches, build hotels and shops, restaurants and shopping areas, attractions and casinos. Hire staff, earn money and make progress!
Views: 22 942
Popularity: 3 522
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Download game Build-a-lot 4: Power Source (Full) right now!
Added: 02-09-2013
Votes: 9
Let your cities become even more and more beautiful in this power hit! It’s time to invest money in alternative energy! Build solar, wind and even nuclear power plants to keep stability and prosperity for future generations in your cities. Don't allow power supply violations, because too fast building can lead to a system overload. Therefore act intelligently, plan in advance and circumspectly use your energy resources. Be ready to change your projects of building and infrastructure, or even to begin all over again. In order that your vicinities were environmentally friendly build shops of ecological goods, pools with solar heating, bicycle paths and more. Do everything possible to construct the most energy saving city in the world!
Views: 13 858
Popularity: 1 918
Get game Zombie West just in few clicks!
Added: 01-12-2013
Votes: 5
Events happen in 1850: zombies captivated the world and the frightened people ran up. The only place which hasn't been touched by monsters is a small town in the West. And now they are going there. Destiny of mankind is in your hands now: Choose from a wide variety of protective structures, use cowboys for war against zombie!

  • Choose when to fight against an approaching wave of zombie
  • Double soundtrack for two different modes of gameplay
  • Construct your city and correctly place buildings for the improved protection
  • Attract the survived people for constructing buildings
  • Execute amusing missions, helping eccentric citizens
  • Create economy, collecting grain crops and operational firms
  • Fight against various types of zombie and earn awards
  • Share the achievements and progress with friends in Facebook

Views: 11 161
Popularity: 1 273
Download Hotel Dash or any other game without registration!
Added: 12-17-2012
Votes: 6
Hotel Dash - a fascinating combination of time-management and strategy specially for your iDevice. Get ready for hotel hilarity as you renovate and run hotels all over DinerTown. Within minutes you will direct a flow of guests with pressing and moving your fingers. Will you be able to reach the five-stars status at each level to restore all vip room?

  • 50 quickly changing levels on overcoming during hours of game
  • 5 hotels for repair and restoration © fewdje
  • Choose improvements from 90 upgrades for decoration of your hotels, turning dullness into luxury
  • Take in the most exacting guests, including business women, celebrities, ghosts, etc.
Views: 19 379
Popularity: 2 580
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Farm Frenzy 2: Pizza Party HD - full version for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Added: 12-02-2012
Votes: 21
Farm Frenzy 2: Pizza Party HD - a business simulator continues a world famous game line Farm Frenzy. There’re 90 perfectly balanced levels representing real puzzles. You will be engaged in production of various products: cheese, dough and cottage cheese, sheep cheese and tinned truffles. Then you study recipes of several national cuisines, learn how to cook classical pizza and its exotic options - in German and even Russian style! But don't forget to watch the farm – bears aim to break constructions and to scare away animals! Catch these clumsy hooligans, and then send to the city market. The money received from this transaction, you will be able to spend for improvements and new culinary technologies. What can be tastier than pizza? Only pizza made by your hands! Build your own pizzerias chain and become the skilled chef in Farm Frenzy 2. We bake pizza!
Views: 28 915
Popularity: 5 008
Enjoy My Kingdom for the Princess III without any payments!
Added: 11-27-2012
Votes: 5
My Kingdom for the Princess III - royal adventures uniting features of time-management, simulator and strategy. 25 years have passed since Arthur and Elena became a royal couple and lodged in a palace. 3 sons grew up and it was time to marry, but there is a trouble – one fianc?e - a rich princess from the nearest kingdom Martha. You should understand who is worth the princess!
Views: 11 629
Popularity: 1 711
Get World at Arms – Wage war for your nation! and other ipa games totally free.
Added: 11-09-2012
Votes: 19
World at Arms – one of the best military simulators: magnificent graphics and animation, realistic equipment, soldiers and buildings from Gameloft! Our country was attacked by KRA armies. We should make all efforts to build military bases and to train our soldiers. We should unite with allies worldwide and crush the enemy for good! Take part in fascinating land and air fights on all over the world. Unleash deadly power-ups to crush your enemy before he crushes you! Manage an extensive economy: Collect resources, build and develop a wide variety of units and buildings and upgrade your base to become the top superpower! Immerse yourself in a long, rich and dynamic campaign with more than 75 missions to complete! Take action and attack any player in the world, loot them for bonuses and climb up the leaderboards! Connect with your friends through Facebook or Gameloft LIVE! and borrow their units during battle to defeat tough enemies. Unlock loads of achievements!
Views: 28 373
Popularity: 2 502
Download most addictive free iPhone games.
Added: 11-01-2012
Votes: 5
Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower - an amazing game of time-management! Travel in streets of Paris of the 19th century and visit an improbable building site of the known Eiffel Tower. Improve the surrounding neighborhood for a world Expo exhibition, give a place to a building site, develop local economy and improve roads to transport building materials to Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower!
Views: 13 666
Popularity: 1 408
Play Haunted Domains game now!
Added: 08-06-2012
Votes: 5
Get ready for Halloween with this fantastic game for iDevice! As the manager of a haunted hotel, you're in charge of tending to the needs of an assortment of comical creatures of the night. With 50 levels of side-splitting time management fun, Haunted Domains will have you howling with delight! Sheila Sullivan checks in guests, serves dinner, cleans rooms and performs special tasks in an effort to keep her ghoulish guests happy. Purchase magical upgrades that make Sheila work faster, decorate your hotels to suit the macabre tastes of your guests and enlist the help of Igor when things get out of hand. Take your earnings and restore a rundown garden to its former glory!

  • 50 levels across five locations
  • Over a dozen of ghoulish guests with unique habits
  • Ton of upgrades
  • Amazing graphics and animation
Views: 10 038
Popularity: 1 285
Amelie's Cafe - free download only on our site!
Added: 07-21-2012
Votes: 12
Amelie's Cafe - a dream of any manager, who wants to become the director! Turn Amelie's Cafe into the hippest hangout in town! Stay on your toes as you take orders, tell your chefs what to cook, deliver food and keep your joint sparkling clean. Clockwork, as a mixer, and sparkling as champagne, time manager "Amelie's Cafe" leaves long and pleasant aftertaste! In this prompt game you should take orders, carry ready dishes and at the same time watch mood of visitors: some persons can make decent scandal if to disregard them. You will be able to improve workplaces of cooks, to decorate an interior of the restaurant and to play mini-games, earning various bonuses.
Views: 18 243
Popularity: 2 626
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